Cloud Vendors List: Top Rated Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers

Provided on this write-up contains 10 cloud vendor list: top rated hybrid cloud solution providers in United States and across the world. Tags: Cloud Servers, Pricing Calculator, Hosting Digital Ocean Marketplace, Object Storage, VPS. Every developer and architect will testify that the hybrid cloud computing environment is rapidly being accepted by local and international enterprises to create and manage workloads on-premises. Its due to the increasing demand availability of public and private cloud resources, hybrid platforms do suit most existing and incoming organisation.

As a matter of fact, the acceptance and usage of hybrid cloud models is foreseen to grow to its peak rates that almost two-third of the big companies would have created hybrid cloud platforms by year 2019/2020. According to researches seen on Google Tech news, report has estimated about $25.28 billion hybrid cloud market as at late year 2014 is envisaged to grow to $84.67 billion by January 2020.

In our previous article titled Hybrid Cloud Technology, we explained that a hybrid model provides businesses with a competitive edge through significant on-demand resource utilization. The benefits includes the ability to switch between clouds, and flexible high-end solutions such as:

  • Cloud integration
  • Cloud management
  • Cloud security
  • Automation
  • Networking
  • Consulting

Generally speaking, Hybrid computing solutions are provided by various vendors usually referred to as cloud solution providers. They come in several service model categories which includes IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

The list of cloud vendors come with the objective of providing highly scalable and flexible resources on-demand platforms. As an IT professional of your organisation, the management relies on you to choose a provider that will give you the easier access to install a private cloud software layer. However, the decision to choose a hybrid cloud provider is a significant milestone for any business as it involves a large investment of cash, time, etc. The project is supposed to make it simple for an enterprise to vividly understand how resources are being utilized currently or are planned to be utilized in the unforeseeable future.

That being said, continue scrolling down to see the cloud vendor list of current top rated hybrid cloud solution providers in United States and the world at large. The post will come with the services these companies offer, in an order of 10 to 1 preference.

Cloud Vendors List: Top Rated Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers

  • Eucalyptus
  • Dell
  • Cisco Systems
  • IBM
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • EMC Corp
  • Rackspace
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • VMWare

10. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a cloud vendor that offers a secure open source, hybrid cloud environment and architecture, with API (Application Programming Interfaces) to build cloud-computing applications for the Amazon Web Services platform.

According to their website, their basic aim as a vendor is to ensure smooth integration of different AWS services (EBS, EC2, or S3) to be able to switch between cloud networks and on-premise. From reviews, it can be seen that they provides a single management point (central management control) for both private and public AWS cloud platforms.

9. Dell

Dell is not just a computer manufacturing company, they also offers cloud services in the form of a Cloud Manager. Not to mention that it is available for companies as SaaS or on-premise software. Dell hybrid cloud gives other companies the required control inside their own data centers with desired flexibility.

Dell Cloud Manager makes sure its subscribers has efficient management of their organisation’s cloud infrastructure using appropriate availability and automation of applications across multiple cloud platforms.

8. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is one of the largest vendors and their primary aim is to help both new and exiting companies in dealing with the fast changes in the requirements for cloud computing scalability. Workload changes to public cloud APIs and service upgrades in the long run are not left out. With its global cloud of clouds offering (generally called Intercloud), Cisco provides access to efficient IT services meant for all developers.

As a matter of fact, Cisco plays a significant role in identifying and deciding the perfect hybrid cloud computing solution for different businesses and help them gain a competitive edge over its competitors of the-same niche.

7. IBM

IBM has been there as a renowned cloud solution vendor that offers customizable services for the hybrid cloud environment and infrastructure. New and existing enterprises can preferably opt-in for IBM Services Management Extensions for a hybrid cloud platform.

According to the IBM website, WebSphere Cast Iron and LotusLive Cloud Appliance are IBM cloud management solutions with hybrid extensions which has been seen to be reliable. Additionally, their suitable hybrid cloud offerings include IBM extensions for Tivoli solutions such as Service Automation Manager, Netcool Impact, Monitoring Agent, etc.

6. Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard who has been a vendor in this trade offers Cloud System as a complete open platform for hybrid cloud computing solutions based on OpenStack architecture. HP CloudSystem leverages influences resources and tools to implement servers, security, networks, storage and management. They are recommended based on HP Cloud Service Automation and Converged Architecture.

Benefits: The cloud services from HP help automate the implementation to infrastructure life-cycle for companies. The singular act leads to a converged, flexible, and integrated cloud platform.

5. EMC Corporation

First of all, the basic offerings of EMC revolve around the extension of cloud capabilities for an enterprise. It provides a fexibility among Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack.

EMC lays focus primarily on simplified cloud deployment with pre-configured bundles that are built on Vblock and VSPEX infrastructures. As seen in EMC blueprints, this company is cloud service provider that offers very simple, easy to use and highly agile hybrid cloud solutions in the form of Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

Comparatively, VSPEX is the industry’s leading integrated, reference architecture to customize a company’s infrastructure needs, and speed up the hybrid cloud transformation systems. In the same vein, the Vblock system helps deliver efficient and agile hybrid clouds (with a converged infrastructure), data center transformation, and ITaaS (IT as a Service).

4. Rackspace

Cloud provider with least downtime. Rackspace is company is owned by Thomas Hawk that offers various combinations of infrastructure resources such as cloud servers to provide higher scalability on-demand, along with workload balancing. Equally, this hybrid cloud provider delivers multi-tenant systems of virtual hardware resources and combination of dedicated hardware hosting, to fulfill the varied cloud requirements of an organization.

RackConnect establishes connections between cloud resources and a Cisco ASA Firewall ensures the protection of the server connections. Rackspace vendor offerings also include VMware-based virtual servers accompanied with SAN storage capabilities for company operations.

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft provides both private and public hybrid cloud services. Now, for the private cloud, they serve clients with IaaS along with management capabilities. Then, for public cloud services, they have the Windows Azure platform known as ‘PaaS solution’. Microsoft supports new cloud application and/or implementation development and smooth migration of current organisation applications to the cloud.

Keep in mind that the new Cloud Platform System (CPS) from Microsoft can also comfortably handle legacy infrastructure or sensitive information workloads of organizations on-premise. They can do this through the use of the same management tools as that of the Azure public cloud.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS as a whole is one of the most outstanding hybrid cloud solution providers that offer IaaS and PaaS cloud service models. Amazon Web Services has always been known to offer one of the best public cloud computing services across the world. AWS now logically integrates private data centers with public cloud resources through services like Direct Connect for enterprises.

AWS Data Center: Amazon web service helps to reduce network prices and improves bandwidth turnout. Amazon Web Services empowers integration of on-premises, role-based access control systems like Active Directory with the AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) service for organizations that need to integrate data centers (within company firewall) with the public cloud platform to handle peak usage spikes.

1. VMWare

Located at 3401 Hillview Avenue, VMWare’s vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) assists to establish control over the business cloud environment through their vSphere. According to their review, vCHS is considered as a secure hybrid cloud service that lends support to current workloads, new application development, as well as third-party application than can be installed easily.

VMWare Growth

In essence, this cloud service operated by VMware lays down a solid platform for seamless transition from the data center into the public cloud. This is done through the use of tools such as vCenter Configuration Manager, vCloud Connector, vCloud and Automation Center.

For the most part, vCHS is offered by VMware as 3-subscription-based, IaaS products that consist of Dedicated Cloud (single-tenant private cloud), Disaster Recovery Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud (multiple-tenant).


In summary, please make sure to consider all the available options and features for your new or existing company when looking for Hybrid Cloud Vendor list. Top 10 hybrid cloud solution providers was listed and explained above.

In this article, we discussed about the Fast, Secure Cloud Hosting Designed For Developers‎. We focused on Cloud vendors with Flexible Configurations Sized For Any Application. Using these cloud providers, you can Manage w/ API, UI, or CLI and have access to Expandable Storage. Performance Metrics Free. Manage W/ Teams. Integrated Load Balancers. Destinations: NYC, Toronto, Bangalore, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, San Francisco, Amsterdam.

Updates are always required. Do you know of any other reliable, hybrid cloud provider which offers good cloud services? Kindly share your opinions and updates after reading this article.

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