Testimonial Questions: What They are and Examples of Testimonial Questions

This is a Testimonial Questions and answer guide for both business owners and students. As we all know, customer testimonials play an important role in making a company successful. They normally demonstrate the worth of your business, foster trust, and empower your company.

However, acquiring top-notch customer testimonials that genuinely reflect your business can be challenging. To effectively blend the customer’s narrative with your business, it is important to ask the right questions in the testimonial process.

This post will provide an explanation of what testimonial questions are, along with some examples.

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  1. What are testimonial questions?
  2. Importance of asking testimonial questions
  3. Testimonial questions with example
  4. Conclusion

What are Testimonial Questions?

A customer testimonial is like a review or recommendation from a customer, sharing how your products or services benefited them. To gather detailed testimonials, you can pose specific questions designed for this purpose. These questions are often referred to as “Testimonial Questions.”

To enhance your sales through compelling and genuine testimonials, it’s important to pose the right questions to your customers. By asking the appropriate and pertinent questions, you can craft impactful client testimonials. The questions you use play an important role in shaping online reviews when it comes to driving conversions through customer testimonials.

Importance of Asking Testimonial Questions

Asking these questions is of great importance for various reasons, and it serves as a valuable tool for the marketing team and business growth. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of asking these questions:

Customer Validation and Social Proof

These questions allow satisfied customers to share their positive experiences and outcomes. These testimonials act as social proof, demonstrating to potential customers that real people have had successful and satisfying interactions with the brand or product.

Building Trust and Credibility

Testimonials wield significant influence in building trust and credibility for a brand. When potential customers come across positive feedback from others, it lessens doubt, fosters confidence in the brand’s products or services, and ultimately contributes to customer satisfaction.

Authenticity and Transparency

It allows businesses to gather real and authentic customer feedback directly from their customers. This transparent approach plays a role in forming a genuine and forthright brand image.

Understanding Customer Needs and Preferences

Through posing targeted questions in testimonials, businesses can attain valuable insights into what customers value most, how their offerings address pain points, and how they meet customer needs, thereby attracting potential customers.

Effective Content Creation

The feedback from testimonials can be repurposed to create captivating content for marketing materials. Whether presented as written statements or in video form, testimonials serve as captivating content that has the ability to draw in and connect with the intended audience.

Overcoming Objections and Doubts

These questions can tackle the typical objections and uncertainties that potential customers might raise. By showcasing genuine answers, businesses can effectively address worries and doubts.

Personal Connection and Emotional Appeal

Frequently, it triggers emotional reactions. When potential customers find a connection with the shared experiences of others, it enhances the likelihood of establishing a personal bond with the brand.

Improving Products and Services

Feedback from testimonials offers valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of products or services. This input can be utilized to implement essential improvements and enhancements.

Positive Impact on Conversions

Testimonials hold a direct influence over conversion rates. Favorable testimonials can sway potential customers to complete a purchase, subscribe to a service, or take other desired actions.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Satisfied customers who provide testimonials can become brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth about the brand to their social circles.

Reinforcing Brand Reputation

Consistent and positive testimonials contribute to building a strong brand reputation. A well-regarded brand can attract more customers and retain existing customers.

Differentiation From Competitors

Distinctive and captivating testimonials set a brand apart from its competitors. These testimonials showcase the brand’s unique strengths and establish it as a favored option within the market.

Testimonial Questions With Example

A testimonial crafted by a satisfied and thriving customer, whether in written, visual, or video form, can potentially generate leads. There are several ways to ask a customer for a testimonial.

Here are a few examples of such questions that can be utilized across different situations.

Testimonial Questions for Emails

Sending emails is an effective method to promptly request testimonials from numerous customers. You can gather feedback from clients by providing a link to the testimonial page where they can share text, photos, or videos.

By automating your emails, you can save time and effortlessly reach out to all your satisfied customers. Here are some examples of testimonial questions you can ask:

  • When did you first hear about us?
  • How was your experience using our product or service?
  • What did you like most about the sales and marketing teams?
  • How would you describe our product or service to someone else?
  • Is there anything else you want people to know about our product or service?

Video Testimonial Questions

Lately, video testimonials have emerged as a highly effective strategy for encouraging purchases. Incorporating a video onto your landing page could potentially enhance your conversion rate and boost your credibility.

These days, crafting an engaging testimonial through video is not overly challenging. To assist you in creating an enticing video testimonial, here are some sample questions you can pose to other potential customers.

  • Why did you think our product or service was a good idea?
  • How has our product changed your daily workflow?
  • Did you face any problems or issues with our product or service? If so, how did our team help?
  • How has the product affected your business?
  • Do you think that our product or service helped you reach your goal? If yes, how?

Interview Testimonial Questions

Certain businesses gather testimonials directly from clients during face-to-face interactions. If you or your client are unsure about what to include, conducting an interview can be a great approach for acquiring a customer testimonial.

These questions maintain a relaxed tone while outlining how other customers can gain from your business. While you might be familiar with the answers to some questions, reiterating them for the testimonial is a valuable practice.

  • What are the issues that led you to seek out our product or service?
  • When you bought our product or service, what happened?
  • Which parts did you like the most about our product or service and why?
  • Would you tell your friends about us?
  • Do you have anything further you’d like to address?

Fast and Easy Testimonial Questions

Even if you or your customer have limited time for an extensive interview, you can still create a compelling testimonial within a short span. This could take the form of a quick phone call, a brief video chat, or an in-person discussion. To ensure you gather valuable information, think about using the following sample questions during such interactions.

  • What made you use our product or service?
  • When did you start using our product?
  • What’s your favorite part of our product?
  • What are your thoughts about our product or service?
  • Why did you pick our product or service?
  • How likely are you to tell others about our product or service on a scale from 1 to 10?


Testimonials serve as a powerful illustration of how storytelling can boost sales. If your marketing and sales materials struggle to captivate potential customers, testimonials can step in to provide assistance.

Inform your consumers about the advantages your product or service brings to them. Utilizing testimonial questions can uncover answers that showcase the quality of your product. Whether you have a short span of a few minutes or a more extended timeframe, these questions can aid in retaining customers and fostering the growth of your business.

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