How Can I Apply for Canada Visa & Work Permit as an International Student?

This is the question I usually get from people; How Can I Apply for Canada Visa & Work Permit as an International Student? Getting a Canadian visa and work permit at the same time is not so tough. You can do it. All you have to do is put all the required and necessary document together.

Currently, the different institutions & International Admission Scholarship organisations are offering students the opportunity to obtain admission to any Canadian university. It is available to every student all over the world. Additionally, this is mostly made available for foreign students who wish to make their academic journey great.

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There comes the article that will help international student to Get Canada work visa & permit For Free. All you have to do, is to pay close attention.

Canada Scholarship

First of all, you should be aware that all Canadian Scholarship are free to all citizens. The government has made it available to all International Scholars for various studies at different colleges/university. You will agree that this will gives applicants the certificate for Bachelors & post graduate degree, Masters and PhD at the University of choice. Ottawa is a good example of such universities that you can school with an scholarship and even get a work permit.

Now, lets talk briefly about the Ottawa university. Its a College of by town. According to the information seen on Wikipedia, the University of Ottawa was created as far back as 1848. Furthermore, its a bilingual state research university.

Research is everything in education. As a matter of fact, this is frequently what the government research university is known for in in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For this purpose, the university presents a wide range of educational records. On the long run, the University of Ottawa usually presents an education that will move you to the next level of your life.

Who can you achieve this? Its by simply applying for professional, career-related, employment opportunities particular to your discipline. Who knows? You can be lucky.

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Financial Advantages

Scholarship Note: Presently, the University of Ottawa is providing an educational bursary of $7,500 per year for a Master’s degree. They also give out $9,000 per year for a PhD degree.

Eligibility Criteria for BSc & MSc Scholarships in Canada

  • Scholarship Qualified Countries: Applications will be recognized and in review from around the world. So, you too can apply.
  • Available Course Level: The accept Masters degree in any subject field program.
  • Qualification Criteria: Now, for you to be eligible, you must maintain a minimum admission average of 8.0 / 10. Additionally, you have to enrol in the master’s degree course.

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The Required Documents to Apply for Canada International Admission 

  • Documents: Candidates Must attach their CV, letter of reference, copy of passport and academic transcripts as well.
  • Admission Conditions: Candidates must hold an honours bachelor’s degree (4 years) with an average of 70%, or B to be eligible.
  • Phonology Demand: Applicants must fulfil one of the following tests exams <taken no later than two years before the date of registration>
    • TOEFL: Internet-based test exam with a least of 24 in each of the four skills paper
    • IELTS: Furthermore, international students will have to score higher of at least 7.0 in each four skills
    • MELAB: students will score higher or a minimum of 90 in listening, reading and writing, and a minimum of 3+ in speaking.


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Wherewith can I Apply for the Canada International Admission scholarship?

Going forward, for students to easily apply for the scholarship award, students are recommended to take admission in the postgraduate degree coursework at the university.

Lastly, before you get admitted, aspirants can also apply for the grants as the section begins. There’s a full detail on How to Apply for Canada Visa & Work Permit, subscribe to our newsletter for me Getting a Canadian visa and work permit at the same time is not so tough.


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