People always ask us via mail, how do I prepare for the Certified Kubernetes application developer? As a tech guy, I made a choice to answer this question. Therefore, I wrote this Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) — Preparation Tips. Before I start handing out my research plan and exam planning tips, let me take this time to say a big thank you to the CNCF people. They are doing a great job in developing such a realistic and hands-on certification compared to the exams of the MCQ format.

With the Corona Virus pandemic spreading throughout the world, it’s also super nice that I cleared it now without having to come out of the safety of my house. However, this is truly, visionary for all of us. Let’s go.

Categorization as Generic References, Basic Materials and Practice Areas for quick concentration on the services used by me to valid CKAD certification. Seriously, you can take a look at these course.

Generic References of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer:

1. Living and breathing with YAML syntax is the most important thing. For Kubernetes, it is the de-facto language and learning the complexities can allow you to go a long way for overall planning. There are a lot of online tools available and my first pick is one from Read on.

Learn YAML syntax - Simple easy leaarning
Learn YAML syntax – Simple easy leaarning

2. You have to get familiar with the vi/vim editor as you are required to change current pod/deployment/replicaset setups etc… and even create new description files. Understand critical shortcuts such as line deletion, copy (yanking) pasting, and navigation.

get familiar with the vi/vim editor
get familiar with the vi/vim editor

A vim cheat-sheet illustration.


Having said that, you could use nano for editing by explicitly setting it – export KUBE_EDITOR=nano

Please note: I suggest vim, as it will surely be helpful for you in the future and not just for passing the CKAD exams and test.

3. Are you fully new to Kubernetes or would you like to upgrade the basics again? I recommend enrolling for this FREE course by CNCF/Linux Foundation accessible at edx. Before heading straight into CKAD details, this is a terrific primer. Click Here for Introduction to Kubernetes for beginners.

Introduction to Kubernetes - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Introduction to Kubernetes

Specific Materials of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer:

1. The safest, best and most affordable course

The course out there to help you for CKAD is the one from Mumshad Mannambeth available at Udemy. He describes the principles very clearly and comes with assessments for practise as well. Here, a word of warning regarding practise tests-the ones given are basic and so you might want to focus on some external sample questions. CKAD Course is Here.

CKAD is the one from Mumshad Mannambeth available at Udemy - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
CKAD is the one from Mumshad Mannambeth available at Udemy

2. Trust me, you have to Learn how to work in the necessary way.

By mastering the kubectl command line, you’ll save tonnes of time instead of relying on a YAML for each and every task. It will also allow you to extract the data into a YAML definition for you to change later. This best of the best.

Managing Kubernetes objects using imperative commands
Managing Kubernetes objects using imperative commands

3. Configuring terminal/bash aliases

It will help you avoid typing extra characters. You can configure an alias like this easily: alias k=kubectl

Furthermore, kubectl provides several handy shortcuts such as po (pods), rs (replicasets), deploy (deployments), netpol (network policies) etc. A sample usage will now look like k get po to show all the pods instead of getting pods from kubectl. Less Type Chars == You can save More time!

4. CKAD is an open book review

In this examination, you are authorised to refer to the official documentation of Kubernetes. Get acquainted with this and know what needs to be researched and where to look when in doubt. For this exam, the search box on the top right of this page is your guiding light.

Official documentation of Kubernetes - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Official documentation of Kubernetes.

5. Kubectl explain — recursive should be your default man page during the exam and also at the preparation time

As can be seen above, recursive should be your default man page. Although you would be allowed to open an additional tab to bring up the official documentation. So, I honestly felt that it was better to search within the terminal right there because it is an integrated syntax documentation to check on the go. Learn to use this for your success and to abuse it.

Practice Areas of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer:

1. CKAD is a hands-on exam and, PRACTICE, you need to know your shit right. By following pretty straight forwards installation instructions, set up a minikube cluster setup on your system. If you’re rich, you can also rely on GKE (GCP), EKS (AWS) or AKS (Azure). Continue reading.

minikube cluster setup - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
minikube cluster setup

2. If you had purchased the course listed above from Udemy, it comes with practise tests that can be launched as many times as you like on with a pre-provisioned cluster configuration that stays active for 1 hour. Generally, you may also use this as your sandbox for practise.

Labs - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Labs – Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

3. There have been some fantastic CKAD exercises summarized here. You should be able to overcome all of this before you sit for the test and must have tried it more than 2 times. It is a brilliant self-evaluation of your preparedness.

Finally, we have come to the finish line of today’s topic. I hope you enjoyed this list of services I relied on. Meanwhile, there are 16 Best Ethical Hacking Courses on Udemy in 2021. Also, they there’s 15 Best SQL Courses and Certifications 2021. Now, if you find this article beneficial, you can appreciate us by sharing it. You action will demonstrate some affection. Stay safe & Learn more about how to pass for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) examination. Till next time. This is