Cloud Agents and Cloud Provider in Cloud Computing

Can cloud agents or cloud provider not have both? When companies start not just for storage but considering the cloud, the cloud agent business appeared. Customers began to apply cloud for human resources, sales software , unified communications, and systems. Cloud agents can assist companies in managing and integrating these different cloud services.

The role of cloud agents has also changed. Although many agents have been formed with cloud service providers cooperative era of partnership, simplifying the integration, ensure security of client discount pricing, but to develop their own cloud services to remain competitive has come.

Cloud agents are also providers?

Cloud agents are also integrators, bringing together a variety of three-party cloud services. In theory, customers expect these agents to be objective and credible consultants, said Amy DeCarlo, a security and data center service analyst for CurrentAnalysis. If an agent adds its own cloud products to its business model, customers will think it is a conflict of interest. “The *point of interest of a cloud agent is not to provide services directly, but to act as a pure integrator to serve its customers. Provide a solution ,” she said.

There is a way to avoid this appearance of conflict of interest. Cloud agents can provide their favorite cloud services as product supplements, not expected service competition from provider partners, DeCarlo said.

Appirio is a cloud service agent that provides its clients with pure consultancy services and technical orientation. It integrates the functions of its public cloud provider partners, including Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Workday. GlennWeinstein explained that he is Appirio Technical officer. “No matter how we help our customers, we will apply our own CloudEnablementSuite (CES), Appirio’s product manages the entire integration project, from cloud platform implementation to monitoring.”

In addition to CES, Appirio also has three software as a service (SaaS) products that can work with Google, Salesforce and Workday platforms. Appirio’s CloudFactor uses Gmail to integrate Google App, middleware CloudSync and CloudStorage products connect Salesforce, Google App and Amazon Web Services expand the functions of each platform, “Appirio fills a blank area, integrating product integration and cross-cloud system integration , It is also a customized service for managing cloud platforms,” ​​he added.

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Although services can be the top layer of cloud provider products to add value, cloud agents should be fair, said Stefan Ried, a Forrester Research analyst. “If agents have their own infrastructure as a service product, they will not Shop around and choose other providers’ infrastructure-as-a-service products.”

The strength of agents is not to develop cloud services, but to unify services and track practice professionalism, Ried said, “When it comes to understanding the license model, agents are usually very sophisticated, but for customers It may be very complicated and cannot be done by yourself.”

Cloud providers provide cloud agent services

For an agent, it may not be a safe practice to spin up its own service to become a cloud provider, but cloud service providers are expected to become cloud agents too much. Rather than adding integrated services to their own assets, some providers are beginning to enter the agency field through the cloud market (marketplace), said DeCarlo of CurrentAnalysis.

“I think it has a potential role for cloud service providers to become cloud-agents. They can integrate services they do not provide through the cloud market and notify them for some support,” DeCarlo said. This is the Relationship between Cloud Agent or Cloud provider in Cloud Computing. You can still call it thew difference between Cloud computing and software or multi-agent systems. 

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