Top Paying Cloud Certifications in Highest Demand Today

5 Top Paying Cloud Certifications in Highest Demand Today for 2023/2024. New updates available for Highest Paying Cloud Certifications around the World that will help grow your career. These are updates of the best certification for this year that we have for you this week.

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Taking a look to the last decade, we all have witnessed the growth of hybrid cloud computing from a mere concept to a sophisticated, disruptive technology. At the moment, it has become one of those technologies that provides very large lucrative job opportunities for qualified candidates.

However, for you to avail such a compelling opportunity, you as a candidate needs to equip yourself with enough educational knowledge & proficiency in this technology. To get these certifications, read carefully. Here are the top cloud certifications that come into play in your career. Meanwhile, we have updated our Kubernetes with Docker & AWS – Best Online Course Guide. You can look it up before you continue. Simply use the links below.

The cloud certifications does not only ensure huge wages but also astounding demand in the Information Technology (IT) job market in recent times. Therefore, if you’re aspiring to have a promising career in cloud technology, acquiring these below certifications has become like a must-have requirement for you.

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Since there are different types of cloud certifications available online, how will you choose the right cloud certification you actually need to get the right job? It’s that simple.

List of Top 5 Highest Paying Cloud Certifications 2023/2024

As you can see, it’s obviously a difficult task for you to choose the best cloud computing certification. Why? It’s simply because there’s a list of numerous cloud certifications available both online and offline. Reason: most of the public cloud providers have their own private exams to find the capable candidates to be hired. Notwithstanding, this task won’t be so worrisome if you’re specifically looking for the highest paying cloud certifications. But do not neglect other aspects of cloud. Our team will guide you for that information.

Keep in mind that we’ve filtered the number of top cloud certifications in this list to just five. Why so? We want to make it less troublesome for you to choose the right certification from the list. On this note, your selection of the desired cloud certification from this list of top cloud certifications solely depends on your choice.

So, here’s the list of top paying cloud certifications you can opt for.

  1. AWS Solutions Architect
  2. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
  3. IBM Certified Architect – Cloud Solutions v3
  4. Salesforce Technical Architect
  5. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Look at the 5 certifications we have listed and you may have observed that all of the top paying cloud certifications we’ve chosen belongs to cloud architect category. Generally, nobody needs to tell you that you must put much of your effort and attention to pass any of these certifications exams. But the advantages of being a certified cloud architect can easily supersede the difficulties you may incur during your journey towards any of these cloud certifications.

Without waisting more time, let’s take a look at each of these top paying cloud certifications one by one.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the unparalleled leader in cloud computing as of the time of writing this article. It has bee on record that this position of AWS has made a profound impact on the demand of professionals qualified with AWS technologies. AWS itself is providing around eleven certifications on cloud spanning. (i) foundational, (ii) associate, (iii) professional, and (iv) specialty difficulty levels.

The AWS Solutions architect is one of the top cloud certifications that come under professional level AWS certifications. It’s recommended that you must be equipped with about two years of experience on AWS cloud. Expertise including operating, designing and troubleshooting solutions before taking this certification exam.

With the certification in view, lets review the pay check. As of now, AWS is the highest paying cloud certification offering huge salaries even at entry/startup level. According to the job portal ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for an AWS Solutions architect in the United States is $161,000. They forecast the top salaries for this job can even reach $204,000.

Preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam? Follow this comprehensive AWS Solutions Architect Associate preparation guide and give your preparation a new edge.

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2. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

This is the second in the list you can choose when making your choice. This is so because they are known to be the close competitor of AWS. Microsoft Azure offer SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services through Microsoft managed data centers. Furthermore, Microsoft has specific certifications for various job roles including Azure Architect, Azure administrator and Azure Developer especially Internet of Things (IoT and IoE).

It has been revealed that Microsoft certified Azure solution architect is one of the role-based Azure certifications from Microsoft with highest paying salary . They verify a candidate’s expertise in storage, compute, network and compute facilities of Azure ecosystem. Generally, this is among the top cloud certification that requires comprehensive knowledge and expertise on AWS technologies. Find Indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner Reseller.

The popular ZipRecruiter website has estimated that the average salary for a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution architect to be within $122,000. In the top end, this salary can reach up to $174,000 in estimates.

Aspired to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect? Follow this AZ-300 exam preparation guide and take the first step to becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect.

3. IBM Certified Architect- Cloud Solutions v3

This certification if mostly for people who can draw plans from scratch. Therefore, if you are one who can architect, design and plan IBM cloud solutions, this certification is for you. Reason is simple. It will endorse your skills pertaining to IBM cloud. Now, for you to obtain this certification, you need to pass the exam “C1000-017 – IBM Cloud Solutions Architect v3”.

On the other hand, you need to be fully aware of IBM cloud’s architectural concepts and principles before applying to take this exam. Note that, it’s important to evaluate customer demands and architect solutions based on that. Also, it’s recommended to follow the industry’s best practices for architecting IBM cloud solutions and security.

Another website; has reported that the average median pay for an IBM Certified Cloud Solutions Architect is $134,000. Additionally, they also forecast that the pay check can raise up to $190,000 for experienced candidates who hets hired.

4. Salesforce Technical Architect

Research shows that Salesforce architect hierarchy is cutting across 3 tiers of certifications. Its on record that Salesforce Certified Technical Architect is the certification which comes on the top tier of Salesforce architect certifications. Now, for you to to acquire this certification, it is advised that you should have a wide knowledge of multiple development platforms.

Also keep in mind that you should be able to use your experience and expertise to assess the requirement of incoming clients. Then, this clients demand should be utilized for building high performance, secure technical solutions within the Salesforce platform.

As one of the top cloud certifications seen online, Salesforce Certified Technical architect often gets placed under the list of top cloud certifications that offer huge salaries. According to reports from ZipRecruiter, the United States national average pay check of Salesforce Technical Architect job is around $163,000. On the top level, these wages can even grow up to $208,000 based on estimates.

5. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report shows that Google professional cloud architect certification is at the top among top paying IT certifications. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect deserves much recognition both in career and salary perspectives. As a matter of fact, Google provides both professional & associate certifications for assessing a candidate’s proficiency in Google Cloud Platform and the services it offers to its clients.

Have it on record that Professional Cloud Architect is a professional level certification from Google that evaluates one’s expertise in the design. It also involves managing and building cloud solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Online reports shows that the average salary payment for a professional Google Cloud architect is about $164,000 in the United States, Canada ad even Australia. Suprisingly, this pay check limit can reach a peak of about $200,000. However, this is for professionals with a good number years of experience.

Are your preparing to become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect? Simply follow the right Google Cloud Architect exam preparation guide. Use it to get ready to pass the examination. Goto Goolge Drive Reviews & Pricing Plan.

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Conclusion to Cloud Certifications

In conclusion, thats as far as we can go for now on the Five Top Paying Cloud Certifications around the World. We believe you’re now familiarized with the top cloud certifications those are known to ensure rewarding salaries. You can simply look at Why Data Analytics Skills is In-Demand: It contains Salary Quotes to employees.

Even though we haven’t considered various other aspects of these cloud technologies, salary data of these top cloud certifications is sufficient enough for you to make a career step. Have it at the back of your mind that it’s not just because these are the best cloud computing certifications in terms of estimated salaries. But many of these certifications often get a list out as the jobs with huge top end pay checks.

Furthermore, this list of top cloud certifications may get updated with the changes in industry demand and job trends in the technology sector. So, make sure to bookmark this page for the relevant future updates on top cloud certifications with respect to salaries.

Finally, to help you achieve the top cloud certifications, we offer cloud computing training topics for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, as well as Salesforce for free. If you are planning to take any cloud certification, then know this. Do not forget to check our related posts for cloud computing training courses and explanations. Learning Cybersecurity? These are 6 Best Courses to Register.

In summary, we have come to the end of today’s topic. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comment section below. However, you can also submit comments through contact us – Helpdesk. We’ll respond you in no time. Finally, Subscribe for Updates Here.


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