IT Security for Companies in the Age of Big Data

IT SECURITY – The increase in the use of technology in all areas of life has also led to a sharp increase in cyber crime. In Industry 4.0 you work in a network and is always available. The data will become part of the core business. In addition to new market opportunities, this change also entails new security risks.

Targeted cyber attacks with the goal of getting money or company secrets are increasing rapidly. There are lots of company on the internet that supports companies and organizations in all industries in implementing a successful IT security strategy. Search online to find experienced consultants that also actively support the implementation of IT security measures so that your company is well protected.

Industry 4.0 is networked, available at all times and data is becoming part of the core business. This change not only harbors new market opportunities, but also increased security risks. Targeted cyber attacks with the aim of gaining money or trade secrets are increasing rapidly. If in the past mainly financial service providers suffered from attacks, today SMEs, pharmaceutical, transport, supply and service companies are also being targeted.

The attackers proceed differently depending on the sector of the company. However, the goal can be limited to the following points.

  • Data theft
  • Data abuse
  • manipulation
  • Takeover of systems and provoke system failures

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Unser Know-How

Hybrid Cloud Tech supports you in advising and implementing your cybersecurity strategy in the following areas through out articcles:

Cyber ​​security:

We advise you to choose a company that your business with an initial assessment, definition of the framework (ISO 27001, NIST, ICT), implementation of standards and the evaluation of the existing cyber security strategy.

Identity & Access Management:

The importance of Identity & Access Mgmt (IAM) is increasing in the cloud area and in the networking of your identities. We evaluate strategies, help with migrations or completely implement projects. Our goal is to control access and minimize security risks.

Web Application Security:

The global nature of the Internet means that web applications are at high risk of being attacked. Our mission is to protect your application and your data from outside.

Cloud security:

In most public or hybrid clouds, the responsibility for the data lies with you and your company. It is therefore important to protect them with a security concept and measures.

Security Awareness:

A third of all successful attacks are carried out via phishing and social engineering. Creating a security culture in the company prevents such attacks and sharpens the perception of risks for employees.

Infrastructure security:

Half of all attacks occur directly through attacks and the exploitation of security risks. We support you e.g. for patching concepts as well as the measures to minimize such risks.

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