9 Major Trends of Cloud Security [New Update for this Year]

These are the Nine Trends of Cloud Security. The 9 major trends worth paying attention to this year is in addition to cloud native.

1. The rise of cloud-native security

The concept of cloud native has begun to be sound. But gradually matured and the ecology has container security issues frequently occur, cloud-native component security features generally missing, cloud-native security architectture and technology are urgently needed development.

2. The first year of zero trust deployment

The 5G era is coming, cloud-network-edge further intergration, tradition. The network is installed to the physical boundary of writting and editting globally disappears. The COncept and technology of zero trust began to mature and be put into practice.

3. Security systems centered on data mining

Data is the core driving force of the new economy, and the number of hands is wide. The growth of flow and data value promotes network-centric. The security system of the heart has gradually evolved into a data centric security system. Learn more from Big Data Solutions – Things you must know before Deployment.

4. New Identity Authentication

Identity authentication is transformed into human and human, human-machine, application use and application, the multi-dimentional trust relationship between machine and machine, diversified, fine grained, universal new identity authentication technology. Thousands of flower blossoms.

5. Continuous Quasi real-time security confrontation

The rise of containners and 5erverless technology antagonizes security into the millisecond era, the performance of macro and micro integration resistance, scale confrontation, and milliseconf-level confrontation have new development trend potentials.

6. Software supply chain security

Wide application of open source compoents, distributed heterogeneous computing. It is widespread, bringing Qin and hardware supply respectively. Chain security supply.

7. Dev5ec Ops is in the ascendant

With safety shift left, embedded and automation as the ideal Dev5ecOps concepts and products are gradually being applied.

8. Data Security “new” compliance

Data security compliance and personal information protection face new regulations, new standards and new situations bring new problems and solutions. Read the Privacy Confidentiality Protection in Big-data Policies. You will gain more updates on the Trends of Cloud Security.

9. Cloud Security governance model with multi-cloud collaboration

Data autonomy in the cloud, intelligence sharing between clouds, multi-cloud collaboration. The federated management model has become a new cloud security governance trend.

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