Virtual Classroom brings New Experience of Education Cloud

Education decimation is a key construction project of the Ministry of Education as seen in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe and China in the next 10 years including virtual classroom. This is to say that with the help of advanced technology such as cloud computing, the development speed of technological education decimation will inevitably be greatly accelerated.

Cloud Computing Conference computing and information technology education in the 5th China cloud held June 7 thematic forums, micro roar CEO Lin Yanting introduced some new practice. They include sharing of some views on current online education industry as well as micro-roar in the online education industry exploration Results.

According to Lin Yanting, Weihou Company has become the leading online interactive live broadcast platform in China and has launched many educational applications on this platform. Weihou has long focused on online adult, on-the-job professional education, and even corporate-related customized training.

From his speech, Lin Yanting believes that the current educational method is traditional face-to-face communication. Also, any pre-modern technical means are nothing more than simulating this kind of direct communication method. Therefore, face-to-face education and on-site classroom education cannot be truly replaced by any other method. However, this does not mean that humans cannot use the advantages of cloud computing, the Internet, smart terminals and other technologies and equipment to enable traditional classroom teaching. This is to benefit both the educated and the instructor through a more convenient way. Also, this is what the online education classroom is doing currently.

Online Education Industry Market

While speaking of the online education industry market, Lin Yanting went ahead to cite 2 typical examples. The first one is Khan Academy (Khan Academy) founded by Bangladeshi American Salman Khan, and the second one is the American Andrew Enge and Daphne Coursera created by Kohler. The achievements of the 2 distance education platform institutions were to open up to 3,500 primary school courses in 2 years and 56 million people were specifically taught. In addition, about 124 university courses were opened in one year to 1.3 million people. In the light of this, it can be seen that online education has great influence on the people.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the current development of the online education industry, Lin Yanting believes that there are 3 main misunderstandings. The first one is the content of online education. Note that online education is not just about viewing course videos online. The second one is that there is a problem with the development direction of online education. The online education platform providers is generally underestimated that the user experience of learners is valuable. But the core value of online education institutions comes from teachers and students. Thirdly, there are still many people who believe that mobile teaching is a trend, but in fact mobile Teaching on the platform has already been realised.

Virtual Classrooms

Presently, some online virtual classrooms have been established on the Weihou Chinese platform. The pages of these virtual classrooms are written based on web code and simulate the virtual scenes of classroom and school teaching in three-dimensional form. Students and teachers can play in the lecture hall. For a student to download teaching materials, view course schedules and conduct teaching activities in virtual scenes. Examples includes reporting halls and libraries, users do not need to install software or plug-ins in advance to log in to these pages .

Lin Yanting also shared a successful case on the online education platform-China Listening Online. Hearing Online is also established through the Weihou platform, a live learning website dedicated to providing hearing medical course training services for hearing impaired doctors. At present, there are 30 million hearing impaired patients in China, and it is increasing at a rate of 30,000 per year.

However, there are only three specialized universities in China that train hearing impaired doctors. According to calculations, it would take hundreds of years to use traditional training methods to bring the doctor-patient ratio to the current level in the United States of America. Therefore, the emergence of Hearing Online will provide great help to alleviate the problem of domestic doctor-patient ratio imbalance. The audiological medicine classroom established by Hearing Online will not only serve audiologists but also provide medical assistance to hearing patients.

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Online education has truly changed people’s learning and lifestyle. As part of the construction of educational information, its importance in the future is self-evident.

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