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Course Introduction and Docker Intro7 lectures • 24min

  • Course Roadmap (overview)Preview03:44
  • November 2019 Update!02:59
  • Why Docker? Why Now?Preview10:54
  • Getting Course Resources (GitHub Repo)00:34
  • Course Chat: 35k Students Learning Containers01:07
  • YouTube Live Q&A with BretJoin Bret on YouTube Live every week for getting questions answered about Docker Mastery and all things containers.00:20
  • The Big FAQCommon Questions in This Course04:08

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Topics related to docker mastery

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The Best Way to Setup Docker for Your OS10 lectures • 1hr 27min

  • Docker Editions: Which Do I Use?Docker’s product line is expanding and this will help you decide which “Edition” is for you, and also go over CE vs. EE, versioning, and Edge vs. Stable.06:47
  • Installing Docker: The Fast Way01:57
  • Windows Docker OptionsWhat you need to get started on Windows 10, Server 2016, and options for older versions.08:08
  • Docker for Windows 10 Pro/Ent: Setup and TipsWalkthrough of getting “Docker for Windows” and tools for this course to work on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Server 201609:19
  • Docker for Mac Setup and TipsWalkthrough of getting Docker for Mac installed and additional tools for this course. Includes details on bash tab completion and settings tweaks.23:02
  • Docker Toolbox for Win7, 8, and 10 Home: Setup and TipsWalkthrough of getting “Docker Toolbox” and tools for this course to work on Windows 7, 8, and 10 Home edition13:29
  • Docker for Linux Setup and TipsWalkthrough of getting Docker tools working on Linux desktop or server. Also tips on code editor, permissions, cloning the course repo, and more.21:42
  • Quiz on Proper Docker InstallA few questions to ensure you know when to use various install techniques.3 questions
  • Code or Text Editor for Docker and Compose files00:12
  • Terminal Shell and Tab Completion for Docker CLI01:16
  • Docker Version Format ChangeNote that Docker’s version has changed so it may look weird in this course if you don’t understand the numbering change.  Here’s some quick info.01:09

Creating and Using Containers Like a Boss18 lectures • 1hr 29min

  • Check Our Docker Install and ConfigSection Overview, and ensuring Docker is working and on a recent version.06:40
  • Starting a Nginx Web ServerLearn how to run a container, and manage its existence.08:58
  • Debrief: What Happens When We Run a ContainerStarting a container does lots of things in the background, lets talk about those.Preview02:29
  • Container VS. VM: It’s Just a ProcessSee how a container is quite different then a VM, and yet how they have similar concepts.04:12
  • Windows Containers: Docker Is No Longer Just Linux”Windows Containers” were born in 2016, and are quickly catching up with the Linux container craze. Here’s a preview Lecture of what’s coming in a future update to this course.01:05
  • Assignment: Manage Multiple ContainersAssignment to startup a typical three container service with nginx, mysql, and apache. Also, getting used to using docs.docker.com.03:34
  • Assignment Answers: Manage Multiple Containers(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.05:41
  • Container Quiz 14 questions
  • What’s Going On In Containers: CLI Process Monitoring04:56
  • Getting a Shell Inside Containers: No Need for SSHPreview10:45
  • Docker Networks: Concepts for Private and Public Comms in ContainersLearn the concepts around container networking, and how Docker handles it. Inspect a container IP and see diagrams on how traffic gets in and out.11:36
  • FIXME: Change In Official Nginx Image Removes PingQuick note on a fix you should add to future lessons where I use ping from a nginx container.00:30
  • Docker Networks: CLI Management of Virtual NetworksPractice the commands for controlling docker networks on your local machine.07:58
  • Docker Networks: DNS and How Containers Find Each OtherUnderstand how containers find each other using dynamic DNS rather than IP’s.05:41
  • Container Quiz 2A few questions on previous lecture content to help you retain the knowledge.3 questions
  • Assignment: Using Containers for CLI TestingAssignment to use container shells to test networking between them.02:30
  • Assignment Answers: Using Containers for CLI Testing(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.02:50
  • FIXME: Bug in alpine affects nslookup00:19
  • Assignment: DNS Round Robin TestAssignment to test DNS alias naming on multiple containers.05:10
  • Assignment Answers: DNS Round Robin Test(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.03:39

Container Images, Where To Find Them and How To Build Them10 lectures • 1hr 7min

  • What’s In An Image (and What Isn’t)Section Overview, and a discussion about what an image is and isn’t.02:04
  • The Mighty Hub: Using Docker Hub Registry ImagesDig into what Docker Hub provides us. It’s the future of package managers.11:44
  • Images and Their Layers: Discover the Image CacheDocker caches images locally, you’ll need to know how it works in order to manage it properly. Let’s dig in!12:41
  • Image Tagging and Pushing to Docker HubGetting images in and out of an image repository is a fundamental common task, lets try it.12:22
  • Building Images: The Dockerfile BasicsDockerfiles are the recipes you make to create great containers. Let’s start with the essentials of what’s in the Dockerfile.06:34
  • Building Images: Running Docker BuildsOnce you have your Dockerfile, you need to build an image from it. Lets see how that works.03:36
  • Building Images: Extending Official ImagesDockerfiles can add on to existing images. Lets see how we might do that.05:19
  • Image QuizA quick set of questions to ensure you’re getting the concepts.3 questions
  • Assignment: Build Your Own Dockerfile and Run Containers From ItAssignment to create your own Dockerfile recipe and test it in containers.04:00
  • Assignment Answers: Build Your Own Dockerfile and Run Containers From It(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.08:03
  • Using Prune to Keep Your Docker System Clean (YouTube)Using the prune command to clean up various things in docker.00:30

Container Lifetime & Persistent Data: Volumes, Volumes, Volumes9 lectures • 36min

  • Container Lifetime & Persistent DataUnderstand the lifecycle of a container and how we should separate application artifacts and unique data that we need to preserve across containers.04:13
  • Persistent Data: Data VolumesLearn how to use Docker Volumes to store important data we need  to keep, and let your persistent data outlive the container.08:47
  • Shell Differences for Path Expansion00:38
  • Persistent Data: Bind MountingSee how to create a link between host and container directories for various purposes, including easy source-file development.07:03
  • Quiz on Persistent DataHow data exists past and beyond the container3 questions
  • Assignment: Database Upgrades with Named VolumesAssignment to deal with databases and persistent data in containers through volumes.03:34
  • Assignment Answers: Database Upgrades with Named Volumes(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.03:36
  • Assignment: Edit Code Running In Containers With Bind MountsAssignment to edit code on host while it’s served up in a container.04:12
  • Assignment Answers: Edit Code Running In Containers With Bind Mounts(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.02:47
  • Database Passwords in Containers01:31

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Making It Easier with Docker Compose: The Multi-Container Tool7 lectures • 56min

  • Docker Compose and The docker-compose.yml FileSection Overview and discussing the features and purpose of compose files, a key part of using Docker locally and in production.10:29
  • Trying Out Basic Compose CommandsGet your feet wet with basic commands and workflow of our new favorite tool in this course!08:34
  • Assignment: Build a Compose File For a Multi-Container Service02:59
  • Assignment Answers: Build a Compose File For a Multi-Container Service09:36
  • Adding Image Building to Compose FilesPreview09:20
  • Assignment: Compose For Run-Time Image Building and Multi-Container Development03:06
  • Assignment Answers: Compose For Run-Time Image Building and Multi-Container Dev11:28
  • Quiz on Docker Compose6 questions

Swarm Intro and Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster5 lectures • 37min

  • Swarm Mode: Built-In OrchestrationLearn how Docker has some great built-in features for scaling your containers and operating a cluster.08:57
  • Create Your First Service and Scale It LocallyLet’s use your local docker in a 1-node Swarm to learn the basics.Preview12:16
  • UI Change For Service Create/Update01:00
  • Docker Machine Bug With SwarmNote that 18.09.0 release has a bug in docker-machine with Swarm ports not working.00:25
  • Creating a 3-Node Swarm ClusterYou’ll build a 3-host Swarm cluster so we can scale our apps out for high-availability.Preview14:37
  • Quiz on Swarm Mode BasicsTest your retention of key topics on using multiple nodes to help automation, sustainability, and rapid deployment.3 questions

Swarm Basic Features and How to Use Them In Your Workflow10 lectures • 1hr 10min

  • Scaling Out with Overlay NetworkingLearn how Swarm can seamlessly let containers talk between hosts.06:42
  • Scaling Out with Routing MeshSee how Swarm can accept packets on any Swarm node and route to the proper container.08:54
  • Quiz on Docker Swarm BasicsHow to better use docker’s orchestration tool4 questions
  • Assignment: Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web AppCreate your own distributed container service, with custom networks and multiple containers dynamically provisioned. 06:25
  • Assignment Answers: Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web App(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.10:43
  • Swarm Stacks and Production Grade ComposeLearn how to use your existing compose files in a production Swarm cluster.14:19
  • Secrets Storage for Swarm: Protecting Your Environment VariablesWith this lesson you’ll learn why you need to protect secrets and how Swarm enables you to do that easily.05:07
  • Using Secrets in Swarm ServicesWalk through the features of Secrets and how to store private information securely and ensure they get to only the containers that need them.06:56
  • Using Secrets with Swarm StacksLearn how to deploy Stacks with Secrets referenced in your compose YAML files.03:51
  • Assignment: Create A Stack with Secrets and DeployModify a compose file to make it production-ready and use secrets to pass config values.02:09
  • Assignment Answers: Create A Stack with Secrets and Deploy(optional) I walk through the assignment as how I would do it.04:28

Swarm App Lifecycle5 lectures • 37min

  • Using Secrets With Local Docker ComposeUnderstand how to use “simulated” secrets with the docker-compose CLI.02:55
  • Full App Lifecycle: Dev, Build and Deploy With a Single Compose DesignLearn how a single or multiple compose files can serve both dev and ops on local machines, in your CI automation, and in CD for production deployments.10:10
  • Service Updates: Changing Things In FlightLearn key features of the service update command and when to use it for updating your containers while the are live.09:29
  • Healthchecks in DockerfilesDiscover how built-in healthchecks make your containers even smarter, and how docker handles them.Preview13:29
  • Quiz on Swarm App LifecycleDigging deeper into Swarm tooling and uses.3 questions
  • Info on Swarm Mastery00:42

Container Registries: Image Storage and Distribution6 lectures • 30min

  • Docker Hub: Digging DeeperLearn more features you get from Docker Hub for free, and what you need to pay for.07:44
  • Understanding Docker RegistryLearn what the free Docker Distribution (aka Registry) can do for us and what things should we be concerned with when deploying it.03:43
  • Run a Private Docker RegistryLearn how to run and use your own image registry on your own servers.07:16
  • Assignment: Secure Docker Registry With TLS and AuthenticationLearn how to secure Docker Registry by enabling HTTPS and basic auth using Play With Docker.00:46
  • Using Docker Registry With SwarmRegistry mostly acts the same in a Swarm cluster, but lets use Play-With-Docker to see some slight differences.09:29
  • Third Party Image RegistriesLearn some other popular options for storing your images in the cloud and on premise.00:31
  • Quiz on Container Registries3 questions

Docker in Production

  • My DockerCon Talk on Docker and Swarm in ProductionI cover topics like OS choice, kernel versions, swarm server topologies, project mistakes, and more.45:14
  • The Future of Swarm00:19
  • Swarm Raft Quorum and Recovery (Laura Frank from DockerCon 2017)Learn how the raft protocol works to keep modern orchestrators in sync, and how to recover from failures.00:23

The What and Why of Kubernetes4 lectures • 22min

  • Kubernetes IntroShifting gears to learn about Kubernetes!Preview00:38
  • What Is KubernetesWhat is this thing and how is it different from Docker and Swarm?Preview03:39
  • Why KubernetesWhy would you need to use this orchestrator?07:23
  • Kubernetes vs SwarmLots of features and opinions on what orchestrator to choose when.10:18

Kubernetes Install And Your First Pods10 lectures • 47min

  • Section IntroWe’re about to get K8s installed and run our first Pods!00:36
  • Kubernetes Architecture TerminologyHow do the K8s pieces fit together on a server and network?Preview08:51
  • Kubernetes Local InstallThe easiest ways for every OS to install Kubernetes for learning and testing.07:51
  • Install Tips for minikube and MicroK8sThings that can help you use Kubernetes in this course.01:06
  • Kubernetes Container AbstractionsStudy the abstraction layers that Kubernetes provides around your containers and services.03:38
  • Kubectl run, create, and applyThe different ways to create resources from the CLI.03:04
  • Our First Pod With kubectl runThe simplest way to start a container in a Pod.07:46
  • 1.18 Changes to Kubectl Run00:57
  • Scaling ReplicaSetsUse kubectl to add pods to your Deployments.04:51
  • Inspecting Kubernetes ObjectsUse kubectl to show various details using different commands.08:09

Exposing Kubernetes Ports5 lectures • 29min

  • Section Intro00:35
  • Service TypesExposing containers and different service types.06:52
  • Creating a ClusterIP ServiceLearn the steps to create a deployment, scale it, expose it, and examine it.Preview07:53
  • Creating a NodePort and LoadBalancer ServiceExpanding on the previous video, let’s open a service to external incoming connections.08:39
  • Kubernetes Services DNSLearn about the CoreDNS plugin to provide service discovery.04:41

Kubernetes Management Techniques5 lectures • 29min

  • Section Intro00:49
  • Run, Expose, and Create GeneratorsLearn about Generators, the YAML automation that some commands provide.08:25
  • The Future of Kubectl RunLearn how kubectl run command line is changing, and how you need to watch out.06:38
  • Imperative vs. DeclarativeLearn these key terms and an example of how these two techniques work.Preview07:20
  • Three Management ApproachesUnderstand the three different workflows for using kubectl.05:59

Moving to Declarative Kubernetes YAML7 lectures • 40min

  • Section Intro00:58
  • Kubectl applyLearn your new declarative way to control Kubernetes.04:13
  • Kubernetes Configuration YAMLDive into the YAML objects that you’ll need to learn for creating Kubernetes config files.06:12
  • Building Your YAML FilesThe four main root objects for every manifest.07:12
  • Building Your YAML SpecHow to discover the features and options of each Kubernetes resource.08:38
  • Dry Runs and Diff’sLearn the cool new ways to validate your YAML with dry-run options and the diff command.05:21
  • Labels and Label SelectorsDiscover the glue that links resources together: Labels and Label Selectors.07:53

Your Next Steps and The Future of Kubernetes8 lectures • 43min

  • Section Intro01:08
  • Storage in KubernetesWe have multiple storage types in Kubernetes, let’s learn about them and when to use them.06:07
  • IngressIngress is a popular Kubernetes Controller for managing multiple web endpoints coming into the cluster. Let’s learn when it might be useful.04:19
  • CRD’s and The Operator PatternThis is one of the newest features in Kubernetes, and it’s creating a whole new world of expansion. Let’s learn the basics.03:30
  • Higher Deployment AbstractionsThere are so many ways to deploy and manage apps on Kubernetes. Let’s learn about them.10:06
  • Kubernetes DashboardLearn about the nice web app that Kubernetes provides for GUI management of the cluster.03:27
  • Namespaces and ContextOnce your complexity grows, and you have multiple clusters, you’ll need to know Namespaces and Context.05:22
  • Future of KubernetesWhere is Kubernetes going? I try to give you some tips on what we should expect.09:19

Docker Security Good Defaults and Tools12 lectures • 52min

  • Section Intro: Top 10 Security Steps for DockerThis section is all about my “top 10 security steps” for starting to secure your Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes setups.Preview01:12
  • Docker Cgroups and NamespacesLearn about what Docker does by default to start containers, including locking down the apps with Linux Capabilities, AppArmor, SecComp, SE Linux, and Namespaces.04:24
  • Docker Engine’s Out-Of-The-Box Security FeaturesI list the security benefits of just putting apps in a Docker container vs. the traditional way of running on the host OS.04:36
  • Docker Bench, The Host Configuration ScannerI describe Docker Bench, a script that scans your host for proper configuration that follows CIS security guidelines.02:24
  • Using USER in Dockerfiles to Avoid Running as RootHow to use the USER command in Dockerfiles to prevent your app from running as root in the container.07:44
  • Docker User Namespaces for Extra Host SecurityThe why and how of User Namespaces, and optional Docker feature that I recommend.04:12
  • Code Repo and Image Scanning for CVE’sDocker makes it easier than ever to scan your code and dependencies for CVE vulnerabilities and exposures in your images.09:14
  • Sysdig Falco, Content Trust, and Custom Seccomp and AppArmor Profiles04:49
  • Docker Rootless ModeI talk about Rootless Mode, a new feature that lets you run Docker under a normal user account.02:24
  • The Security Top 10 Differences for Windows ContainersI answer a question on how this list relates to Windows Container security.02:16
  • What are Distroless Images?I answer a question about what Distroless images are, and if I recommend them.05:20
  • Are Swarm and Kubernetes Secrets Really Secure?I answer a question on the security of Secrets in Swarm and Kubernetes, and how you might improve on them.03:38

Docker 19.03 Release New Features7 lectures • 2hr 33min

  • Section Intro00:15
  • BuildKit and the new Docker buildx CLI23:27
  • Docker Context and SSH Connections28:43
  • Docker App and Image Packaging of Compose YAML34:52
  • Rootless Mode in Docker Engine26:05
  • Docker Desktop Enterprise20:35
  • Docker Desktop Enterprise Clusters18:41

DevOps and Docker Clips20 lectures • 2hr 22min

  • DevOps and Docker Talk Intro01:15
  • Alpine Base Images. Are They Really More Secure?Preview19:49
  • Dealing With Non-root Users In Containers and File Permissions07:14
  • Apache Web Server Design. Many Sites In One Container, or Many Containers?03:35
  • Docker Network IP Subnet Conflicts with Outside NetworksA viewer asks about how their local docker container IP’s, if behind NAT, can have issues with outside subnets at their company. I explain some of the ways even NAT won’t solve IP routing for containers and how you can change your settings to different private subnets.05:21
  • Raspberry Pi Development in DockerA viewer asks how they can prototype their software in Docker with a Raspberry Pi. I explain the various parts of the workflow including ARM 64 vs. x64 CPU architectures, the benefits of QEMU emulation in Docker Desktop, and how to get Docker images from your local machine to the Pi.03:21
  • Windows 10 Containers Get Process IsolationIn Docker 18.09.1 and Docker Desktop (stable) in January 2019, we now have a new option for running Windows Containers on Windows 10 in “process isolation mode” which removes the need to launch a full Windows Server Hyper-V VM. It’s a great new way for running lightweight Windows Containers, but has its own limits and config requirements.Preview06:52
  • Should You Move Postgres to ContainersIn this clip I answer the question: should you migrate your post-gres servers into containers06:30
  • Using Supervisor To Run Multiple Apps In A ContainerI answer a question on when you should run multiple apps in a container, and how you can use supervisor to do that04:09
  • Should You Use Docker Compose or Swarm For A Single Server?I give a quick answer to the discussion on a single production server. Should you use docker-compose or Docker Swarm?01:19
  • Docker Environment Configs, Variables, and Entry points. In this Clip I go through the multiple ways to get your environment variables into a container, and what shouldn’t go into your ENV’s22:00
  • Java and JBoss in Containers. One .war File Per Container?Docker Captain Michael Irwin and I discuss Java .war files in containers, and how you should break them up. We answer a question on how to design them for easy isolation and replacement.05:21
  • TLS in Dev and Prod with DockerI answer a question about using TLS/SSL certificates in local development with Docker for micro services and then how to use those certs in production Docker. I talk about Let’s Encrypt, Traefik, and more.03:11
  • Multiple Docker Images From One Git RepoI answer a question about how to build multiple Docker images from a single GitHub repository. I talk about how to change which Dockerfile Docker build will use, and how to control the path (or context) that Docker builds from.02:45
  • Docker + ARM, Using Raspberry Pi or AWS A1 Instances with DockerIn this episode, I have guests Nirmal Mehta, a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Michael Irwin, an Application Architect at Virginia Tech University. We talk about running tech meetups, how to be a community leader, the Docker and ARM announcement (the processor in Raspberry Pi), Docker for Node.js, AWS ARM A1 instances, QEMU, Traefik Proxies, Docker Swarm, Network Time (NTP, SNTP), Let’s Encrypt, and more.24:11
  • Docker and Swarm RBAC Options01:40
  • ENTRYPOINT vs. CMD, what’s the difference in Docker files. In this clip I discuss the differences between the dockerfiles commands of ENTRYPOINT and CMD, and how to use them together for automate container startup tasks10:11
  • How to Use External Storage in DockerIn this clip/episode I answer a question about how to use external volume storage with docker and swarm.04:04
  • Can I Turn a VM into a Container?In this clip/episode I answer a question about if it’s possible to migrate or containerize, a VM into a container.05:13
  • Startup Order With Multi-Container Apps03:52

Dockerfile and Compose File Reviews5 lectures • 42min

  • Section Intro – My Reviews Of Your Dockerfiles00:51
  • Real World PHP Dockerfile Review18:28
  • Real World PHP, Apache, and Alpine Dockerfile Review03:09
  • Real World PHP and FPM Dockerfile Review09:04
  • Real World Elasticsearch Compose Stack File10:33

Extra’s, Common Questions, and Resources4 lectures • 3min

  • Node.js Good Defaults For DockerA sample Node.js project for learning how best to run Node apps in Docker00:27
  • PHP and Docker Good Defaults Project Template00:26
  • About the DCA (Docker Certificated Associate)This course gets you at least 50% ready for the DCA. I was a early beta tester of the exam, so here’s an article on my experience and answering common questions I get from students about it.00:35
  • BonusContinue your container learning with coupons for my other courses.01:14

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