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Coding Dojo: Coding Bootcamp – Learn Coding & Data Science. Cheap paid bootcamps online for professionals. In this article, you will access some of the Best Free Coding Bootcamps Online and offline which will help you to Improve Your Coding Skills. There are different types of coding bootcamps. Choosing the best bootcamp to suit your career solely depends on what you want to achieve. What Are the Best Free Coding Bootcamps, Courses, and Programs? Truly, these questions will help you get a clearer sense of which bootcamps to look towards.

Learn Coding Bootcamps with Online Courses and Lessons

The new face of education is coding bootcamps. They have the potential to transform vocational training schools for decades. Unlike college, coding bootcamps prepare students for a career in the software industry by computer programming. Coding bootcamps are interesting in that they take a hands-on approach to learning. Many free software bootcamps are also available, making them a better alternative to expensive 4-year colleges.

These short-term programmes run anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Bootcamps are a tried-and-true way to boost your income and further your career. They’re more accessible than ever before thanks to schemes like wage sharing agreements and living stipends.

Sadly, even low-cost coding bootcamps can be very costly. As a result, it can be daunting to contribute due to financial constraints. All that want to learn to code for free have another choice, thankfully.

Free coding schools are a cost-effective option. They offer a lot of the same advantages as a paid programme. Free coding programmes are an excellent way to get started with programming. Furthermore, since the bulk of these services are delivered via an online learning network, they can be accessed from anywhere.

List of Best Free Coding Bootcamps, Courses, and Programs?

Do you want to pursue a new career in technology? One of the best coding bootcamps will teach you how to code. In just a few weeks, you will build your first website and app. Below are the list of free coding bootcamps available online.

42 School

42 School is one of the largest in-person free coding bootcamps in the world, having started in France. The software recently relocated to a new site in Silicon Valley. To get into the programme, students must first complete a 24-hour coding test known as a “Piscene.” Students who complete the exam are accepted into the self-paced curriculum. Dormitories and a cafeteria are available, with meals sold at production cost.

Ada Developers Academy

This Seattle-based bootcamp offers local students immersive programming classes. A full stack web development course is available from Ada Developers Academy. The programme lasts 27 weeks. The class is also open for female and non-binary students free of charge.

App Academy Open

App Academy Open, a free software bootcamp, is offered by App Academy. Students can navigate the entire App Academy full stack web development curriculum via this online programme. About 1,500 hours of course materials and services are used. App Academy is a well-known bootcamp, where the free version has the same curriculum as the paid programme.


Bento.io takes a unique approach to online coding and web creation classes. Each “track” is a mini-course made up of learning materials found on the internet. It’s a fantastic strategy that helps you to learn in a variety of ways and from a variety of outlets. Bento has courses in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Git, Python, and jQuery, among other things. There are also more in-depth tracks for front-end growth, back-end development, and web basics.


Bridge is a women’s coding bootcamp that teaches app development in an 11-week programme. Students collaborate on a variety of assignments with their portfolios. These programmes are intended to have hands-on training. This women’s bootcamp focuses on developing professional skills. It provides a welcoming and technologically advanced climate. Bridge is an in-person bootcamp that holds courses twice a week. The professors are also professionals in the field.


A well-known free bootcamp is CodeCademy. Beginners and advanced coders alike enjoy this online curriculum. HTML and JavaScript are among the coding languages that students study. Students work on assignments to gain experience and develop a portfolio. The free courses on CodeCademy allow you to learn programming for free.


Codewars is an excellent and exclusive way to learn to code. The software consists of “kata” challenges in which you code alongside other users to learn programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and others.


Coursera is a one-of-a-kind online coding bootcamp that is completely free of charge. University professors instruct the classes at this bootcamp. Although the courses are free, there are certain minor fees associated with them. Certificates, which cost between $30 and $50, are available from this famous bootcamp. The certificates serve as proof of course completion and are a useful addition to a resume.

The Data Incubator

For seasoned programmers, the Data Incubator offers a free coding bootcamp. The programme is intended to provide these individuals with the final necessary skills in order for them to become true experienced professionals. The service is a scholarship that is available to students at no cost. When an employer hires a fellow, they must pay a bill.


EdX, which has similar services like Coursera, has hundreds of huge open online courses (MOOCs) on almost any topic imaginable. Their technology classes, in particular, are excellent. You will take free courses on edX in HTML5, CSS, mobile app creation, Java programming, and much more–all taught by top university professors.

Flatiron School Introductory Courses

Flatiron School is a well-known coding school. Students may take computer classes in person or online at locations in London, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, their introductory courses are entirely free.

Founders & Coders

Founders and Coders holds the distinction of becoming the UK’s first free coding bootcamp. It provides beginner-friendly full stack web development courses that cover a variety of different coding languages.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp provides front end and full stack development coding certificates. This online programme has a 1,600-hour JavaScript curriculum and is self-paced. Free Code Camp stands out in terms of demographics. About 80% of its coding group is over the age of 25, and 20% of its students are female.

Fullstack Academy Prep Program

A free introductory coding bootcamp is available from Fullstack Academy. Over the course of 13 weeks, students will learn full stack JavaScript, giving them the framework they need to become good coders. There are classes in both New York City and Chicago.

GA Dash

GA Dash is a free software bootcamp offered by General Assembly. This is a project-based software. Students, for example, create a Tumblr style from the ground up. This famous software comes from a prestigious paying coding bootcamp.

Hack Reactor Basic Prep

Hack Reactor Basic Prep is a free software offered by Hack Reactor, a well-known coding bootcamp. The course is just as it says it is: an introductory course for beginners. The 12-week class addresses all of the fundamentals of coding.


Although Hackr.io is not a free coding bootcamp, it is an excellent free platform for those interested in learning to code. The platform has a reasonably extensive list of online classes and tutorials, organised by programming languages and topics. Definitely one to put on your to-read list!

Insight Data Science

Insight Data Science offers a free post-doctoral coding bootcamp, which lets high-level graduates gain useful data science skills. The curriculum lasts for seven weeks in Boston, New York City, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. For students who live outside of those areas, there is often a remote programme.

Kenzee Free

Kenzie Free is a free introductory coding bootcamp for those who are new to coding. Secondly, Kenzie Academy has launched a new online curriculum that is both free and self-paced. Thirdly, Kenzie Free gives aspiring programmers the opportunity to benefit from a top-tier bootcamp without having to make any financial obligations. Kenzie Free includes the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, as well as a brief guide to JavaScript. The mini-courses offered by Kenzie Academy encourage someone interested in coding to get a feel for the topic. For Free of charge, students learn practical skills and determine whether or not they want to seek a career in technology.

Khan Academy

Courses from Khan Academy are extremely common. This online education resource isn’t a technology bootcamp, but it does have a long list of free coding classes. Lastly, Students will use Khan Academy to improve their coding skills while still learning a lot.

Makers Academy

Makers Academy is a coding bootcamp in the United Kingdom that teaches software development. At Makers Academy, students are guaranteed a junior production career opportunity at the conclusion of the 12-week session.

MIT OpenCourseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is regarded as one of the world’s most renowned scientific universities. The research institute has agreed to make all of its well-known computer science programmes available for free to the general public. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Introduction to Programming in Python, Artificial Intelligence, Programming for the Puzzled, and Advanced Data Structures are just a few of their many complete course offerings.


NodeSchool is a free coding bootcamp offering a range of useful tutorials and courses. The programme is open-source and run by volunteers, and aims to provide the best way to learn coding. The programme is entirely tuition-free to anyone who enrols.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project was created with the aim of teaching new coders from the ground up. The software provides free web development job preparation courses. Students begin by taking an introductory course before moving on to web development 101. HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Git, and other topics are included in the course. The Odin Project has a variety of videos and lessons to choose from. This coding bootcamp is a perfect place to start for beginners, and it has a wealth of tools.

Practicum by Yandex

This free introduction to web creation is for those who haven’t yet settled on a career path and want to try their hand at it. It’s designed for people who are brand new to coding. It offers 20 hours of free practise for assignments that are similar to what you’d find at a real workplace. The focus of the course is on the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and join their Slack network.

Recurse Center

Recurse Center is a free coding bootcamp located in New York that provides an immersive in-person programme. The bootcamp lasts three months and allows participants to improve their coding skills. Online applications and course schedules are open.

Resilient Coders

In Boston, Massachusetts, Resilient Coders provides a full-time JavaScript bootcamp. This platform is about people of colour who want to work in technology. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages are included in this 14-week course. Students will be proficient coders and able to start a career after graduation.


Revature operates by working with colleges to provide students with free coding courses. Some classes are offered in person, and others are offered online. Programming and web development are included in immersive classes. Students will use the curriculum to supplement their undergraduate education by learning real-world programming and coding skills.


Revolent isn’t a coding bootcamp, but it does include short-term computer education services. Secondly, Revolent offers online, high-quality courses that train students to become Salesforce certified engineers, managers, and consultants. Candidates will also take a course to become accredited ServiceNow consultants. In New York, London, Melbourne, and Amsterdam, revolent courses run 10-12 weeks. Throughout the curriculum, students are given a coach that can help them succeed. Students continue working for two years for one of Revolent’s software company partners after completing the degree.

Rithm School

Rithm School delivers a 16 weeks full stack production curriculum that is fast-paced. Students will concentrate on JavaScript and Python in the curriculum. Students may get involved in a wide range of open-source initiatives and portfolio-building events.


RMOTR provides an online technology bootcamp of hands-on assignments and engaging tutorials. Students can study a number of coding languages and engage in portfolio-building tasks over the 4-month programme. The service includes live care, and RMOTR places a strong emphasis on student ventures and engagement.


A free PreWork course in Front End Web Development is currently available from Sabio. Images, exercises, access to a Slack team, and even live office hours with your professors are all included in the course. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and many more are all included in Sabio’s free course.


Scotch.io is a massive repository of free text-based programming tutorials. It’s an excellent guide for those who want to learn by books rather than recordings. Scotch offers React, JavaScript, jQuery, and Vue as well as other classes.

Skillcrush’s Free Coding Bootcamp

Anyone interested in technology should take advantage of SkillCrush’s free technology and coding courses. SkillCrush has plenty valuable to teach anyone from aspiring tech developers to full beginners. Students may use Skillcrush lessons to master coding languages such as Java, Python, HTML, and JavaScript.


SoloLearn’s free coding course – Via their online portal, SoloLearn delivers a range of immersive coding courses. Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby, Swift, jQuery, C, HTML, CSS, and SQL are just a few of the programming languages covered.


Beginner and advanced programmers will take Udacity’s coding courses. Udacity provides specialised “nanodegrees” in topics such as web creation and data analytics. Although the courses are open, there is a small fee for the nano degrees. Students at Udacity may use their talents to get a career in the software industry or further their studies.


Udemy offers both paying and free coding classes online. Students may choose to study a particular programming language or enrol in a different class such as software creation or computer science. Use caution when choosing a class on Udemy because it is an open forum for everyone to build technology courses.


W3schools is another excellent resource for text-based tutorials and courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL, PHP, React, jQuery, and other topics. Another fantastic feature of w3schools is the quizzes built into the courses that enable you to assess your success. Although all of the courses at w3schools are free, you can pay for a diploma even though you’ve taken a free course.

Finding the Right Coding Bootcamp for You

This is as far as we can go on this post. Even though this is not a complete list of all the bootcamps, this article includes the best of the cheapest coding bootcamps. So, how do you pick the best free coding bootcamp out of all the options? To find the right coding courses for you, you must first ask yourself a few questions.

What do you want out of a bootcamp? Are you asking for a primer or do you have a clear vision or target in mind? Will you want to work as a developer full-time or as a talent to supplement the ones you already have? Is it better to work on the front end or the back end? Whatever programming languages are you interested in learning? How much time do you have on your hands? How much do you think you’ll be able to discover on your own? Do you prefer to study in a classroom setting or prefer to take online courses?

Free Coding Bootcamp FAQ

Learn Coding Bootcamps with Online Courses and Lessons. Search for Coding Bootcamps in Lagos, Nigeria. Texas, USA, Delhi, India, Guangzhou, China. Berlin, Germany, Ercan, Cyrus. Learn fullstack web development, mobile development, and more.

Is a free coding bootcamp going to help me find work?

It is possible, but it is dependent on the software. The majority of free bootcamps have beginner courses or lessons in a single language. Consider a paying bootcamp if you’re up for career preparation.

What are the benefits of free coding bootcamps?

Free coding bootcamps are excellent for learning new programming languages and having a feel for what it’s like to work as a programmer. Finally, Many free bootcamps can be used to prepare for coding bootcamps.

Are there any free coding bootcamps in your area?

Yes, some services, such as 42, deliver classes on-site, but the majority of free bootcamps are available online.

What are the most popular bootcamp courses students take in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt?

At Lagos bootcamps, you can choose from a wide range of courses. However, Data Science Immersive, Online Data Science Immersive, Cybersecurity Analytics Immersive, Online Software Engineering, Cybersecurity Engineering Immersive, Online Cybersecurity Analytics, and Software Engineering Immersive are the most common bootcamp courses in the region.

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