Cloud Computing is fighting to Protect your Information Wealth

The essential difference between humans and animals lies in the way they process the received information. What do you do to protect your information? The special structure of the brain gives humans the ability called “thinking”. This ability allows people to perform complex logical processing on the input information, and then generate new information, and the new information generates behavioral strategies.

Therefore, efficient and reasonable strategies must come from correct and effective information. People’s ability to obtain information determines their ability to obtain material wealth. Review the new Policy & Cloud Security Compliance Standards.

In a game environment with asymmetric information, technology has become a tool for a few people to gather wealth. People cannot stop the increasing trend of the gap between rich and poor in society brought about by technological development.

This is not a problem of science and technology itself, the problem lies in the limitations of scientific and technological knowledge that humans have. Creating more material wealth through scientific and technological progress is the choice of mankind.

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When symbolized wealth deviates from the constraint trajectory of symbolic wealth, the trend of accelerating the widening of the gap between rich and poor seems inevitable.

Although it is currently unknown whether the cloud computing revolution can really solve the gap between the rich and the poor in society. But at least now, through cloud computing website products, information wealth can be distributed to people in different areas, such as people in village-level areas.

This model has been fundamentally different from the current website. For example, Google collects and manages most of the data from all over the world, and takes the information wealth generated as its own, while the model of other websites is basically the same.

Google uses powerful technical means to plunder the information wealth that originally belonged to people in different regions, but they are currently developing more powerful cloud computing technology, trying to monopolize the global information wealth in a more powerful posture.

Fortunately, Google and those international IT giants currently do not master the true core technology of cloud computing. They just have the speaking power in traditional IT technology, as well as strong financial strength.

This gives small, medium and micro enterprises an opportunity as well as ordinary people. If these people act now, they will manage the information resources at the village and community level before the international giants have really controlled the information resources.

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And through technical means to establish an information ecosystem between the world, countries, provinces, cities, counties, towns, and villages, ordinary people have the ability to compete for information wealth with international IT giants. In this way, the information of each region Managers can guard their own wealth of information.

This may be a major event in the cloud computing era, a game between 99% of the majority and 1% of the minority in the process of rebuilding the rules of the virtual world. If 99% of the majority of people succeed, the distribution of wealth in the cloud computing society will become relatively reasonable and fair due to the power of technology, and the gap between the rich and the poor will be kept within a small range.

Conversely, if 1% of a few people succeed, then with the help of revolutionary cloud computing technology, social wealth will gather more quickly in the hands of a smaller number of people, and the larger gap between the rich and the poor will last longer. Time will not change until a new round of technological revolution emerges. More updates on data security is available here.

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