Campus Cloud Computing” lacks Typical Applications

An analysis of security issues for campus cloud computing. The Use of Cloud Computing by Students from Technical colleges. Applications’ of Cloud Computing in Academic Institutions (PDF). How cloud computing is useful in education field.

University Cloud” lacks Typical Applications in Cloud Computing because the development of domestic education informatization is restricted by various factors such as the transmission speed of the network. It also includes the geographic location of information resources, and the data processing capabilities of servers. The educational informatization platform cannot keep up with the development needs of teaching applications.

Take at look at the geographic location and the needs of teaching applications we meant in the post.

After the rise of cloud computing: Cloud computing can be well applied to the field of education informatization, solving the problem of education “limited”, and realizing remote sharing and rapid interaction of educational resources. Regarding the application of cloud computing in the field of education informatization, Chen Ying, CTO of Jiangsu Jinzhi Education Information Technology Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with that “cloud computing is not a problem in campus technology, but the problem lies in the lack of typical applications.”

The rise of the education cloud concept

According to Chen Ying, since last year, companies have successively put forward the concept of education cloud, wanting to use cloud computing to integrate educational resources with the advantages of the cloud on the cloud to realize the sharing of education and rapid interaction of educational resources.

The migration of cloud computing in the education field is called “education cloud“. It is the infrastructure of future education informatization. It includes all the hardware computing resources necessary for education informatization. After virtualized, these resources will be transferred to educational institutions and education. Practitioners and students provide a good platform, the role of which is to provide cloud services for the education field.

Imperceptible cloud changes

There is no doubt about the role of cloud in the field of education. In this regard, Chen Ying said that education has been slowly changing, but we may not have noticed. I am sure that in a few years, the new way of education will be different from before. Now primary school students use Word to write homework, and teachers write homework using PPT. Changes are subtle and IT technology is being promoted. Cloud is in this wave, IT’s next wave of service-oriented transformation, not only technological innovation, but also the brand of technology.

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I used to speak in many cloud computing reports. For schools, the brand of corporate innovation is also for schools to take cloud computing. The model is a very good tool for process innovation and user experience innovation. It is not only a technical level, but also a way of interacting with the real value to users through the cloud. There is still a lot of room for imagination.

Therefore, the cloud must have a great and great role in promoting the development of education informatization. When we talk about the narrow vision of the cloud, we think of iaas, saas, or only the construction of cloud computing data centers, but we did not expect the backend to actually operate it. , The social benefits it brings, including economic benefits, will be great.

The Development Trend of the Three Stages of Educational Information

Chen Ying introduced the development trends of the three stages of education:

  1. First Stage is the digital stage, from the 80’s to the mid 90’s it called digitization process from scratch, or school use of IT technology is called computer- assisted plan to do to enhance the campus, such as making financial, management separation process.
  2. The second stage started from the China Education Research Network and entered the integration stage. Each system is isolated and data is not integrated. Each unit is independent and unified to a higher level. From the overall point of view of the school, the design of campus informatization is based on a plate. The buzzword is called top-level design. Integration extends from 1995 to the present.
  3. The third stage is called servicing. What is servitization? It is people-oriented and really releases the core things of the school, the valuable things that teachers and students care about, and the scientific researchers care about.

Cloud computing into campus technology is not a problem, the problem lies in the lack of typical applications

Regarding the rejection of cloud computing on campus by many colleges and universities, Chen Ying made the following analysis. He said that the reason for not accepting it was not a technical reason, but rather the internal process and governance structure of the school. For example, how do I integrate in a school? Whether the entire CIO’s plan for the school fits and whether it can control the entire school, including all departments, is more not a technical reason.

Many schools in the United States now have CIOs or vice-principals in charge of informatization, and China has begun to have them now, but many schools, network centers or information centers in China have the right to speak. They are not called CIOs, and they are not in schools. Among the few people in the meeting, informatization is easily overlooked. More on the technical level, lack of typical applications.

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Cloud computing enters the campus. Based on the analysis of the situation we have seen so far, there are some obstacles in the process of advancing, but we have seen that this obstacle is getting smaller and smaller, because in the past three years, customers know better than us. Every day, different manufacturers tell him that he understands better than us.

He has already begun to accept. When customers start to accept, which manufacturer gives a good solution can enter this market. According to the gartner report, cloud Now that the bubble bursts, the sooner it bursts, the better, and the market can immediately calm down and truly enable companies with a grasp of technology to produce better products.

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