Baihui Cloud Computing Enterprise platform casts a career Inspirational Movie

It is reported that Baihui, the world’s largest enterprise cloud computing platform, invested in the shooting of the workplace inspirational film “Workplace! Brother!”. Advocating positive energy in the workplace in the form of a movie, presenting a workplace that is trustworthy, smooth, and full of warmth.

Are you fed up with the indifference and distance in the workplace, are you tired of the intrigue of the workplace? “Workplace! Brother!” takes the “original” attitude of the workplace to restore the familiar work scenes. This film does not have a big star, but Maybe you have a colleague you used to have, you have a familiar face.

“Workplace! Brothers!” is a workplace inspirational film invested and shot by the world’s largest enterprise cloud computing platform Baihui. The movie is only 30 minutes long and has been released in theaters. Just to present a warmer workplace to the thousands of white-collar workers who are fighting in the workplace, calling for long-lost brotherhood and comradeship.

Because the original intention of Baihui products is to help everyone collaborate smoothly, communicate seamlessly and trust each other. In addition, build a future corporate model, and promote the workplace to become a more humane and warmer platform.

Baihui’s “Workplace! Brother!”

“Workplace! Brother!” tells about the familiar workplace you go to work every day. Also “Workplace! Brother!” tells about the workplace you don’t actually know about.

The workplace is like a battlefield, and this “battlefield” is free of gunpowder. There is a memory that has nothing to do with Fengyue, but it is precious and timeless, standing side by side. Let us regain the green past and strengthen our brotherhood.

Most of the members of the creative team of “Workplace! Brothers!” are professionals who are truly in the workplace. The workplace people tell the story of the workplace. They are usually simple but immersive.

On May 28, the premiere of “Workplace! Brothers!” was held in Beijing Yaolai International Studios. Therefore, friends who loves going to the movies can log on to Baihui’s official website for details.

At the same time, the official movie posters is also available on Baihui’s official Weibo.

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