Best Kubernetes Mastery Course Content: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain

Kubernetes Mastery Course Content. This course is the result of a partnership between Bret Fisher, founder of the #1 Docker & Kubernetes course on Udemy, and Jérôme Petazzoni. A full-time Kubernetes teacher, as well as one of the founding Docker Inc DevOps Developers! Taught by an award-winning Docker Captain and Kubernetes specialist. Best Kubernetes Mastery Course Content: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain. Kubernetes Mastery: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain. Description; Instructor Details; Additional information; Reviews (9).

Course content

30 sections • 110 lectures • 8h 13m total length. Expand all sections

Introduction 3 lectures • 4min

  • How To Take This CoursePreview02:22
  • Course Chat: 35k Students Learning Containers01:07
  • YouTube Live Q&A with Bret00:16

The What and Why of Kubernetes 3 lectures • 15min

  • What and Why of KubernetesPreview04:56
  • Kubernetes Distributions04:13
  • Kubernetes Use Cases05:41

Kubernetes Architecture. 4 lectures • 21min

  • Kubernetes ArchitecturePreview06:09
  • Kubernetes Physical Architecture06:26
  • Container Runtimes for Kubernetes04:14
  • The API and The Pod04:03
  • Quiz 1Questions testing your knowledge after the last few sections.6 questions

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Installing Kubernetes for Learning 8 lectures • 30min

  • Installing Kubernetes for Learning02:14
  • Kubernetes with Docker Desktop (Windows 10 & macOS)03:13
  • Kubernetes with Minikube (VirtualBox)10:19
  • Kubernetes with MicroK8s (Linux)06:44
  • Install Tips for minikube and MicroK8sThings that can help you use Kubernetes in this course.01:06
  • Kubernetes in Your Browser02:56
  • “Shpod” Course Container02:33
  • Shpod Tips and Tricks01:15

First Contact with Kubectl 6 lectures • 27min

  • First Contact with Kubectl07:05
  • Kubectl Describe03:13
  • Exploring Resource Types06:01
  • Kubectl Get02:03
  • Kubectl Namespace BasicsPreview05:28
  • Kubernetes Newer Namespaces02:59
  • Quiz 2Questions testing your knowledge after the last few sections.3 questions

Your First Deployment 4 lectures • 17min

  • Your First Deployment with Kubectl06:45
  • 1.18 Changes to Kubectl Run01:15
  • Kubectl Logs04:57
  • Deleting Pods and Watching The Effects04:10

Cron Jobs and Resource Creation Options 5 lectures • 19min

  • Kubectl Run CronJob05:56
  • Resource Creation and Run Changes03:14
  • Streaming Logs of Multiple Pods05:34
  • Better CLI Logs with Stern03:25
  • Cleanup Pingpong and CronJob00:30
  • Quiz 3Questions testing your knowledge after the last few sections. 5 questions
  • First StepsPractice checking cluster inventory, getting data from the Kubernetes API, and running containers.8 questions

K8s Services and Visualizing Deployments 4 lectures • 19min

  • A Deployment Visual Walkthrough06:27
  • Basic Service Types06:38
  • Exposing Pods with ClusterIP05:32
  • Layer 4 Services00:50

Testing and Visualizing Service Traffic 5 lectures • 16min

  • Remember CoreDNS for Service DNS Resolution00:33
  • Testing Your ClusterIP Service07:42
  • Visualizing ClusterIP TrafficPreview01:26
  • Headless Services02:45
  • Service Endpoints03:13

Kubernetes Networking Model 2 lectures • 10min

  • Kubernetes Network Model04:46
  • Container Network Interface: CNI Basics04:52
  • Deployments with ServicesMore deployment testing and adding services to them.8 questions

Our Sample Microservice: DockerCoins 4 lectures • 19min

  • Our Sample Microservice App: DockerCoins06:28
  • DockerCoins Quick Compose04:45
  • Kubernetes Image Registries06:31
  • DockerCoins on Kubernetes01:07

Walking Through App Deployments 4 lectures • 18min

  • Creating DockerCoins04:44
  • Exposing DockerCoins02:16
  • Scaling DockerCoins Deployments05:31
  • Httping Testing of DockerCoins05:19
  • Deploying a Distributed AppPractice commands that create the pods for a 3-tier app, and create Services so they can find each other.3 questions

Shifting from CLI to YAML 3 lectures • 14min

  • Kubernetes Deployment YAML04:49
  • Kubernetes Dashboard06:53
  • Security Implications of Applying YAML02:24

DaemonSets and Label Basics 3 lectures • 18min

  • DaemonSets for Per-Node Containers03:51
  • Forcing Deployments07:25
  • Labels and Selectors06:19

Editing Resource Selectors 4 lectures • 21min

  • Resource Selectors04:32
  • Editing Pod Labels05:36
  • Editing Service Selectors07:05
  • More Label Uses03:54
  • Load Balancing Across Two DeploymentsCreate two deployments, and customize the service selector to spread connections across the pods of both deployments.3 questions


All About Kubernetes YAML 3 lectures • 23min

  • YAML Creation Basics09:04
  • YAML From Scratch on KubernetesPreview10:54
  • YAML Tips and Validation03:30

Validating Your Kubernetes Changes 2 lectures • 8min

  • Server Dry Run05:45
  • Kubectl Diff02:21

Rolling Updates and Failure Recovery 4 lectures • 24min

  • Rolling Update Basics06:36
  • Rolling Update Walkthroughs07:38
  • Failed Update Details04:15
  • Recovering From Failed Updates05:48

Rollout History and Patching 2 lectures • 10min

  • Rollout History07:09
  • Creating A YAML Patch02:51

Health Checks and Probe Types 4 lectures • 20min

  • Health Check Basics06:27
  • Probe Types and Examples06:22
  • Proper Health Check Usage03:54
  • Steps to Create Health ChecksPreview03:30

Updating Apps with Probes and Testing 6 lectures • 25min

  • Example Steps for DockerCoins02:14
  • Updating DockerCoins with Probes04:05
  • Testing Liveness Probes08:07
  • Making Better Health Checks03:53
  • Exec Liveness Probes06:34
  • Cleanup After Health Checks00:22

Managing App Configurations 4 lectures • 18min

  • Managing App Configuration03:30
  • App Config Options03:23
  • Kubernetes Downward API06:29
  • Env Vars and ConfigMaps04:28

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Creating and Using ConfigMaps and Secrets 5 lectures • 14min

  • Creating a ConfigMapPreview04:16
  • Using a ConfigMap03:51
  • ConfigMaps + Downward API04:22
  • Kubernetes Secrets01:35
  • Cleanup After ConfigMaps00:13

Kubernetes Ingress: Using Proxies 4 lectures • 24min

  • Why Do We Need Ingress?Explain where Services leave off, and Ingress can help05:56
  • What Makes Up Kubernetes Ingress06:07
  • Planning for Ingress Controller07:45
  • Ingress Controller Port ConfigUsing LoadBalancer or hostNetwork for allowing Ingress connects on port 80/44304:30

Deploying NGINX and Ingress Resources 3 lectures • 14min

  • Deploying NGINX Ingress06:26
  • Ingress DNS and Test AppsDiscussing our DNS names and creating our test deployments and services03:15
  • Creating Ingress ResourcesManifest example for creating Ingress resources to use a DNS name for routing traffic to pods04:31

Ingress Traffic, Inspection, and Annotations 3 lectures • 11min

  • Drawing Ingress TrafficVisualizing the parts of Ingress and how client traffic moves throughout a cluster03:03
  • Ingress Resource AnnotationsHow you can use metadata annotations to add more functionality to a Ingress resource05:20
  • Inspecting Ingress ResourcesCommands for seeing the details of Ingress resources02:43

Replacing NGINX Ingress with Traefik 3 lectures • 16min

  • Replacing NGINX with Traefik06:01
  • Deploying Traefik Ingress ControllerApplying the Traefik manifest files for your Kubernetes distro03:25
  • Traefik Web UI and CRDLearn about the Traefik built-in Web dashboard and the two options for installing Traefik Ingress07:03

Ingress Good, Bad, and The Future 3 lectures • 11min

  • Ingress Resource Good and BadThe built-in Ingress Resource has some pros and cons vs. custom solutions.04:37
  • Alternatives and the Future of IngressWhat can we use beside the default Ingress resource, like CRD’s and Operators, and what’s the future of the Ingress Resource specification? 06:06
  • Ingress Cleanup00:17

What’s Next? 1 lecture • 1min

  • Lectures Coming Up in Kubernetes Mastery00:33

Bonus1 lecture • 1min

  • Bonus01:14

Bestselling DevOps and Containers Courses and Instruction. Captain’s Docker. … To guarantee you’re having the newest and new version, you need to hear about it. Stack Slides in PDF Ask Me Anything: Public GitHub Q&A: learn with Docker and Swarm from QCon SF 2017 Moving Production. Kubernetes Mastery Course Content.

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