Babysitter and Summer Nannying Jobs – Occasional after school pick ups.

This is a job posted by a resident in the United Kingdom for people who are planning to move to the UK. Depending on the area you decide to reside, this job might come in handy if you are interested in Babysitter and Summer Nannying. There will be Occasional after school pick ups for the kids. Now lets go to her message and job request.

Hi there, I’m Emma, my husband and I live in Teddington and we are looking for help with our 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter.

I mostly work from my home office, but every now and again I go into London for meetings or have evening Zooms with my US team which means we need some one who is reliable and can be flexible to help with school pick ups and babysitting.


Across the summer we will need some extra help with the kids too when I need to work.

I know every parent thinks the world of their kids, but I have to say, I really do think my guys are fun to hang out with! My son is so inquisitive and has a love of science – he’s a real little charmer with great one liners. He loves robots, nature documentaries, baking, building lego and is always fascinated to learn.

My daughter is in the gorgeous stage of being into everything pink, sparkle, rainbow, unicorn and dinosaurs! She could do arts and crafts all day long. She too is hilarious – she has a really quirky sense of humour and will chatter all day long.

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I’m so lucky that they get on really well and play together beautifully – they really are good, polite and sweet children. We would love to find someone who enjoys spending time with them as they are sweet hearts.

We’d love to build a relationship with an enthusiast, creative, calm, patient and loving nanny/babysitter.

We like to think we are a very warm, loving and respectful family. It is very personal to have someone care for the most precious things in your world and in your home so we really do see this as a role that is about the right chemistry

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Typical Pay for this Type of Work

£10per hour (median)
Based on local employers
£30k–48kper year
Based on local employers

£22kper year
Based on local employers

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