Applying for SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship – Top Rated Scholarship in Africa

You can make use of this guide to easily Apply for the Current SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship online. What is SANEF and what does it means? SANEF simply means; Save Nigerian Education Foundation. This is an African NGO that is deeply concerned about education of youth. The unpropitious financial impacts on students is their paramount concern.

They are here to freely help people to finance their education abroad due to the economic situation of the country. This is all about Applying for the Current SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship from any country in Africa. It is ultimately among the Top Rated Scholarship in Africa.

What does SANEF do for Students?

Basically, SANEF as a nonprofit foundation that works toward revamping education across Africa. They have been trying their best to incorporate ICT into the Nigerian education across the country. The have also extended their services to other African countries including Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Benin Republic. According to them, they are still looking forward to establish contact to students in Kenya, Egypt, Angola, Cote d’ivoire, Morocco etc.

Due to the discovery of the rise of statistical analysis of “out of school” children in Africa, (9 million in Nigeria alone), they decide to help. The rate of dropout students across the country is extremely high, therefore there’s a necessity for SANEF to act. They took a bold step toward bringing a correct solution to the matter by bring scholarship funding to students.

This is what the director of SANEF has to say; “after taking time to review the current situation Nigerian youths, we making funds available for them”.

When asked their reasons of choosing to help, he said the scholarships is for people who cannot pay tuition fees due to the persistent increase in admission levy, registration fees, and general school fees. He also said that issues of out-of-school children and increase in the number of dropouts, were discussed in their NGO.

Therefore, the foundation has come up with an intervention program in the form of scholarship in order to wipe out all the itemized issues above. This will definitely go a long way to reduce these problems to a minimal level. All the financial difficulty many parents and students across the country are facing will be reduced too.

SANEF: Save Nigerian Education Foundation

The SANEF believes that the scholarship funds will make an excellent impact on students from the less privileged families with funds that will settle up their tuition and registration fees, purchasing of mobile data, the printing of books, papers e.t.c. Since the scholarships are directly related to areas of helping students and parents, this is an opportunity for families to up-skill and gain better economic security.


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Apply for Current SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship – Top Rated Scholarship in Africa

SANEF foundation Africa believes that students receiving the scholarship may be grateful for it. They will be grateful and also make up good citizens of the country. In turn, they will see the value of giving back to the society. Ultimately, they will learn the importance of serving the general public. They may be more willing to give back to others in the future if they get a scholarship.

Applications are hereby invited from the suitably qualified candidate to apply for the scholarship. This is to possibly enable all eligible candidates benefit from SANEF specially designed scholarship program.

Eligibility for SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship 2022

  • All applicant must be a registered students of Tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Such as: Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education
  • You must have National Identification Number (NIN) from NIMC
  • Applicants has to take an online test and pass with a minimum of 50% out of 100%
  • As an applicant, you must have bank account with verifiable bank verification number (BVN)

** Note that meeting these eligibility criteria would not guarantee an award of the scholarship. The scholarship program is subject to availability and student ranking in the selection exercise. SANEF strictly warns against any falsification of information at any stage because it will result in the withdrawal of the scholarship.

How to Apply for SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship 2022 – Approved Method of Application

First of all, qualified and interested candidates should simply visit the official website available at From that page, simply click on “Apply Now” button. Then follow the instructions as seen on the page to complete online application process. Finally, go ahead to take an online test.

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New Updates

List of Documents Required for Application

Candidates as a matter of fact, will be required to scan and upload original copies of their documents. The list below are documents needed for screening before you can take the qualifying online Test:

  1. Print out copy of evidence of admission into a Nigerian University.
  2. Secondly, you will provide your Current University Identity Card
  3. Make provision for your recently taken coloured Passport Photographs.
  4. Scan copy of evidence of State of Origin obtained from the appropriate Local Government Area and duly signed by the Chairman or Secretary.
  5. Lastly, you have to provide the evidence of Last Semester Result Slip.

Visit the application website to apply:

In conclusion, this is an article of Applying for SANEF Undergraduate Scholarship. It is among the Top Rated Scholarship in Africa. Application is for all Nigerian and Africans in general. Please, stay safe while travelling abroad.

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