5 Major Competitors of Home Depot Store in Canada and USA

These are the 5 major competitors of Home Depot in America and Canada. Theses similar companies are alternatives of homedepot.com. Who is Home Depot’s biggest competitor? If you are conversant with home improvement retailers, then I’m sure you are aware of Home Depot. And if you are new to this sector, don’t panic, we will walk you through safely.

Home Depot has remained one of the largest home improvement giants running businesses in the United States for years with over 2,200 locations nationwide.

You might be wondering why this business mogul is making it big in their field; does it mean they don’t have competitors?

Well it’s natural to wonder who Home Depot’s biggest competitor is. However, we have made a research to tackle this query and to give you what you deserve to know.

Who is Home Depot’s Biggest Competitor?

We have made research to tackle this query and to give you what you deserve to know.

1. Lowe: Home Depot Biggest Competitor:

Lowe is a popular company in the US. The brand Lowe is one of the biggest stores in the US and it is known as the second-largest home improvement retailer with over 1,700 stores.

With the type of business they offer, they stand to be a strong competitor to Home Depot.

Lowe’s also deals in all kinds of Home improvement products such as building materials, tools, and home decorations.

This company has a strong online service that allows its customers to make purchases conveniently from any part of the world.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s Might has a smaller footprint than Home Depot but still stands as a threat in the home improvement sector.

2. Menards: Home Depot Biggest Competitor

Menards is a top competitor in the home improvement sector. This company is a Midwestern home improvement tycoon with about 300 stores in 14 United States.

Menards deals in all kinds of products such as lumber, tools, appliances, and home decoration. One of the things Menard is known for is their unique price.

The firm also sell at a very low price. The company frequently offers sales and rebates to help customers save money on their home improvement projects.

Menards may not be as popular as Home Depot or Lowe’s but still, stand as a threat to Home Depot’s dominance in certain regions of the country.

3. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is also a close rival to Home Depot but this time with a slightly different business network.

This firm is a cooperative which means they are a local business owner and operated individually in different locations. However, it is still listed as one of home depot competitors.

Ace Hardware is the largest hardware cooperative in the world, which has nothing less than 5,000 locations globally.

However, it gives outstanding customer service, and its stores have good ambience and very smart employees.

Although Ace might not have as many goods as Home Depot or Lowe’s, its individualized service lays emphasis on the local community making it a formidable rival in the home improvement sector.

4. Amazon

You cannot mention all the big business names in the United States and leave out Amazon.

Amazon is among the list of home depot’s biggest competitor at the moment. They also allow customers to buy goods online and in-store.

Although Amazon is not a home improvement retailer in the traditional sense, the has been making inroads into the sector using Amazon Home Services and Amazon Business programs.

Amazon Home Services allows customers to buy home improvement products such as electrical work, and furniture assembly.

While Amazon Business offers discounted pricing on bulk orders of home improvement supplies.

Amazon is not yet a major player in the home improvement industry, its superiority makes it a potential threat to Home Depot and other retailers.

Home Depot’s biggest competitor is a matter of perspective.

You should understand that the companies mentioned above stand as a big threat to home depot.

5. Walmart

Walmart is a really big store that sells lots of different things. It’s the largest store of its kind in the world, with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries and more than 2.2 million employees. In one year, Walmart made $559 billion.

Home Depot is another store that sells things for your home, like decorations, furniture, appliances, and tools. Both Walmart and Home Depot try to offer low prices by working closely with suppliers to get bigger discounts than their competitors.

Few years ago, Home Depot’s value on the stock market became higher than Walmart’s for the first time. While Home Depot has made great progress, Walmart’s wide range of products means it can keep growing in the long run. Walmart is a tough competitor for Home Depot.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, there is need for Home Depot to continue upgrading its business strategy and its customer service to remain on top of the table and to continue dominating its niche. If they are able to do this, they will be able to beat other competitors of home depot.

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