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What is AWS Pricing Calculator?

You can explore AWS offerings and create an estimation of the cost of your use cases on AWS with the AWS Pricing Calculator. Before constructing them, you can model your solutions, explore the price points and estimates behind your estimation, and find the type of instance and contract terms available that fulfil your needs.

It helps you to make educated choices about using AWS. Furthermore, you may schedule the costs and use or price of your AWS by setting up a new collection of cases and services.

For individuals that have never used AWS and for users who want to reorganise or extend their usage of AWS, the AWS Pricing Calculator is useful. To use the AWS Pricing Calculator, you don’t need any cloud or AWS experience.

Accessing AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Pricing Calculator provides only a console interface at It doesn’t provide an API.

Prerequisites for using AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Pricing Calculator Basic requirements for Usage. First of all, to use the AWS Pricing Calculator, you do not need an AWS account or in-depth knowledge of AWS.

However, for better results, we recommend that before you begin your calculation, you have a strategy for how you want to use AWS. For instance, determine whether you want to split your estimate by cost centre, by product you run on AWS, or by regional stacks.

AWS Pricing Calculator Regions

To produce monthly cost estimates for all regions covered by your preferred service, you can use the AWS Pricing Calculator. See the accompanying Program User Guide report for information about the available regions of each service.

Pricing for AWS Pricing Calculator

Everyone can use AWS Pricing Calculator free of charge. It gives an estimation of the fees and charges for your AWS, but the estimate does not include any taxes that might relate to the fees and charges. The AWS Pricing Calculator only offers pricing information for your results. AWS honours the prices from the marketing pages if the prices on the marketing page vary from the prices used by AWS Pricing Calculator. See Cloud Services Pricing of top hosting cpmpanies for more detail about AWS service pricing.

The prices used for the calculations by the AWS Pricing Calculator come from the AWS Price List API. For further detail about the AWS Price List API, see Using the AWS Price List API in the User Guide for AWS Billing and Cost Control.

Getting started with AWS Calculator

In order to get an idea of how to use the AWS Pricing Calculator, the Getting Started chapter guides you through a task using the AWS Pricing Calculator. In this case, using the Amazon EC2 Fast pricing & estimate option, we walk you through getting an estimate for an Amazon EC2 instance.

Without delving deeply into the numerous Amazon EC2 options, the Amazon EC2 fast estimate allows you to add an Amazon EC2 instance to your estimate. This helps you to get an estimate of all the Amazon EC2 example forms without understanding the technical information.


  • Understanding your estimates
  • Prerequisites
  • 1st Step 1: Create an estimate
  • 2nd Step 2: (Optional) Add a group
  • 3rd Step 3: Add and configure a service

Understanding your estimates

You can either add services directly to your estimate or create a group when you produce an estimate and add the services to your group.

This guide illustrates how to set up a community with an instance of Amazon EC2 that can be used to perform tasks such as running a small programme or hosting a website.


To complete this tutorial, perform the following tasks:

  1. First Step Create an estimate
  2. Second Step 2: (Optional) Add a group
  3. Third Step 3: Add and configure a service


This tutorial doesn’t require any initial setup. You can use it without an AWS account and without committing to anything.

Step 1: Create an estimate

To get started generating an estimate, create your estimate and assign your estimate a Region.

To create your estimate

  1. Open AWS Pricing Calculator at
  2. Choose Create estimate.
  3. On the Select service page, find the service of your choice and choose Configure.
  4. Add a Description for the estimated service.
  5. Select a Region.
  6. Enter your settings in the Service settings section.
  7. Choose Add to my estimate.

Step 2: (Optional) Add a group

A group allows you to mutually coordinate resources. To each group, you can add one or more services. In various ways, you can use groups to arrange your calculation, such as by cost centre, service stack, product architecture, or consumer.

Notice that:

By using the Area drop-down menu, you can configure regions for each service at the service level. At the community stage, you cannot change regions. See Phase 3: Add and customise a service for more information on customising Regions for Services.

To add a group to your estimate

  1. To create a group, in the upper-right header, choose Add group.
  2. For Group name, enter My service group.
  3. Choose Add group.

Step 3: Add and configure a service

To generate estimated costs, add and configure resources to your estimate after you have an estimate and (optionally) a party. Use the My estimate view instead of the My Service Group view if you have not formed a group. All else in the procedure below remains the same.

In this case, we’re adding Amazon EC2 using the Amazon EC2 Quick estimate option.

To add and configure a service for your estimate

  1. On the My service group page choose Add service, which brings you to a page of services that you can add to your estimate.
  2. Select Amazon EC2 on the Add Service tab, and in the upper-right header, choose Configure. This adds Amazon EC2 to the community and takes you to the Quick Estimate view, where in an Amazon EC2 example, you can customise what you want. The Quick Estimate view is preloaded with default values, allowing you to see a starting estimate without any details being added or modified. You can adjust all of the values of the following parameters or, if necessary, retain the defaults:
    • Description
    • Region
    • The operating system
    • The number of Amazon EC2 instances
    • The Amazon EC2 instance search options
    • The pricing model
    • The reservation term
    • The payment options
    • The storage volume
    • The storage amount
  3. Choose Add to my estimate. This adds an Amazon EC2 instance with the selected parameters to the group that you created in step 1 and returns you to the My estimate page. The Services section lists the service estimates that you added. The My service group page shows you how much the selected default instance would likely cost you. Your service names are listed in the Service section with the region you mentioned for each service. To compare price differences, you can generate multiple estimates for the same service for different regions. Note that predictions are just that: forecasts. AWS charges are measured for an account using the real AWS consumption.

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