Commonwealth Scholarship Application for International Students in UK

For those looking for free tuition grants, this page is for you. Now, this is the new Commonwealth Scholarship Application Portal for International Students in UK 2022/2023. So, as we all know that anybody who really feel like studying in the UK knows that it quite expensive to finance. On a neutral platform, it is noticeable that one over ten of the general population cannot afford to study abroad.

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This is true, even if they have good results and GPA in either degree or post graduate studies. Well, the United Kingdom commonwealth scholarship is what you need to further your education with no cost!

Commonwealth Scholarships – Study in UK by British Council

If you visit the British scholarship council official website, you will notice that the Commonwealth Scholarships scheme is made available to students from across the Commonwealth nations. However, this specifically for individuals who cannot otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK.

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As for now, records has it that the Commonwealth scholarship is among the best known scholarships in UK. Invariably, several thousands of students from low to middle-scale-income families can possibly get the commonwealth scholarships. As a matter of fact, this is to assist them pursue either their undergraduate, masters or doctoral degree in United Kingdom. In the first place, the commonwealth scholarship completely focuses on supporting British international development goals. Note that it is the UK’s primary scholarship scheme known around the world at large. Therefore, the main objective of the commonwealth scholarships is to support sustainable development in other countries. This also attracts outstanding talents back to the United Kingdom.

Background of UK-British Council Commonwealth Scholarships:

From records seen on Wikipedia, on 1st September 1958 was the day a speech was done by Montreal Canadian statesman “Sidney Earle Smith”. In his speech, he proposed the idea of commonwealth scholarship. However, in the next year (1959), the Commonwealth scholarship was finally established. All this took place at the first conference of commonwealth education ministers (CCEM) which was held in Oxford, Great Britain. This program has been hosted by over 20 countries. So, since then, over 25,000 persons have gained from the prestigious commonwealth award on merit.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship:

From the look of things, any applicant who feels like applying for the commonwealth scholarships is simply required to read the criteria of eligibility below. For what it is worth, this is to help you check if you are eligibility to apply for this scholarship.

Who is eligible for Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK?

For an applicant to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship, he/she must be a citizen or permanent resident of a Commonwealth country(Use the search box to find the list of common wealth countries). Meaning that you must be living in United Kingdom. In addition, refugees or British protected persons are still be eligible. Most importantly, you are also required to have an undergraduate honours degree with a minimum of second class upper (2:1).

Other eligibility criteria for commonwealth scholarship includes;

  • All prospective applicants must be the citizen of commonwealth countries. You can also be a refugee or British protected person. Furthermore, you can be a permanent resident in a developing commonwealth countries.
  • As at the time of application, applicant should not have submitted an application previously for registering in any university of UK, India or anywhere else
  • If you have been abroad for studies or training on scholarships or their own for a period of six months, the you are eligible to apply online. Lets continue reading.

Commonwealth Scholarships for U.K Master’s Degree course

  1. First of all, the age of the applicant must not be more than 40 years at the time of applying.
  2. Secondly, every intending applicant should have minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree of any course
  3. Thirdly, candidates are needed to have up to 60% or above in social sciences and 65% or more in science subjects
  4. Thirdly, all applicants are required to be able to afford study in UK without the scholarship as well
  5. Please note that only those students are eligible to apply who have received the offer of admission from any university listed with the commonwealth scholarship commission

Commonwealth Scholarships for UK PhD Degree Course

  1. Apparently, new applicants are required to be able to afford study in UK without the scholarship as well
  2. As can be seen above, applicant must be the citizen of commonwealth countries or refugee or British protected person. You can apply if you are a permanent resident in a developing commonwealth countries
  3. Everybody should be aware that only those students are eligible to apply who have received the offer of admission from any university listed with the commonwealth scholarship commission

Fields of Study for Commonwealth Scholarship in the United Kingdom

Bear in mind that we previously told you that the commonwealth scholarship is for the students who belong to low and middle-income families. Aside that, every student can pursue masters and doctoral degree for free. However, this can be possible after they receive commonwealth scholarship in the UK. Last but not the least & more importantly, please note that the commonwealth scholarship are offered under the following six (6) themes:

  1. Science and technology for development
  2. Growing & Strengthening health systems and capacity
  3. Helping to Promote global prosperity
  4. Strengthening global peace, security, and governance
  5. Assistance in strengthening resilience and response to crises
  6. Access, inclusion, and opportunity

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How can International Students get Free Commonwealth scholarships in UK?

Getting a free commonwealth scholarship in the UK has procedures. First, you can apply for a postgraduate scholarship from the British / UK government. The UK scholarship cover things like tuition / course feesas together with the cost of living when you study in the UK.

Please Note: International students from the EU are not eligible for these scholarships. However, if you’re from Cyprus or Malta you still eligible to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships. Find List of EU Countries.

Which countries are eligible for Commonwealth Scholarship?

Most of the developing countries are the major target for this scholarship. All the Commonwealth scholarship awards aspirants with exceptional talent plus potential in various fields. Take for example, Nigeria, Indian, Pakistan, Egypt students can get this scholarship to pursue studies in three countries. Namely;

  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore.

The Values of Commonwealth Scholarship:

The commonwealth scholarship is a fully funded scholarship and it covers the following:

  • First, Flight ticket will be made available to the successful winners of commonwealth scholarship from their home country to the UK. Furthermore, the selected candidates will also be given air fair ticket to return to their homeland at the end of their award program.
  • Second, the Approved tuition fees: Specific Stipends (living allowance) at the rate of £1,084 per month or £1,330, is for those at universities in London metropolitan area
  • Third, specific Allowance for warm clothing where applicable (winter period)
  • Fourth, some Study travel grants would be provided to students towards the cost of study-related travel within the UK or Overseas
  • Fifth, several Provision towards the cost of fieldwork undertaken overseas will be approved
  • Sixth, all Students are granted a paid mid-term visit to their home country unless they have claimed. There can also be exception if there’s intended to claim allowances for their child/spouse. if you have received a return airfare ticket to their home country for field work, there might be exceptions.

Students are also granted family allowances as follows:

  1. Note that, if a scholarship awardee’s spouse is living with the students, a spouse allowance is provided up to 233 euros per month. Furthermore, child allowance is also provided if £233 per month for the first child. There is also £114 per month for the second and third child under the age of 16. This is applicable if, student is accompanied by their spouse and children and they are living with the student at the same address in the UK.
  2. Finally, if student is widowed, divorced, or a single parent, child allowance of £465 per month for the first child, and £114 per month for the second and third child under the age of 16, if the student is accompanied by his/her children and they are living with him/her at the same address in the UK

Documents Required to Apply for Commonwealth UK Scholarship 2022/2023:

The following documents are required to apply for the commonwealth scholarships:

  • The first thing is the Proof of citizenship or refugee status of the applicant
  • Secondly, the full result transcripts of applicant which detail all higher education
  • Two duly signed reference letters that are required to submit through online application system
  • All aspirants are required to have a supporting statement from one professor of the at least one institution named on the application form. Please note that it is required to be directly submitted by the supervisor
  • Important: You documents must be in PDF, doc, docx or jpg format before submitting. Lastly, the size of the documents uploaded on the application system should not be more than 5MB.

Deadline for Commonwealth UK Scholarship Submission:

This is the question we usually get from people; When can I apply for Commonwealth Scholarship 2022? Basically, the information on how to use the online application system is available on the CSC website. Note that all applications must be submitted, and all mandatory fields completed in the application form by 16:00 (GMT) on 18 January 2022 at the latest.

Therefore, the deadline to apply for the commonwealth scholarships is at the end of September each year. Finally, to submit the CSC nominations is by the end of December.

Q&A: How do I get a UK Commonwealth Scholarship?

In summary, for you To apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of a Commonwealth country. You will still be eligible if you are a refugee or British protected person. Lastly, you also need to have an undergraduate honours degree of at least upper second class (2:1).

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