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These are my personal choice of Courses to Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloud Computing for Beginners — Best and Free. Top 12 Courses to Learn Amazon Web Service (AWS). 200+ Amazon Web Services (AWS) Courses [2022]. Learn for free.

Greeting to all my blog readers! You’ve come to the right spot if you want to study Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, and are searching for outstanding opportunities such as books, classes, and tutorials.

I’ll share some of the best Amazon Web Services (AWS) courses in this post, which will help you master this innovative and useful technology for free.

Unlike many other free courses available on the internet, these are legitimate free AWS courses that have been made available for advertising and instructional purposes by their authors and teachers.

You just need to sign up with them, and then you can practise AWS wherever, whenever, and on your own time.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the AWS domain or Cloud, allow me to provide a quick rundown of Amazon Web Services and its advantages over standard infrastructure setup.

What is AWS? The Benefits Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service provider. It’s a game-changing improvement because it helps you to create an app without having to think about the hardware, network, servers, or other physical resources required to run it.

If you want to build an online application for your business, for example, you’ll need a lot of servers, databases, and other resources.

To get started, you’ll need to rent a data centre, purchase computers, routers, databases, and other products, which is a hassle and a significant barrier for many entrepreneurs. AWS fixes this challenge by letting you rent their networks and computers for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Amazon has developed a number of data centres around the globe to serve its main industry, which is the E-Commerce business that runs, and AWS is the result of that.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps Amazon to monetize its vast infrastructure by contracting it out to individuals and businesses that need it.

It gave rise to the phenomenon of Infrastructure as a Service, so you just have to pay for the infrastructure you use.


For example, if you set up your own data centre and buy 10 servers and 10 databases but only use 5 of them, the remaining servers and databases are a waste of resources and maintenance costs. You will easily get rid of them using Amazon Web Service.

Similarly, if you host your application in the cloud, such as on Amazon Web Service, you will scale up easily.

If you see that your traffic is the, you can easily order new servers and get the new networks up and running in hours, rather than days or months as in the conventional approach.

You really don’t need to employ UNIX administrators, Database administrators, Network administrators, Storage administrators, and so on; Amazon does all of it, and since it does it on a large scale, it can do the same service at a much cheaper cost.

In a nutshell, Amazon Web Service is the forerunner to the Cloud, and enables you to launch your company online without having to think about the technology and software that supports it.

Top 10 Courses to Learn Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Now that we know what Amazon Web Service is and what opportunities it has in terms of infrastructure as a service, it’s time to dig further into the various Amazon services, which is where these courses can come in handy.

If you want to learn more about AWS and Cloud in general, or if you’re training for AWS certifications like AWS Solutions Architect, AWS SysOps Admin, or AWS Developer, these courses are for you (associate). These courses will assist you in getting started in the wonderful world of AWS.

However, if you are studying for the AWS Solution Architect test, I strongly advise you to enrol in Cloud Guru Ryan Kroonenburg’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate courses on Udemy, which is one of the best courses on AWS. It isn’t free, but it is well worth your investment.

 AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate 2021
AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate 2021

Okay, here’s a list of free online courses for learning Amazon Web Service, or AWS.

1. AWS — Learning and Implementing Amazon Web Services Solution

This is one of the best free classes for learning Amazon Web Service. It is based on the concept of learning by doing and using real-life situations, which is reflected in their course.

This is a short course with only 2 hours of content, but it is jam-packed with information. Dhruv Bias, the coach, is still serious, whether he’s talking or tossing.

Even just skimming through the preview chapter will teach you a lot about what AWS is, what problems it fixes, what rewards it provides, and why you should learn it.

Amazon Web Services — Learning and Implementing AWS Solution
Amazon Web Services — Learning and Implementing AWS Solution

The course is split into five parts; the first section provides an overview of AWS, while the other sections concentrate on various Amazon Web Service offerings such as Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon AWS EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), and Databases such as AWS DynamoDB or RDB.

Ultimately, a fantastic free course for learning about AWS and its various programmes. I strongly advise any programmer interested in learning about cloud computing and Amazon Web Services to take this course (AWS).

By the way, I also recommend Cloud Guru Ryan’s AWS qualification course if you’re studying for the Amazon Web Service Solution Architect test (code SAA- C01).

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Concepts

This is yet another fantastic online Udemy course for learning Amazon Web Service. It’s from LinuxAcademy, and Thomas Haslet is the mentor.

AWS Concepts and AWS Essentials are the two courses that make up the programme.
This is the first part of a two-part series; the next course, which is also free, is the second part. Instructor Thomas Haslet, who is also a licenced AWS creator, will teach you the fundamentals of cloud computing and Amazon Web Service in this course.

He holds all three AWS associate level certifications, including;

  1. AWS Solutions Architect (associate)
  2. AWS SysOps Admin (associate)
  3. New AWS Developer (associate)

As a matter of fact, this course is designed for complete beginners who have never heard of the cloud or AWS. But, at least they should understand what hardware, server, and database are and why they are needed. You can not only learn important topics but also expand your vocabulary in this course.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Concepts
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Concepts

In this class, all of your simple AWS questions, such as “What is Cloud?” will be answered. 1. What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 2. What exactly are AWS Core Services? 3. What are the advantages of AWS? 4. Why would you like to do it? Answers are available.

Or a nutshell, if you’re new to the cloud, this is the path for you. You’ll hear about VPC, EC2, S3, RDS, and other Cloud terms in plain English, and if you’re studying for AWS certifications like Solution architect associate level one, I also suggest checking out Whizlab’s AWS Solution Architect Practice Test + Course, as well as Ryan’s course, as both are extremely helpful in passing this prestigious exam.

3. AWS Essentials

This is the second instalment of LinuxAcademy’s free AWS courses on Udemy. If you haven’t read the first chapter, AWS Concepts, you can do so before enrolling in this course, but it isn’t needed.

This course delves into AWS Core Services in greater depth than the previous one. It also includes a substantial amount of material, with about 50 lectures discussing various cloud and AWS topics.

Each part of the course covers a different AWS definition, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Database, Simple Notification Service (SNS), Auto Scaling, Route 53, and Serverless Lambdas.

In a summary, this is one of the most rigors AWS courses available, and it’s also free. More than 70 thousand students have already enrolled in this course and are studying AWS, and I would strongly recommend it to those involved in cloud computing and AWS.

AWS Essentials
AWS Essentials

4. Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Complete Introduction

This is yet another helpful and exciting free AWS course on Udemy that you will enjoy taking. Mike Chambers, an early adopter of cloud and AWS, discusses the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services in this course.

The course is also very hands-on; you’ll begin by signing up for AWS, making an account, and then controlling AWS using the command-line interface.

Also, you’ll also learn how to use the AWS console, build Windows and Linux servers, and design a WordPress website in 5 minutes, demonstrating how to use the cloud to meet your database, browser, and storage needs.

In the light of this, you’ll also learn how to build a basic AWS serverless framework in this course.

The course covers not only AWS technologies and vocabulary, but also the fundamentals of cloud computing, such as the real concept of cloud computing and how AWS integrates with the cloud paradigm. You’ll even get some actual photos to help you figure out where AWS is in the world.

But, most importantly, you can gain practical experience with key AWS services such as

  1. AWS S3 — Amazon Simple Storage Service
  2. Amazon Lambda — Function as a Service
  3. AWS EC2 — AWS Elastic Simple Computer Service

In a description, one of the best online courses for learning the fundamentals of Amazon Web Service and Cloud Computing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloud Computing Courses 2021 for Beginners — Best and Free
Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Complete Introduction

5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) — Zero to Hero

This is a simple, hands-on AWS course that will show you how to execute a basic task using the AWS gui. You can learn how to launch a WordPress website using the Amazon EC2 service in just 2 hours.

You’ll also learn how to build a NodeJS-based web application, send an email with AWS SES, upload a file to AWS S3, Amazon’s cloud storage service, and create and bind to an AWS relational database server.

In short, if you want to use AWS to host your application or learn how to use cloud to host your application, this is a perfect course to take, and it’s free.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) — Zero to Hero
Amazon Web Services (AWS) — Zero to Hero

6. AWS for Startups (FREE 4-hrs Video Course)

Andrew Brown of has created a free AWS course. This is a course for early-stage entrepreneurs and individuals who want to learn how to use AWS in a realistic way rather than simply getting an AWS certification!

It goes over certain AWS Services that are mostly overlooked but are very useful. You’ll learn how to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a step-by-step tutorial for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to use AWS. You’ll learn how to set up an AWS account, deploy an interface, budget scale apps, and many more!

It’s absolutely free, and you can watch it on the freeCodeCamp channel on YouTube:

AWS for Startups (FREE 4-hrs Video Course)
AWS for Startups (FREE 4-hrs Video Course)

7. The FREE AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Study Course (275+ Videos!)

Andrew Brown has created yet another free AWS course to help you train for the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam, but you can also use it to learn more about AWS.

This AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Study Course is planned to assist you in passing the exam. It was recorded at the end of last year, but if you’re studying in this year, you should definitely use this course.

Many of the videos are part of a YouTube playlist of over 275 videos.

8. The Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Course (85+ Videos!)

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner could be a good place to start if you want to start gaining developer certifications, and this free course will help you get there.

To begin with, it isn’t overly scientific. You don’t need to know how to code to receive this credential. You should have some basic IT expertise and “six months of experience with the AWS Cloud in every capacity, including technological, managerial, sales, buying, or financial,” according to the official certification summary.

However, if you watch this course on your own machine and follow along, you should be fine. The majority of the main topics will be thoroughly explained in this course.

This is, once again, absolutely free, and you can watch it on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

8. AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native

This is a great course for learning AWS Basics and Cloud Computing Fundamentals, with an emphasis on creating Cloud-Native applications. It will teach you about AWS core programmes and infrastructure, and the best part is that it is provided by AWS.

You’ll learn how the AWS cloud architecture is designed, as well as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Lightsail compute resources, in this hands-on course with a demonstration. Secondly, you’ll also learn about AWS networking, such as how to set up an Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) and the various cloud storage services available, such as Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic File Service (EFS).

Furthermore, you’ll hear about AWS Database resources like Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon DynomoDB later in the lesson. Your mentors will also show you how to use Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling to track and scale your application on AWS.

Finally, you’ll hear about AWS encryption and how to control costs by using the cloud platform. While we’re on the subject of pricing, this is a Coursera free-to-audit course, which means it’s free to study but you’ll have to pay if you want a credential or pass to quizzes and tests.

AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native
AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native

10. AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud

This four-week course focuses on migrating workloads to Amazon Web Services. You’ll concentrate on evaluating your existing climate, organising your relocation, and the actual migration measures, as well as AWS resources that are widely used during migrations.

Hands-on laboratories are also available, but they are not needed for this course. Only paying enrolled students have access to the laboratories. This course can be audited without the laboratories.

If you’re new to AWS, we recommend enrolling in Coursera’s “AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native” tutorial, which will give you an overview of the platform’s principles and services.

And, if you find Coursera courses helpful, which you should because they are developed by reputable organisations and universities all over the world, I recommend signing up for Coursera Plus, a subscription package that allows you unlimited access to Coursera’s most common courses, specialisations, technical certificates, and guided projects. It costs about $399 a year, but it’s well worth it because you get lifetime certificates.

AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud
AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud

11. Learn the A to Z of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is an immersive course that covers the core AWS services such as compute, storage, and networking, as well as how they communicate with other AWS services such as Identity, Mobile, Routing, and Security.

This course was created by three AWS Solution Certified Architects with a cumulative 17 years of industry experience. We strive to provide you with just the right amount of information.

If you are unfamiliar with Educative, it is an online learning site that is gaining popularity for its text-based, immersive learning courses. Reading takes less time than watching videos, so if you prefer reading to watching videos, this is the website for you.

Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions and Grokking the Machine Design Interview are two of the best courses for preparing for coding interviews.

It also has a number of free tools, such as this free JavaScript tutorial, that can be used to learn important technology. You can register for this course for free, but if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend purchasing the platform’s subscription, which costs $18 (50 percent off right now) a month and is well worth it for programmers and software engineers who need to keep learning.

Learn the A to Z of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Learn the A to Z of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

12. The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter

This is one of the best online classes for learning realistic AWS. This course was written by a retired Amazon engineer with 15 years of AWS experience.

This isn’t the usual AWS training course. Some of the information shared here isn’t included in the AWS documentation. The goal is to help you figure out which AWS features you can use because they’ve stood the test of time by being at the heart of almost everything on the Internet.

In this course, you’ll learn a strategy for making reliable technical decisions without being paralysed by the sheer number of options available. You’ll begin by learning about AWS’s most basic resources, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In this course, you’ll master the strategy for making reliable technical decisions without being paralysed by the sheer number of options available. You’ll begin by learning about the most basic AWS services, such as DynamoDB, S3, and EC2. Each segment delves into how it’s used, the advantages and disadvantages, whether you should (or shouldn’t) use it, and more.

The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter
The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter

How to Join the Course

To join this course, you can either purchase it or sign up for an Educative membership. If you ask me, I recommend getting the Educative Subscription, which costs $17 a month (50 percent off right now) and is well worth it for programmers and software engineers who need to keep learning. Thank you to The Educative Team for creating this fantastic course.

This course is also available as an e-Book on Gumroad; if you choose to read books, The Good Parts of AWS eBook is another choice. If you purchase the book through this account, you will receive a 20% discount.

 The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter
The Good Parts of AWS: Cutting Through the Clutter

That concludes a list of some of the best and most affordable courses for learning Amazon Web Services, or AWS. These are completely free courses on Udemy, but keep in mind that instructors can turn their free courses to paid courses if they meet their promotional goals.

This means you can review the course’s price before enrolling, and if possible, enrol early to get the course for free. If you’ve enrolled in the course, it’s yours to keep for ever, and you can practise whenever and from anywhere you want.

Even if I am not planning to study AWS at this time, I usually enrol in the course right away. This way, I’ll have access to the course and can begin studying if I have some free time or a change in priorities.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Please share these AWS courses with your friends and colleagues if you find them useful. Please contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions. Top Amazon AWS Courses Online – Updated – Udemy.

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P. S. — If you’re studying for the AWS Solution Architect — Associate Exam (SAA-C01), I highly advise you to take Cloud Guru Ryan Kroonenburg’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate course on Udemy. It isn’t easy, but it is well worth the cost. We wish you the best. Stay safe.

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