10 China Future Predictions of Big Data Market

China Future Predictions: This article covers Ten predictions about China’s big data market for 2020/2021 and 10years to come. Based on the expectation of the broad prospects of the big data market, IDC has taken China’s big data market as a hot topic in recent years to carry out special follow-up research. The research content includes the current situation of big data user needs, the scale of the existing big data market and the forecast of future development trends. Updates for 2022 is on the way, meanwhile checkout these trending articles;

1. Hadoop towards commercialization

Currently, the community environment of Hadoop is very similar to that of Linux 10 years ago. Linux started to establish an open source community in the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, mainstream commercial vendors such as SUSE and RedHat emerged. They formed a complete ecosystem around 2000 and became the mainstream operating system solutions in the industry. And Hadoop started in 2006-2007, and solutions such as Cloudera and MapR appeared in 2009. IDC believes that in the next 5-10 years, there will be a heavyweight commercial version of Hadoop released.

2. Some early Hadoop projects faced challenges

Hadoop has a bright future, but not all early Hadoop projects can be promoted and widely adopted. First, many early Hadoop projects are pilot projects or proof-of-concept in nature, and have now completed their historical mission; secondly, many Hadoop projects did not have enough cases for companies to measure in the early stages of implementation, which will promote the survival of the fittest in the next few years.

3. Open source software brings more opportunities to the big data market

IDC believes that, unlike people’s traditional understanding, the prevalence of open source software in the big data market will not inhibit business opportunities in the market. On the contrary, open source software will bring infrastructure hardware, application development tools, applications, services, and other related fields come more opportunities.

4. Big data promotes mergers and acquisitions among software companies

The concept of big data covers a wide range, including all aspects of unstructured data from storage , processing to application. There are also many software vendors related to big data, but no one vendor can cover all aspects of big data. Therefore, IDC believes that in the next few years, large IT vendors will conduct mergers and acquisitions in order to improve their big data product lines. The first to bear the brunt will be information management analysis software vendors, predictive analysis and data presentation vendors. China Future Predictions shows that there’s more to come in the next 5-10years.

5. The market for integrated equipment for big data is growing rapidly

Since the concept of cloud computing and big data was put forward, software and hardware integrated devices for this market have emerged one after another. IDC believes that in the next few years, data warehouse all-in-ones, NoSQL all-in-ones, and other integrated devices that combine multiple technologies will further develop rapidly.

6. Big data moves from network data processing to enterprise-level applications

In the past few years, the main users of big data applications were limited to a few companies such as the Internet and telecom operators. IDC believes that the market will gradually understand that big data does not only mean batch processing of large amounts of network recorded data. As the data capacity of other industries is also increasing, industry users (such as energy, financial services, government, manufacturing) urgently need big data solutions to monitor and analyze data streams.

7. Big data creates new market segments

IDC believes that the development of big data-related technologies will create some new market segments. For example, data services focusing on data analysis and processing will appear as an AnalyzeasaService (AnalyzeasaService) business that uses data analysis as a service product; integrates and manages a variety of information to create unified access and analysis components for big data Products; social big data analysis based on social networks; there will even be a training market for big data skills, teaching data analysis courses, etc.

8. The emergence of packaged big data industry analysis applications

As big data gradually moves into various industries, the demand for industry-based big data analysis applications is also increasing. IDC believes that in the next few years, analysis applications for specific industries and business processes will appear in pre-packaged form, which will open up new markets for big data technology suppliers. These analysis and application content will also cover the professional knowledge of many industries, and will also attract a large number of industry software development companies.

9. Big data promotes horizontal expansion of infrastructure

In order to support the unstructured and constantly refreshed characteristics of big data, the infrastructure level will also change in the future. The infrastructure support of big data is no longer limited to the high-performance computing level, and hardware products will be needed to better support virtualization and distributed architecture software. At the same time, tiered storage solutions based on solid-state storage and intelligent load-balancing network structures will also get more applications.

10. China has become one of the world’s most important big data markets

At present, China is the world’s largest PC and smartphone market, and the number of Internet users and mobile Internet users in China is also the largest in the world. These terminal devices create data on the Internet at all times. At the same time, China’s enterprise-level storage shipments in 2020 also reached the second place in the world. The huge data capacity not only makes many international manufacturers pay attention to the Chinese market, but also makes China’s big data applications have different characteristics from foreign countries. We have reason to expect that China’s big data market will have localized innovative solutions.

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Based on the expectation of the broad prospects of the big data market, IDC has taken China’s big data market as a hot topic in recent years to carry out special follow-up research. The China Future Predictions research content includes the current situation of big data user needs, the scale of the existing big data market and the forecast of future development trends.

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