Amazon EC2 Price Calculator Assumptions & Variations

Amazon EC2 Price Calculator Assumptions & Variations. AWS EC2 – Explore EC2 Computing Costs. Build & Manage Workloads with AWS’ Secure, Reliable Cloud Processors. Explore EC2 Pricing with AWS simple calculator. Sign Up for a Free Account for 750 Hours Per Month of AWS’ Cloud Computing Power on EC2. No Upfront Commitment. Multiple Instance Types. Highly Scalable.

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Burstable instances

When it comes to burst power, some instances have additional costs (e.g., T2 and T3 unlimited instances). When you run burstable cases, you accrue burst credits, which you can use against your bill, but if you exceed those burst credits, you will have to pay extra costs for those overages. See Amazon EC2 instance forms for more detail on burstable instances.

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The Calculator conducts a break-even analysis for your defined case and workload to provide a cost-optimized pricing strategy. For the most cost-effective approach, the study calculates the cost for both on-demand and reserved instance scenarios and offers a recommendation for either a pricing model or a combination of the two.

  1. A workload is just as reliable as the real workload is predictive. If you use more than you estimate, for instance, you’ll be charged for more. You will be billed for less if you use less.
  2. The measurement of break-even is based on a month of 730 hours. There could be a different break-even point for your actual month, and each example has a different break-even point based on its own prices for On Demand and Reserve Case.
  3. Daily: In a month, there is an irregular distribution of days. We normalise how many Mondays there are in a month if you only run instances on Monday. For the current month, the real could be 4 or 5, but we average this to 4.3 monthly Mondays. (Example math: 730 hours per month / (24 hours per day * 7 days per week) = 4.3452 events per month on a particular day.)
  4. Weekly: The Calculator assumes that a month is 4.34 weeks.
  5. Monthly: The Calculator assumes that 730 hours per month are available.
  6. Custom: The Calculator assumes that all cases mentioned in the custom workload are running concurrently. For a cost-optimized example, when the Calculator conducts a break-even review, it does not know when the different custom workload instances are running, concurrently or serially. If the instances are not operating simultaneously, buying more reserved instances will be cheaper. In order to learn more, contact the sales team.

Spot pricing.

You pay the Spot price for Spot instances, which is in place for the time span that your instances are operating. For the type of example you choose, the Spot pricing approach assumes a historical average discount, but historical averages may not be indicative of the real discount at the time of use.

The assumed discount can be modified as best suits your calculation model, but the assumed discount is not a guarantee of your actual cost.

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Dedicated instances.

Firstly, the Dedicated Instances do not help the Fast estimate tab. Also, the dedicated host fees can apply to your area if you pick dedicated instances (in the Advanced estimate). See Dedicated host pricing documents for more details.

BYOL licensing.

Please visit our documentation for more information if you want Windows BYOL as your operating system (bring your own licence).

Storage Amazon Elastic Block (EBS).

The calculator presumes that your EBS snapshots are kept for one month for the Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) calculation, and then removed afterwards.

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AWS Budgets

Consider using AWS Budgets if you are worried about these possible variations. AWS Budgets allows you the opportunity to set custom budgets that warn you when your cost or consumption exceeds your budget sum (or is expected to surpass it). You may also specify the actions you want to take when a budget hits its threshold in your account (actual or forecasted amounts). Learn more about Amazon EC2 Price Calculator Assumptions & Variations.

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