Why Public Cloud must Ensure Reliability and Security

The Centre for International Field (CIF) research shows that there are still a lot of inexperiences in public cloud computing, a relatively new IT delivery model. Pharro said: “In the next 12 months, about a quarter of non-cloud computing users want to use the cloud Service, and 76% of users plan to increase their current scope of use.

The lack of cloud computing experience of end users, coupled with concerns about security and the migration process, means that end users must acquire sufficient knowledge to select one Trustworthy, reliable and responsible cloud provider.”

For users, it is more important to start from the application. Hybrid cloud, private cloud or public cloud? In the final analysis, it is determined by customer needs. Even in a company of the same size, the needs of different businesses are different. An enterprise may have both a public cloud and a private cloud.

Cloud Computing is not Perfect

21Vianet cloud computing expert Dr. Zhixiao Li believes that cloud computing security is the reason for current users to hesitate and stop moving forward. Security refers to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

For enterprises, cloud services must be selectively adopted. If it is a non-critical task, it can be placed in a cloud computing environment. If it is a core mission critical, it must be placed behind a firewall .

Before choosing a cloud service provider, it is very necessary for an enterprise to make a survey of the hosting service provider. In this way, you can ensure that the data security and privacy measures in the cloud environment are at least as reliable as your own measures.

At the same time, you can understand what kind of business continuity and disaster recovery measures are implemented by the cloud computing service provider and the policies for handling data breaches.

Three Suggestions for Avoiding Cloud Risks

In fact, any innovation carries risks. How can users avoid and reduce cloud risks? Dr. Zhixiao Li gave some of his suggestions.

1. Control data location.

First of all, users may not know where their data is placed in the cloud computing environment. And this fact brings up various regulatory compliance issues in data privacy, isolation, and security. Since different countries have different privacy and data management laws, this is particularly important for companies engaged in multinational businesses.

2. Data encryption.

Secondly, Data encryption can alleviate some of the privacy risks associated with unintentional or malicious disclosure of information. This encryption is not only for data stored on the server of a cloud computing service provider, but also for data transmitted to end users. If all aspects of the enterprise are in place and the work is done in advance, then it does not make much difference whether it is stored by the cloud computing service provider.

3. Handling of data loss and backup.

Thirdly, few cloud service providers have long-term experience in handling sensitive data. Generally speaking, data is shared and stored in cloud services, so it is potentially dangerous. The method of frequently assessing the risks/benefits of data access within the enterprise can also be applied to cloud services. However, companies need to determine what data can be transferred to cloud services, understand and verify the supplier’s standards, and figure out whether they can be modified.

No matter where the data is stored, companies should carefully consider the risk of data loss. A competent cloud service provider understands that computers will fail from time to time, so it is recommended that its customers deal with failures through redundancy and backup plans.

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Since Microsoft, the Shanghai government, and 21Vianet jointly announced in November last year that Windows Azure will land in China, the two parties have been actively preparing.

Microsoft Global Vice President Zhang Yaqin also said in an interview with the media: a very important aspect of the cloud computing platform is its security. WindowsAzure has many data centers distributed around the world. In the event of an emergency, dozens of backup servers will all be enabled to ensure data security. “

In the cloud practice of an enterprise, security is the biggest concern of the business department. Finally, each enterprise has different requirements for data levels and security levels, so it is necessary to consider the speed and progress of the transfer to the cloud according to the actual situation of the enterprise.

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