Industrial Development of Cloud Computing in Education

Cloud computing is currently a very popular type of network technology. Therefore, the Industrial Development of Cloud Computing in Education needs to be discussed. By creating various cloud platforms to provide services from social development and life, it will be importantly applied in the construction of smart cities in the future. Now as its applications gradually expand, education will also be Will get very good applications.

Large-scale network applications have given birth to many emerging network technologies. The Internet of Things and cloud computing are all products of this process. At present, the application of cloud computing is divided into public cloud, private cloud, etc.

It will be very important in the construction of smart cities in the future. At the same time, traditional small and medium-sized enterprises will also use cloud platforms for integrated enterprise management.

Now as the application of cloud services becomes more widespread, it will also be widely used in education. Cloud education is the development of cloud technology platform and its application in the field of education and training, referred to as “cloud education”.

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Cloud Education has broken the traditional educational informatization boundary and introduced a brand-new educational informatization concept, integrating teaching, management, learning, entertainment, sharing, and interactive communication. Read through the Electronic Whiteboard: Research, Teaching & e-Learning for more details.

Let education departments, schools, teachers, students, parents and other educators, groups of people with different identities, can complete different tasks on the same platform and according to their authority.

The maturity of cloud computing, the Internet, and intelligent terminal technology (cloud ICT environment) has accelerated the transformation of global-oriented educational resources to virtual, global, interactive and open: mobile Internet classrooms, ubiquitous learning resources and Community, student-centered personalized teaching is subverting the traditional education based on fixed classrooms, fixed teachers, and fixed courses. The article on “Virtual Classroom brings New Experience of Education Cloud” will give you complete insights.

The informatization of social education that integrates the characteristics of family, school, and social comprehensive education will gradually take the stage. And it must be able to solve the problems of “digital divide” caused by economic differences, “information islands” caused by technological differences, and “accelerated knowledge replacement”.

At the same time, the regional education cloud platform builds a cloud computing virtual resource pool with the regional (city/county) education competent unit as the construction center, integrates educational resources, data and information, and business processes, and establishes a unified educational public service platform and educational service system to achieve.

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The interconnection of schools, education authorities, and social institutions provides a unified collaboration and communication platform for teachers, students, parents, managers, etc., which can effectively bridge the digital divide between regions, while avoiding monopoly and unfair competition of educational resources .

The smart campus integrates cloud computing, network, and ubiquitous terminals into the various application service areas of the campus. Through the flexible allocation and dynamic management of cloud computing, it builds a comprehensive intelligent perception environment and comprehensive information service platform to achieve ubiquitous online learning, transparent and efficient.

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School affairs management can effectively avoid the shortcomings of information islands, poor system flexibility, low average resource utilization, long construction period, and high IT costs caused by traditional campus construction chimney architecture. You can do more research from the PDF document from Development of the cloud computing industry: impacts and transformations. There’s also the “Impact of Cloud Services to the Industrial Development and Economic Growth”as seen online.

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