Coursera Online Learning School | Free & Paid Classes – Free & Paid Online Learning school Platform. Coursera is a global online learning network that provides anybody, anywhere with access to online courses and degrees from top universities and businesses. Simply Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions. Its for For University and College students too. All you have to do is access their Popular Free Courses.

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng created Coursera in 2012 with the aim of offering life-changing learning opportunities to people all over the world. As a matter of fact, Coursera is now a global online learning network that provides anybody, anywhere with access to online courses and degrees from top universities and businesses. – Choose a Course

The popular Coursera is used by 77 million students, 100 Fortune 500 firms, and over 6,000 colleges, corporations, and governments. They use it to access world-class learning at any time and from any place.

The official Coursera website states that they envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their life through learning. They are serving the world through learning.

Coursera collaborates with over 200 leading universities and businesses to provide individuals and organizations around the world with flexible, affordable, and job-relevant online learning. From hands-on projects and workshops to job-ready certificates and degree programs, we deliver a wide variety of learning experiences.

Coursera partners - Coursera Online Learning
Coursera partners Believes that;

Learning, we believe, is the root of human development.

It has the ability to change our planet from sickness to health, from suffering to prosperity, and from war to peace.

It has the potential to change our lives, our families’ lives, and our communities’ lives.

Learning allows us to adapt, evolve, and redefine what is possible, regardless of who we are or where we are.
As a result, having access to the best education is a right, not a privilege.

That is why Coursera exists.
We collaborate with the best organisations to offer the best education to people all over the world.

So that everybody, everywhere, has the ability to change their lives through education.

You can join the Coursera global community of progress makers and start learning today!

Coursera Founders

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, co-founders, Coursera | Jason King, manager, corporate strategy, Coursera | Wafa’ B, learner, Coursera. Learn more.

How Coursera Work

This online school is a World-Class Learning center for Anyone, Anywhere. As can be seen above, Coursera partners with more than 200 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide.


Users can learn from experts at 200+ leading universities and companies. You can even earn recognized credentials from leading universities and companies to achieve your goals.


Students can Explore hundreds of free courses or get started with a free trial. Everyone has the opportunity to earn a university degree and enjoy high-quality curriculumaffordable pricing, and flexible scheduling.


Interested students can get on-demand lectures for desktop and mobile—on their schedule. That mean that you can simply choose from free courses, hands-on projects, certificate programs, and stackable credentials etc.


Move your career to the next level. Therefore, you can master essential career skills based on comprehensive skills data. Also, you can build personal and professional skills with applied learning.

Achieve your goals on Coursera

Quickly learn job skills and industry tools

  • Choose: Guided Projects
  • Average time commitment: 1-2 hours
  • Cost starting at $9.99

Gain new knowledge

  • Choose: Courses
  • Average time commitment: 4-12 hours
  • Cost starting at Free

Master a specific skill

  • Choose: Specializations
  • Average time commitment: 1-3 months
  • Cost starting at $39 USD per month

Get job-ready for an in-demand career

  • Choose: Professional Certificates
  • Average time commitment: 1-6 months
  • Cost starting at $39 USD per month

Earn a university-issued certificate and credit towards a degree

  • Choose: Degrees
  • Average time commitment: 2-4 years
  • Cost starting at $9,000 USD

Get limitless learning opportunities.

With a Coursera Plus subscription, you can save money on your education. For one all-inclusive offer, get unlimited access to 3,000+ classes, Guided Projects, Specializations, and Professional Certificates.

Bring Coursera into your business.

Get access to top-tier content and qualifications from prestigious colleges and businesses. Encourage workers to build transformative skills, teach students in-demand job skills, and train people for the workforce.

Coursera for Business

Coursera for Business is a game-changing skill learning platform that equips the employees with the high-impact skills that fuel creativity, competitiveness, and growth.

You can do the following with Coursera for Business:

  1. Expert-curated, AI-driven learning programs will provide transformative learning.
  2. To accelerate skill acquisition, allow for hands-on learning.
  3. Keep track of your ability growth and compare your abilities to those of your colleagues in the industry.

Coursera for Campus

Coursera for Campus enables every university to provide students, faculty, and staff with job-relevant, credit-ready* online education.

Note that you can do the following with Coursera for Campus:

  1. Teach in-demand skills for high-growth fields to increase student employability.
  2. With Directed Projects, programming tasks, and in-course assessments—online, offline, and on mobile—help students master job-ready skills.
  3. Thirdly, they allow professors to develop assignments, tests, and courses that are specific to the needs of their students.

* Credit eligibility determined by your institution. Popular Free Courses.

Coursera for Government

Coursera for Government assists governments and organisations in providing in-demand skills and career paths for the entire population, as well as implementing national-scale learning programs.

You may use Coursera for Government to:

  1. Create locally appropriate career paths and link students with employers in the area.
  2. Secondly, author content to build your own recruiting ecosystem.
  3. Lastly, you can get the employees job-ready by upskilling and reskilling them.

Increasing access to world-class education

In summary, Coursera collaborates with 140 international partners to offer free education to tens of thousands of refugees.

According to them, they will continue to launch new services with our increasing network of partner organizations to support veterans. Its for the formerly incarcerated, and the educationally underserved gain access to learning.

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