10 Best Udemy Docker and Kubernetes Courses & Tutorials

10 Best Kubernetes Courses & Tutorials on Udemy. If you want to learn how to deploy your containerized applications, how exactly will you find the best Kubernetes courses on Udemy website? Read on to know how.

Meanwhile, we advise you to take a look at the Top Paying Cloud Certifications in Highest Demand Today. Alternatively, you can view the different Coursera, Udemy or GitHub courses online.

But first, What is Kubernetes? By definition, Kubernetes is an open source platform that automates Linux container operations. Furthermore, it goes as far as eliminating a lot of the manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications.

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With that in mind, I am going use this article to list the best Kubernetes course for learning the Kubernetes platform. We will use Udemy as a case study. You can read this post: Kubernetes with Docker & AWS – Best Online Course Guide.

What will you gain if you choose Udemy Kubernetes Course? Its simple; Kuberetes beginner and masterclass knowledge. In addition, these best Kubernetes tutorials will teach you how to extremely deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes.

Tabular List to check out the Top 10 courses

1. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course64,943
2. Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on54,029 
3. Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests35,721 
4. Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Micro-services to the AWS Cloud18,597 
5. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests45,570 
6. Kubernetes from A to Z™8,418 
7. Kubernetes On The Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification4,935 
8. Amazon EKS Starter: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes8,662 
9. Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker + DevOps)3,385 
10. Introduction & Mastery to Kubernetes using Docker2,197 
Table Showing 10 Udemy Kubernetes Courses

10 Best Kubernetes courses on Udemy Website.

Written below is a brief summary of what each of these best Udemy courses for Kubernetes is about. Also, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course

DevOps is one of the best Kubernetes courses online that will help you to gain understanding how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes. For that to be possible, you have to follow the DevOps Road Map.

In recent times, Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity. Furthermore, it is a well sought skill by IT companies around the global market.

With that in mind, the Kubernetes training online course will teach you how to build apps in containers. You will be using docker and how to deploy those on a Kubernetes cluster.

Additionally, you will also learn how to setup your cluster on your desktop. You can also do this on the cloud using AWS along this Docker and Kubernetes training on Udemy.

More so, let’s making use of a real world example app, namely; (WordPress with MySQL – blogging software). Generally, you will be able to experience the real power of Kubernetes: scheduling stateless and stateful applications.

Lastly, you do not need prior knowledge of Kubernetes to take this Kubernetes course. But a dev/ops/cloud/linux/networks background will definitely help you make the most out of this course. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course here.

2. Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on

By definition, Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Generally, it explains itself.

Who created Kubernetes? It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Note that this Kubernetes for absolute beginners course is for absolute Kubernetes beginners (newbies) with zero knowledge about Kubernetes.

You will be ready to deploy your own applications on a Kubernetes platform, after you take this course and complete all of the hands-on coding exercises.

Through this Udemy Kubernetes Courses for the absolute beginner tutorial you’ll start your journey as a beginner. Then go through 10 simple, step-by-step lectures.

Bear in mind that each lecture and demo is designed to give you the time to fully grasp all of the concepts.

Now, after you have completed the lectures and coding practice you will have the knowledge and opportunity to complete a series of assignments that put your new skills to the test.

Bottom line, this course Kubernetes course is the best way to learn the Kubernetes skills you will need to succeed in your DevOps career and get a job. View the Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on details.

3. Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests

Any Kubernetes Certification can take your career to a whole new level in IT market.

This is one of the best online courses for Kubernets through which you’ll learn, practice. At last you will get certified on Kubernetes with hands-on labs right in your computer browser.

Trust me, with this Udemy Kubernetes course you’ll gain the knowledge required to design and deploy cloud native applications on a Kubernetes cluster. 

With a series of well designed lectures by Udemy classes, this Kubernetes online tutorial will help you understand complex concepts easily.

Once you enrol in this best selling Udemy Kubernetes course, you will get access to a wonderful community of teachers and learners on Slack. On that portal, you see discussion on important topics, tips as well as tricks to pass the Kubernetes exam.

This best online course for Kubernetes will give you real-world experience and the chance to work with other students in the community. 

In last words, it is the best way to get Certified in Kubernetes if you are an absolute beginner. The Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests is here.

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4. Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

Taking this Udemy Kubernetes tutorial will give you a great chance to work on a real Kubernetes project, and to get yourself to a high professional standard on real projects.

All the way through the course you’ll be working on realistic requirements, but you don’t need to be a coder or know any particular programming language.

The instructor of this Kubernetes online training will provide you with a set of Docker images, as well as your tasks will involve using Kubernetes to get these images running.

You’ll do the first part of the course on your local development computer (PC/Mac/Laptop) while the second part (from Chapter 13 onwards) moves to the cloud.

This best Kubernetes course online is best suited for anyone who wants to use Kubernetes on live production projects. You can view the Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud for more updates.

5. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests

Kubernetes had the fastest growth in job searches, over a 173% from a year before as reported recently by a survey conducted by Indeed.

This top Kuberbetes course will help you learn, practice, and get certified on Kubernetes with hands-on labs right in your browser.

After taking these tutorials you gain the knowledge required to design and deploy cloud native applications on a Kubernetes cluster. 

After you have completed the lectures and coding exercises you will have the opportunity to complete a series of assignments that put your new skills to the test.

You will be given a challenge to solve using the Kubernetes skills you have learned. In summary, go to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests.

6. Kubernetes from A to Z™

This course is geerally an excellent introduction to Kubernetes, helping you gain basic experience and an understanding of the vital components of the platform.

Given its recent explosion in popularity, it is important to be on the frontier of this cutting-edge technology.

This top Kubernetes Udemy training course will help you discover how to use Kubernetes to simplify your software development. 

This course is ideal for beginners to container technology or those new to Kubernetes engineering. The course details of Kubernetes from A to Z™ is available.

7. Kubernetes On The Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification

Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology – a way to create and deploy clusters of machines running containers, usually Docker containers. Read more.

It is also one of the hottest topics in tech today, because it is perhaps the only straightforward way to architect a hybrid, multi-cloud compute solution.

Kubernetes is supported by each of the Big-3: GCP has a special relationship with Kubernetes but now AWS and Azure support it as well.

Kubernetes has won the battle of the container orchestration systems.

At the end of this online course for Kubernetes you will have learnt Docker. Additionally, Kubernetes and the cloud platforms as well as understand their inter-relationships.

This course is best suited for cloud architects looking to understand the compute choices on AWS, Azure and GCP. Kubernetes On The Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification.

8. Amazon EKS Starter: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes

Do you know that setting up and maintaining Kubernetes yourself on any cloud provider is painful? But now with Amazon EKS, the management of the Kubernetes control plane is fulled handled by AWS (Amazon Web Service).

In the light of this, you will have more time and fun deploying your own application. You can do it the same native Kubernetes way you’ve been knowing all along, on the cloud provider you love… AWS.

Besides, this Kubernetes training online is particularly great for you if you have you learned Kubernetes before but never got the chance to properly try out Amazon EKS.

With the guidance of the instructor in this course, you are going to explore the features and setup of Amazon EKS.

At the end of this Docker and Kubernetes training online you will have learnt, among other things, how to deploy your EKS cluster using CloudFormation.

You’ll also learn how to scale your Kubernetes cluster periodically as well as how to how to deploy a stateful application on EKS and bind it with EBS volumes.

This Docker and Kubernetes course online does not cover the basics of Kubernetes or AWS, it instead focuses solely on the usage of Amazon EKS.

If you are interested in Kubernetes, AWS and how to use those services then this is the best Docker and Kubernetes training for you. So, view the Amazon EKS Starter: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes to learn more.

9. Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker + DevOps)

This course on Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners, was primarily designed with the beginners in mind. Continue reading.

Basically, you’ll learn a lot of DevOps & container workflow hands-on in this course.

Along this DevOps and Kubernetes training you’ll also learn the very basics on virtualization and cloud technologies, including Docker Containers.

This is a hands-on Kubernetes and DevOps course with a lot of Labs, and Demos.

At the end of this DevOps for Kubernetes course you will have learnt the difference between Docker and Kubernetes.

You’ll also have learnt how to create a Kubernetes Load Balancer Service, as well as how to dismantle the Kubernetes Cluster. Updated content: Kubernetes for Beginners (Kubernetes + Docker + DevOps).

10. Introduction to Kubernetes using Docker

Docker dramatically changed (for the better) the lives of those who transfer, install and manage software applications on a regular basis.

It made the process much less complicated. It also enables it to virtually eliminate any stress in it. Now, Kubernetes has made the whole thing even easier…

As a matter of fact, this is one of the best Kubernetes courses on Udemy where you’ll carefully learn how to containerize your application and then automate it from start to finish.

At the end of this course you will have learnt, among other things, how to install Docker and a Kubernetes cluster from scratch. From there, you can grow to the mastery level.

You’ll also learn how to build Docker images and configure Docker Hub from scratch as well as how to deploy a multi-component software application efficiently and easily.

This is one of the best Kubernetes tutorials that is specifically best for both complete beginners and expert computer nerds.

After all, Kubernetes is getting popular by the day, and is probably one of the hottest buzzwords of this year.

Obviously, wWth names like eBay, Goldman Sachs, Huawei, ING and SAP listed as corporate users, it is definitely a technology which has got a consolidated place in the IT industry.

Kubernetes got infamous as being hard to understand mostly due to rumours, but some other times it has been proven to be easy to get wrong. Therefore, you should Browse through the complete Introduction & Mastery to Kubernetes using Docker.

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In summary, by taking one of these Udemy Kubernetes courses online in 2021 you’ll be able to demystify the perception that Kubernetes is hard. How will you know that? Its by starting with the basics first, and later to focusing on the security aspects.

Udemy Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

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