10 Best Coursera Online Courses and Certifications to get a Job Abroad

Top Coursera Online Courses: I bring you special greeting today from coursera online classroom. If you’re hunting for the best Coursera classes, certifications exams, or specialisations to take this year, you’ve come to the right spot. With this certifications, you can get a job fast. Therefore, I’ve shared the best Coursera courses to learn Python, Software Development, and Cloud Computing in the past few posts, and today I’ll share the best Coursera courses, specialisations, and certifications you can take this year.

Taking online courses and certifications has become a must for becoming a technical and good career, and the procedure is similar to a college education in that you can sit at home and take lectures, watch videos, and pass quizzes to become formally accredited, and Coursera is the best forum for learning online.

Coursera’s biggest feature is that it offers training courses from major universities around the country, including Yale, John Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, and the University of Illinois. If that wasn’t enough, it also offers classes from some of the world’s most prestigious engineering firms, including IBM, Google, and Amazon.

The Coursera site is an online learning network designed to exchange knowledge around the world, especially for those who cannot afford the high costs of top colleges and higher education. Generally, Coursera allows you to stay at home and take courses for free or pay to get the degree. See some other posts below.

Free Coursera Online Courses

This post will introduce you to the most well-known and best Coursera classes, certifications, and specialisations that are in high demand today, such as deep learning, computer science, and cloud computing, and all you have to do is watch tutorials and pass exams to become accredited.

Top 10 Coursera Courses, Specialization, and Certification

Here is Coursera’s list of the best online classes, certifications, and specialisations without wasting any more of your time. There are fantastic tools for learning Python, Data Science, Amazon Web Services, IT Support, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Google Cloud Platform.

Reputable institutions, such as the University of Michigan, and the world’s largest tech giants, such as Google, IBM, and Amazon, developed and supply them.

1. Python for Everybody

The most popular online course to learn python begins with a history of computers and programming languages, then moves on to studying python’s data structures, such as variables, before using what you’ve learned to build projects like web scraping and interacting with SQL databases. You can see some SQL Courses here.

Python for Everybody
Python for Everybody

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2. Google IT Automation with Python

Another excellent course from Google teaches you how to use python to simplify your tedious operations, beginning with a crash course in the language and progressing. You can use the for learning how to communicate with the operating system, troubleshooting, and cloud setup using Git and Github.

Google IT Automation with Python
Google IT Automation with Python

3. IBM Data Science

Perhaps the easiest and most detailed course for beginners to study data science, beginning with some fundamental principles and progressing to the Python programming language. This includes how to use it to work with SQL databases, data processing and visualisation, and machine learning, before concluding with a capstone thesis.

IBM Data Science - Coursera online courses
IBM Data Science

4. AWS Fundamentals

If you want to understand the AWS basics, this training course is for you. They will frequently show you the core infrastructure. Then you will fix security risks and secure your application, then migrate to the AWS cloud. Eventually create serverless applications and learn the architecture, among other things.

AWS Fundamentals - Coursera online courses
AWS Fundamentals

5. Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud

Personally, I will say this is a great course for moderate IT professionals who want to work in the Google cloud. You’ll hear about the Google cloud platform and services, as well as compute engine networking subnetworks and how to build and implement solution components, with an exam at the end.

Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud
Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud

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6. Deep Learning

Seriously, one of the best training courses for learning deep learning with Python begins with learning about neural networks and how to construct basic ones. If you complete it, then you moves on to learning about optimising the models and machine learning algorithms. You have to finish that before going on to creating a convolutional neural network for object recognition and natural language processing.

Deep Learning - Coursera online courses
Deep Learning

7. Natural Language Processing

This is an excellent course for studying natural language processing. Sincerely, it is a deep learning topic that begins with sentiment analysis using logistic regression. After that, you progress to probabilistic models, sequence models, and recurrent neural networks. Finally to translating languages using attention models.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

8. AI For Everyone

This course is designed for non-technical individuals who wish to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their companies. You can learn the vocabulary of AI, as well as what features this system has and how it will fix your company’s problems. You will also learn about use cases and the change that AI will bring to the world.

AI For Everyone - Coursera online courses
AI For Everyone

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9. Machine Learning

The most detailed course on machine learning covers almost every area of the research. It begins with the philosophy of the field and certain linear models such as linear and logistic regression. It also includes progressing to neural networks as well as unsupervised learning. In addition, you can use it to develop projects such as recommender systems.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

10. Google IT Support Professional

This is the best training course offered by Google for beginners who are looking for a job in the IT industry, beginning with computer hardware and software, networking, and going on to operating systems such as Linux and their filesystems, encryption, and more.

Google IT Support Professional - Coursera online courses
Google IT Support Professional


I believe that’s all you need to know about the right Coursera courses and certifications for 2021. This are also the best courses to take if you choose to pursue a technical career in the IT field, whether as a cloud engineer or a python developer, or just for the sake of learning new things. Coursera.com

Register Courses for this Year

If you want to enrol in several Coursera courses or specialisations, consider purchasing a Coursera Plus membership, which gives you unrestricted access to the site’s most common courses, specialisations, technical certificates, and led projects. It costs around $399 a year, but it’s well worth it because you get lifetime certificates.

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