Learning Cybersecurity | 6 Best Courses to Register

Cybersecurity and You: Why Learning Now Will Pay Off Later (6 Courses to Choose)

Learning Cybersecurity | 6 Best Courses to Register and learn has been provided in this article for people who wants to launch their careers in cybersecurity.

Benefit: Every tech team knows that Cybersecurity is essential for modern businesses of all sizes including startups. This is the main reason has become such a hot job opportunity for IT specialist in recent years. I recommend that you grab a seat and have a look at these courses to find the right one that suits your needs! Read on.

Implementing different and suitable risk mitigation strategies is critical for digital enterprises and organisations which need to deal with the emerging generation of cyber threats and attacks. As a layman, you may know that each industry faces cybersecurity overheads that keep growing from year to year, and security specialists are in high demand around the world. Let’s continue.

Cybersecurity Pay Check

From network security analysts to application security engineers and IS security managers, the wage of one of the numerous cybersecurity expert positions can be as high as $128,000 USD per year!

Who Does Cyber Threat Affect?

The regular cyberthreat landscape is not restricted to big business names anymore, it has even affected both small and medium scale businesses. Every type of online business have become easy targets that many cyber-hackers prefer to attack on a regular basis. These situation only means that even professionals with less experience who only have a basic computing training and experience may find a lot of job opportunities to jump-start their IT careers.

There are lots of online courses, which can provide all the necessary information to specialize in the IT exciting field of cyber-security.

Written below is a list of some certified/approved courses that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a full-fledged cybersecurity expert in a short period of time. (On the other hand, if your interests lies more in data science, then check out 5 Prestigious Online Data Science Courses from the available Biggest Names in Information Technology.)

Top 6 Online Courses in Cybersecurity:

  1. Enterprise Security Fundamentals – Microsoft
  2. Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT – CurtinX
  3. Introduction to Cybersecurity – University of Washington
  4. Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit – University of Washington
  5. Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Rochester Institute of Technology
  6. Cybersecurity Risk Management – Rochester Institute of Technology

1. Enterprise Security Fundamentals

Institution: Microsoft

Looking at cybersecurity, there is a blue team-red team techniques which are usually used to assess the security position of a cloud infrastructure. It’s similar to video games such as League of Legends, two teams, blue and red, are eroded against each other.

One of the teams imitates the “hacker” which does everything possible to violate the network’s defenses, and the other team tries its best to protect it against the attack. In real life, this games will work to reinforce a Company’s defense system until they finally merge into a single purple team, moving from a death-match to a co-op match.

As a result, even if this course looks like a multiplayer match of Doom, you are definitely going to learn at least one of the most important techniques used by cyber security pros!

2. Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT

Institution: CurtinX

We all know that the Internet of things (IoT) devices are a great innovation that has made human life so much easier. Nevertheless, they also represent an endless source of concerns to every cybersecurity professional since they constitute a severe vulnerability in any online system.

As a staff, if you are going to work in the IT field, it is important for you to know all about the privacy and security issues associated with IoT. It is also essential for you to understand how to best mitigate cyber threats.

In the first place, this course will certainly explain the (pretty serious) privacy concerns associated with the nearly infinite number of IoT devices tracking everything humans do on a daily basis.

Also, in the course of this study, you will also learn how to secure networks, applications and IoT devices.

3. Introduction to Cybersecurity

Institution: University of Washington

If you ask me, I will say that this is the first and most basic course in the list which is titled “Introduction to Cybersecurity”. Why will I say so? It’s simply because it will introduce you to the very world of digital security. Throughout this particular course you will learn all about the basic terms and concepts that define the state and international cybersecurity landscape. Meanwhile, you can make a research about “The Mystery Out Of AI For IT Operations (AIOps)”. Also, you can learn more about the future of AIOps and how AIOps-driven solutions will enlarge intelligent automation.

The school instructor, Endicott-Popovsky Barbara, a lecturer at the University of Washington, will provide you with step by step guide of the legal environment surrounding the world of security. He will also explain how current international laws impact the modern threat landscape in this course.

Towards the end of this specialized course you will also widen your knowledge of the different threat actors and the IT agencies fighting to mitigate them.

4. Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit

Institution: University of Washington

Oh yes! You will say that did your arithmetic diligently, learned and mastered all the necessary technical skills to become a top cybersecurity expert, or so you assumed. Nonetheless, to finally call yourself a true “master of computing security” there’re some other things that goes well further than the mere mechanics.

What do I mean by that? You need to be agile, flexible, smart and proactive to be able to expand your resource against the infinite amount of threats that you may encounter in your career. Now, the question is; are you prepared to finally go one step further and learn how to adapt to any hack attempt? Haha! Even the ones you did not ever imagine earlier?

Without more ado, this course has been shaped to expand your cybersecurity “toolkit” with all the problem-solving skills to swing your role at any time. Furthermore, it will also help you to evolve as quickly as possible, and react against any cyber threat with intelligence creativity.

5. Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology

After you have been introduced to cyber security, it is time to start learning the fundamentals of computing security. This course, tutored by the popular Jonathan S. Weissman, senior lecturer from the Rochester Institute of Technology, will guide you with the necessary techniques to protect cloud system and network infrastructures.

After completing this course, you will master the basics of cryptography — which is an extremely valuable skill if you want to advance your skills in the field of computing security.

In the meantime, you will learn how to implement effective solutions for enterprises of any magnitude, the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course is a great place to begin if you’re still a “beginner” in the world of digital security management.

6. Cybersecurity Risk Management

Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology

Risk management comes after you learn all about the basics of cybersecurity. Then, it’s time to take a step forward and become a true expert in the digital security world. Therefore, in order to reduce the chances of a breach happening in a network, security specialists usually perform IT risk assessments as part of their preventive mitigation strategies.

In fact, this course will offer you complete guidance through the 3 major elements of risk management namely: (i) risk analysis, (ii) risk assessment and (iii) risk mitigation. Similarly, as the risk level is determined, the tutor will show you how you can be able to properly assess the vulnerability of a system, and prepare proper mitigation strategy.

Finally, the course will also teach you how to conduct a business impact analysis and cost-benefit analysis. Give it a try.


In summary, now that you know more about what’s what in the cyber security world, it’s time to end this article. The course listed and explained above shows that the world of information technology is currently facing a shortage of skilled and qualified cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, if you want to launch your IT career in one of the most rapidly growing and evolving industries, this is absolutely the best time possible to do so.

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