AWS Calculator Pricing Assumptions & Variations

General Assumptions & Variations

AWS Calculator Pricing Assumptions & Variations. The AWS Pricing Calculator is an estimation tool based on the usage parameters you select to provide an estimated cost of using AWS services.

The AWS Pricing Calculator is not a quotation tool and does not guarantee the cost of using AWS services effectively. For a variety of reasons, the cost calculated by the AWS Pricing Calculator might differ from your actual costs.

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Popular reasons why the estimate can vary from your actual price include:

1. Actual use.

Your actual cost, not the calculator, will be based on the real use of the services. The reliability of your inputs into the Calculator determines the reliability of your actual costs.

For instance,

  • Firstly, if you estimate that a certain number of EC2 instances will be used, however you actually use more, you will be charged for your actual use.
  • Secondly, your estimate will vary from your actual bill if you use AWS services that you did not include in your estimate.
  • Thirdly, your actual bill can differ if you over- or under-estimate inputs or outputs from Data Transfer for AWS services.
  • Lastly, the monthly and upfront rates would differ from the estimate if you estimate your service use based on buying a 3-year reservation for a service, but you purchase a 1-year reservation.

2. Used Area.

The prices for AWS services differ from region to region. The accuracy of the results would be impaired by using an area other than the one used in the calculator.

3. The Prices Adjustment

For most services, AWS provides pay-as-you-go pricing and rates can adjust over time. If you are purchasing On Demand services, based on the latest On Demand service prices, your bill can be less or more than expected. You can buy a 1 or 3 year reservation for some services to lock in the price as of the date of your reservation.

4. Taxation.

The calculator does not contain any taxes that might relate to your service purchase.

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5.Assumptions of Timeline.

730 hours per month are required by the calculator (365 days per year x 24 hours per day / 12 months per year). The approximate total of the first twelve months is measured ((12 x total monthly cost) + total upfront costs). Leap years are not taken into account by the calculator, which adds one day.

6. A 12 Month Deal

Twelve-month totals. Up until the first 12 months of use, the calculator just displays your approximate totals. You can only see average costs adjusted for the first 12 months of the 3 year reservation if you forecast costs using a 3 year, partial upfront pricing plan.

7. Free tier, promotional and discounted credits.

Free tier pricing, promotional credits or other discounts are not accounted for by the calculator . You may be eligible for extra rebates that are not included in the calculation. For more details, contact sales.

8.Monthly Billing:

Monthly cycle for billing. Bills from AWS on a monthly basis. If your utilisation begins in the middle of the month, you can only see a portion of the full costs of an entire month.

9. Only rounding.

Mathematical rounding of pricing data is performed by the Calculator. Refer to the pricing math found in the Display Calculation section of each service configuration for information about how the Calculator rounds.

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10. Pricing Tiered.

Based on your current use of AWS services, you can qualify for volume discounts, outside of what you estimate in the AWS Pricing Calculator. The use you do not include in the calculation is not accounted for by the Calculator.

For example, if you are already using Amazon S3 Standard storage for 500 TB per month, you will pay $0.022 per GB. If you use the Calculator to measure an extra 50 TB per month, this is considered by the Calculator to be the first 50 TB per month costing $0.023 per GB more. Your total real spending on Amazon S3 of 550 TB per month will be smaller than the average additional cost of your current spending.

11. Billing every Second.

Per second billing some AWS services use. The calculator does not account for billing options per second.

12. Third-party Licencing Fees

Third-party fees for licences. Third party licence fees, such as software solutions deployed from the AWS Marketplace, are not compensated for by the calculator.

13. With currency.

In U.S. dollars, the Calculator forecasts. Over time, global exchange rates differ. If you convert your calculation into a different currency based on the current exchange rate, the estimate would be influenced by adjustments in the exchange rate. AWS Calculator Pricing Assumptions & Variations.

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