Hybrid Cloud Hosting: Uses and Best Practices

Hybrid cloud hosting: Explore hybrid cloud computing’s uses and best practices.

What is Hybrid cloud hosting? It is simply a platform that permits companies to provide different dedicated servers and storage space which can be shared cloud servers and storage on a singular network. Furthermore, a hybrid cloud comprises of a minimum of one public cloud (or external cloud) and one private cloud (also known as an internal cloud). See Full Definition of Hybrid Cloud here.

What can you do with Hybrid Cloud Hosting?

There are several aims that can be achieved with cloud hosting. However, with hybrid cloud hosting service, organizations can easily save mission-critical applications and information in-house. This can be completed at the back of a corporate firewall but on dedicated servers which is completely safe from third-party access. Also, applications with less security fears are available on the public web platform. See Hosting Control Efficiency and Flexibility.

For the most part, organizations can also decrease their storage expense using hybrid cloud hosting. It is so, because companies can scale shared server access up or back as needed, which means that unused capacity won’t be paid for. View Hybrid Security Risks and Solutions.

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According to research, it can be noted that companies will need to consider the following points in any service-level agreement (SLA) they sign with a cloud storage provider: high-availability (HA) failover contingencies, data throughput, recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) etc. Get informed about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid cloud.

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