AWS EKS Course Content: Amazon Kubernetes Tutorial [Udemy]

AWS EKS Udemy class. Amazon EKS Starter Course Content: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes. What is EKS meaning in AWS? Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed service that you can use to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install, operate, and maintain your own Kubernetes control plane or nodes. This is the amazon eks starter course content. Docker on aws eks with kubernetes free download guide.

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Course content

14 sections • 53 lectures • 5h 30m total length. Expand all sections

Course Introduction2 lectures • 9min

  • Course intro and goalsPreview06:51
  • About your instructorsPreview01:43

Code Download1 lecture • 1min

  • Code download00:14

Setup an AWS EKS cluster with eksctl6 lectures • 30min

  • Architecture overviewPreview03:05
  • EKS Pricing – Warning00:51
  • IAM User for this course03:14
  • Create IAM role05:41
  • Setup Command Line CLI Tools07:23
  • Create EKS Cluster with eksctl09:24

AWS EKS operations using eksctl6 lectures • 53min

  • NodeGroups & Spot Instances11:50
  • A Cluster AutoScaler Theory02:49
  • Cluster AutoScaler Part I13:12
  • Cluster AutoScaler Part II09:22
  • CloudWatch Logging for EKS Cluster Services07:56
  • CloudWatch Containers Insights for EKS08:05

Helm Package Manager on EKS1 lecture • 6min

  • Helm installation06:00

Managing Users & RBAC in EKS2 lectures • 19min

  • Adding an Admin User in EKS08:58
  • Adding a Read-Only User in EKS09:36

EKS in depth5 lectures • 18min

  • The EKS Pricing Overview01:09
  • New EKS Control Plane Deep Dive02:41
  • EKS Networking Deep Dive08:41
  • IAM and RBAC integration in EKS02:00
  • Load Balancer in EKS03:07

Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard4 lectures • 18min

  • What is the K8s dashboard ?Preview03:41
  • Install Kubernetes Metrics Server in EKS02:55
  • Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard in EKS05:09
  • Explore the Kubernetes Dashboard in EKS06:09

Deploy a stateless sample app5 lectures • 43min

  • Architecture overviewPreview03:40
  • Deploy backend resources12:37
  • Deploy frontend resources09:15
  • Scaling Pods up and down09:58
  • Perform some chaos testing07:55

Deploy a stateful app – using Amazon EBS8 lectures • 55min

  • Stateful App Intro & Architecture05:10
  • Create namespace04:53
  • Create physical volume07:40
  • Deploy MySQL backend09:31
  • Deployment vs StatefulSet with persistent volumes02:11
  • Deploy WordPress via Deployment09:28
  • Deploy WordPress via StatefulSet10:33
  • Cleanup05:14

Deploy a stateful app – using Amazon EFS5 lectures • 38min

  • EFS for Kubernetes01:58
  • Enable EFS05:57
  • Create namespace & prepare storage11:42
  • Deploy MySQL backend07:28
  • Deploy WordPress frontend11:23

Monitoring Solution on EKS: Prometheus and Grafana2 lectures • 11min

  • Prometheus on EKS04:33
  • Grafana on EKS06:17

Fargate on EKS3 lectures • 28min

  • Fargate on EKS – Introduction05:42
  • Create a Fargate Cluster on EKS10:34
  • Add the Fargate Capability to an existing EKS cluster11:45

Next Steps3 lectures • 3min

  • Congratulations00:45
  • THANK YOU!01:32
  • Bonus Lecture: Special discounts for my other courses01:00

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