5 Best Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers

5 Best Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers. Security is one of the most critical features of any modern web application, whether it’s written in Java,.NET, or any other web technology. Spring Stability is the security king of the Java universe. It’s one of the few systems that has several security features out of the box, such as authentication, permission, session control, remember me, and other helpful features.

Since Spring security has no competitors and does a great job, it quickly becomes the de-facto norm for applying security in Java web applications, REST APIs, and core Java applications. The growth of the Spring system has undoubtedly aided it in securing its place. Download AWS Partners Training and Certification – Free Videos.

Theses days, one of the most valuable skills for seasoned Java developers is Spring security. In many situations, it is the deciding factor between two Java web developers with similar skills and experience.

Given the value of protection and the widespread adoption of Spring security, many Java developers are studying this useful platform, but it’s not fast.

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A suitable book or an outstanding online training course will help you spend a fair amount of time understanding both Security and how to execute certain elements using the Spring security system.

I had to teach myself Spring Security, which took a lot longer than I expected. I have personally had many information holes as a result of my lack of thoroughness as well as process, but those days are long gone.

There are several good Spring security online courses available nowadays, such as Eugen’s Spring Security Masterclass, which teaches you not only the fundamentals but also advanced features of Spring security and how to tailor it to meet your organization’s needs.

Top 5 Online Training Courses to Learn Spring Security

I’m going to share some of the best online Spring security training courses from places like PluralSight, Udemy, and Baeldung in this post.

Spring Security courses are available for both beginners and seasoned Java programmers. Additionally, you may select the classes to improve your skills and fill in the holes in your knowledge based on your familiarity with Spring Security.

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1. Learn Spring Security: The Certification Class by Baeldung

Today, this is my go-to guide for learning about Spring Security. It’s also one of the most intensive and specialised courses available. Eugen Paraschiv, the blogger, shares his real-world experience of using Spring Security to secure REST APIs and Java Web Applications. The great thing about this course is that it is still current.

The tutor ‘Eugen’ is committed to keeping this course up to date, which is why he’s rewriting a few of the sessions to reflect new functionality in the Spring Framework 5 and Spring Security 5 releases.

Learn Spring Security: The Certification Class by Baeldung
Learn Spring Security: The Certification Class by Baeldung

On the downside, the course is a little pricey, and if you’re spending out of pocket (i.e., your employer isn’t funding or reimbursing this course), you could run out of money. But, if you can afford it, this is without a doubt the best course to learn Spring protection in a short amount of time and in great detail.

If cost is a concern, you should also look at a less comprehensive Spring Security MasterClass course, which would be less expensive. Thank me later. Smiles.

2. Spring Security Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Thanks to one of my readers who gave me a Pluralsight annual membership, I first learned about Pluralsight. Because of some high-quality courses, I’ve been hooked on this platform since then.

Bryan Hansen’s Spring Security Fundamental course is one of the Spring series’ courses. Furthermore, you may also be familiar with his Spring Fundamentals and Introduction to Spring MVC courses, which are two of my favourite tools for learning core Spring and Spring MVC.

This tutorial will teach you how to get started with Spring Security. You’ll understand how safe apps work and what risks they pose.

You’ll be gradually applied to key protection principles such as authentication and authorisation.

In this course, you will be gradually introduced to important security principles such as authentication and authorisation, as well as some key Spring security features such as LDAP authentication and Role-based access control.

Spring Security Fundamentals by Pluralsight - Security Online Training Courses
Spring Security Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Pluarsight offers a 10-day free trial, which is more than enough time to complete this course. By the way, Pluarsight’s monthly membership is unquestionably worth any cent if you follow the philosophy of investing at least 5 hours per week learning and upgrading yourself.

3. Java Spring Security by Udemy

Udemy is another excellent online learning site. As a programmer, I’ve discovered a lot about new frameworks and technology through reading books, journals, and online classes, and Udemy has been a huge part of that.

This website has the largest list of online training courses in the world. Whatever you want to read, you will be able to find a course on it. I’ve previously used this site to evaluate the Spring mechanism and Spring Boot.

This is an introductory course to Spring Security, so it’s better for any Java developer who’s just getting started. It will show a Java programmer how to make their web applications more safe.

Java Spring Security by Udemy -Security Online Training Courses
Java Spring Security by Udemy

I’ll show you how to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the secure pages of your Java web application, much as Facebook wants you to log in before you can view your profile page.

The best thing is that no previous Spring Security training is needed, and Udemy is currently offering a 90% discount on this course, meaning you can enrol for only $10 dollar.

4. Learn Spring Security 4 Basics – Hands-On

This is yet another excellent Udemy course on Spring Security. This is the first of two courses that will teach you what you need to know about Spring defence.

This first course provides hands-on practise to help students gain the requisite skills, while the second course, “Learn Spring Security 4 Intermediate – Hands-On,” delves deeper into the topic.

Lastly, this course will teach you some of the fundamentals of Spring Security 4 by hands-on coding. We’ll use a demonstration web app named “Cleaning Service Center” as an example of how we can improve our security layer.

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5. Learn Spring Security 4 Intermediate – Hands-On

This is the second part of the course and focuses on more intermediate and advanced concepts of Spring Security. I suggest you go through the first course before attending this one because you won’t get much if you don’t know the Spring security basics.

You should be able to appreciate much of the problems relevant to Spring Security 4 after completing these two courses.

You’ll totally learn how to tackle different security challenges in web app creation and how to use Spring Security to overcome them.

Learn Spring Security 4 Intermediate - Hands-On-Security Online Training Courses
Learn Spring Security 4 Intermediate – Hands-On


That concludes a list of some of the best Spring Security courses for Java developers. However, I will still do a summary in my next post. These courses will provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to protect and deploy your Java web application in the real world. Security is a key subject, and it is one of those skills that is highly respected even though you are not running your own startup and working with someone else.

In application growth, having a good understanding of Spring protection goes a long way, and you’ll also be rewarded with more job opportunities and pay in the future.

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Finally, I’m saying a big thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you enjoyed these courses, please tell your friends and colleagues about them. Please leave a message if you have any concerns or suggestions.

P. S. – If you choose books to classes, check out my list of Spring Framework Books that seasoned Java developers can read this year. Lastly, the best books on specialised Spring topics like Spring Boot, Microservices, and Spring Cloud are all inclusive. Subscribe for updates. Stay safe. Cheers.

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