How to Prevent Remote Access to Your Mobile Phone

How to prevent and protect remote access to your phone If you suspect that your smartphone has is hacked is the focus of this post today. If you notice this, it is very important to act fast and install security measures.

If you do not want someone to access your phone without your knowledge you have to secure it immediately. You have to ensure you do a factory reset as soon as possible.

But in any case, where you do not buy that idea, then you can try the following options below:

Remove any Suspicious Programs From Your Device.

To protect or prevent remote access to your phone , do well to search for apps on your phone that you did not install and make sure you uninstall them.

Although, this can help you a lot, this suggestion is not in any way a guarantee complete resolution of the issue at hand.

Install an antivirus on your Mobile Device to Prevent Remote Access

This tool can effectively identify any malicious software or processes that might be lurking on your smartphone, and it provides you with the means to protect your device from potential hacker attacks in the future. It will greatly help to prevent any remote access to your mobile device.

Make Sure to Inform Your Contacts About the Situation.

When you suspect any form of hack into your device, do well to inform your contacts of the issue. This will help alert them incase the hacker tries to reach them fraudulently.

However, it is advisable to inform them not to engage with any suspicious messages or phone calls that comes form your phone number to prevent them from any potential issues.

Effect Changes to Your Passwords to Prevent Remote Access

However, after you have put together all the necessary security measures to prevent remote access to your mobile phone, it is important to change your account passwords.

This involves changing your phone’s passcode and updating the passwords for your social media accounts, Apple ID or Google accounts, email, and internet banking.

However, make sure the new passwords are strong, hard-to-guess and difficult to suggest.

How to Stop Someone from Hacking Your Phone?

Securing your data and information on any of your devices is solely your responsibility. This is because carelessness can cost you a lot of time and put you at serious risk. You can also find out, How to Prevent Fraud on Credit Card with Identity Theft Detection.

Therefore, to protect you phone from remote access by a hacker, you will have to follow these simple steps I will show you below:

  • Secure your phone by creating a strong lock password on the screen. You can also enable other security features like Touch ID or Face ID if available on your device.
  • When you are not using mobile data or Wi-Fi, always turn them off. This helps prevent potential hacking and damage to your data.
  • When you are in a crowd, turn off your hotspot. When your device’s hotspot is active, it can make it easier for a hacker to gain access. However, if you choose to use this feature, make sure your password is strong.
  • Activate a two-factor authentication for extra security. This extra layer of protection ensures that it is only you that can access your apps.
  • Be very cautious, when you see questionable links. Try to not click on links that you are not sure of, especially, if they arrive in text messages from friends, as a virus can be a part of the link.
  • Avoid shortcuts and hacks on your phone, as this can increase the risk of it being hacked in the future.

What to do if You Mistakenly Click on an Unknown Link

Now let’s say you mistakenly grant remote access to your or clicked a phishing link on your mobile phone, read and do the following to get rid of it immediately:

  • Firstly, make sure you disconnect your device from the internet. This step prevents the virus from spreading to other apps and features on your phone
  • In a situation where you are using a PC or laptop, simply disconnect your internet connection.
  • When you tap or open a phishing link, malware gets downloaded automatically.
  • Sometimes, these harmful links may likely take you to a bad website or app run by hackers, aiming to steal your data or infect your mobile phone.

How to Stop Someone from Mirroring Your iPhone or Android to Prevent Remote Access

If you in any way, suspect that someone is secretly spying on your device, pay attention to unusual behavior your phone exhibits.

This guide will walk you through the steps to prevent someone from mirroring and spying on your iPhone or Android device, this can also help you prevent remote access to your mobile device.

However if the inevitable has happened already, do well to follow these simple and easy steps I will show you below:

  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to disconnect AirPlay or Screen Mirroring.
  • For virus infections, delete any suspicious third-party apps, update your software, and avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  • Change your passcode regularly, and consider using a trusted antivirus app on your mobile phone.


In today’s digital world, keeping our personal info and privacy safe is really important. To do this, we must always watch out for any strange happenings on our devices and take immediate security precautions to protect them.

It does not matter if you have an iPhone or Android, the steps I talked about here will definitely help you keep your online stuff private.

Also remember, staying smart and doing good online safety stuff is how you stay safe and keep your information private.

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