Emails are not Arriving my Inbox – Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft from We Transfer

My Emails are not Arriving my Inbox – Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft from We Transfer. Emails not being delivered to my INBOX – Microsoft Community for WeTransfer Login problems and solutions. In this article, we will address How to Troubleshoot Problems Receiving Email from Wetransfer.

NB: If you need to send a transfer quickly using WeTransfer, keep in mind that link transfers don’t require emails to work. Therefore, you can exchange a link transfer in whatever way you want.

We transfer email provider, Sendgrid, experienced a service outage yesterday evening that lasted all night, which may have hampered the timely delivery of our emails and caused some delays. On their Status page, you will learn more about this. View WeTransfer Desktops Troubleshooting solutions.

According to them, this problem should now be fixed. But Outlook or Microsoft inboxes, domains, and email addresses are still affected. So, if Wetransfer emails are still not arriving in your inbox as at this time, keep reading.

Wetransfer Email Problems

First and foremost! We transfer mailing email address,, should be added to your trusted contact list. They have written an article that will walk you through the following steps with illustrations:

If you’re still having trouble finding Wetransfer emails and you’re using Microsoft services for email, such as Office365 or Outlook, it’s likely that they’re being quarantined as a result of this issue.

Please read this Microsoft post for troubleshooting measures on how to receive all email if you’re using Microsoft services.

Things To Check If A Recipient Does Not Receive Your Email

The main thing to also check if you are not recieving emails is your email address. Simply confirm if your email address is correct. Then you can move to other methods for solution.

On the other hand, we’re happy to assist you if you’re either having problems receiving We transfer emails. We are always here to help if you have any additional concerns. Simply fill out the subscription form below and we’ll make sure to give you updates regularly! With that we can solve Emails are not Arriving my Inbox. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft from We Transfer.

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