Netflix Gift Cards: Why is not Not Available in Your Country?

At present, Netflix gift cards and zip code are unavailable for purchase in some countries. However, if you happen to acquire a Netflix gift card from a different country, you can utilize it as long as you pay for Netflix using the same currency as the gift card.

Simply visit the website, enter your code to get started. You can easily Choose Code or Pin and Redeem from

Do you want to Buy Gift Cards or you need help with gift cards? Follow this guide to get the full gist. To obtain further details, kindly utilize the provided drop-down menu to select the country where the gift card was originally purchased.

Introduction to Netflix Gift Cards

If you’re a usual Netflix user in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt etc and hoping to purchase or redeem a Netflix gift card in your country, we regret to inform you that Netflix gift cards are currently unavailable for purchase within your region.

However, if you happen to acquire a Netflix gift card from a different country or using VPN, there’s good news! You can still utilize it to enhance your Netflix experience. Simply make sure you pay for your Netflix subscription using the same currency as the gift card.

Using Netflix Gift Cards from Different Countries:

Netflix gift cards are a convenient way to enjoy the streaming service or share the gift of entertainment with others. While they may not be directly accessible in your country, there’s still a way out. So, if you manage to acquire a Netflix gift card from a different country, you can make use of it without any issues.

The key factor to remember is that the currency of the gift card must align with the currency you use to pay for your Netflix subscription. This means that if you have a gift card in a specific currency, you need to pay for Netflix using that same currency. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free redemption process.

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What can i do with Netflix gift card?

With a Netflix gift card, you can:

  1. Start a new Netflix subscription.
  2. Renew an existing Netflix subscription.
  3. Gift the card to someone else for them to enjoy Netflix.
  4. Access a wide range of movies, TV shows, and Netflix Originals.
  5. Stream content without ads.
  6. Enjoy multiple device and profile support within your Netflix account.

In summary, a Netflix gift card allows you to enjoy or share the gift of streaming entertainment on the Netflix platform.

A perfect gift for movie and series enthusiasts among your friends and family is a Netflix Gift Card. It’s an ideal choice if you prefer not to connect your bank account or credit card to your Netflix account.

Generally, by making use of a gift card, you will gain access to a wide variety of content, including movies, series, documentaries, and more. Once your gift card runs out of funds, simply obtain a new one to continue enjoying your favorite films. Z2U offers Netflix Gift Cards for purchase.

How do you Redeem Netflix Gift Cards?

To redeem your Netflix Gift Card, visit You can directly visit the Netflix website to easily redeem your Netflix Gift Card. Follow these steps to redeem your gift card:

  1. Access and sign in to the account where you want to apply the code (or create a new account, and an extra month will be granted for free!).
  2. Enter the code in the designated field, ensuring there are no additional spaces.
  3. Accept and complete the payment process.
  4. The required subscription amount will be deducted from your gift card balance.
  5. If you already have an account, your previous subscription will be reactivated.

You can continue using Netflix as long as there is sufficient credit on your gift card. However, if the balance is low, you will only have access to Netflix for the remaining portion of the month equal to the remaining value on the card. Once the balance is depleted, a new gift voucher will be necessary.

Exploring Further Details:

To access additional information specific to your situation, we provide a convenient drop-down menu for you to select the country where the gift card was originally purchased. By choosing the appropriate option, you can discover more details and guidelines pertaining to the utilization of Netflix gift cards from different countries.

Netflix Gift Cards
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Plea from the Support Desk of Netflix Company

Netflix owners knows that the unavailability of Netflix gift cards in your country might be disappointing. Therefore, they promise to continuously strive to improve their services and expand accessibility to gift cards globally. As usual, they appreciate your patience. My team also encourages you to stay put for new updates with any future developments regarding Netflix gift cards in your region.


Although Netflix gift cards are not currently sold in your country (Africa), there is still a possibility of utilizing gift cards from other countries. By ensuring that the currency of the gift card aligns with your payment currency, you can make the most of these gift cards to enhance your Netflix experience.

We hope that this information has provided clarity on the use of Netflix gift cards in your country. There is hope that you will continue to enjoy all the content available on Netflix. Stay tuned for any updates regarding the availability of gift cards in your region.

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