FRSC Salary Structure: How Much Federal Road Safety Corps Pays Employees

Federal Road Safety Corps Salary Structure – Learn how much FRSC pays its workers. From the highest-ranking staff to entry-level positions, we will show you the monthly and annual salaries. You can also find updated salary information for other federal jobs like the Nigeria Police, Air Force, Nigeria Navy, Civil Defense, and Army.

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The Federal Road Safety is a Nigerian government agency responsible for road safety and related tasks. They regularly hire young, capable, intelligent, and tech-savvy people to bolster their workforce.

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FRSC Pay Scale 2023/2024

FRSC, which stands for Federal Road Safety Corps, plays a vital role in regulating highways to prevent accidents. If you are considering a career with FRSC, you may wonder about their salary structure.

Please note that FRSC officers receive pay based on their ranks and levels, similar to the Nigerian Navy, Army, Air Force, and Police. What a Level 6 FRSC officer earns will differ from the salary of a Level 8 officer

Further Information on the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

In February 1988, the Federal Government established the Federal Road Safety Commission by Decree No. 45 of 1988, later amended by Decree 35 of 1992, known as the FRSC Act cap 141 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN).

This was further affirmed by the National Assembly with the passage of the Federal Road Safety Commission (Establishment) Act 2007. The Commission’s functions primarily pertain to:

Ensuring highway safety for all.

Suggesting safety measures and devices to prevent accidents on highways, advising governments and agencies on where they are needed, and educating the public on road discipline.

FRSC Salary Structure 2024

These salaries represent the annual net pay, which is the amount after all required deductions.

Rank Basic Annual Salary

  1. Chief Inspector (CI) ₦1,405,449
  2. Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) ₦1,325,234
  3. Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) ₦1,252,038
  4. Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) ₦1,143,539
  5. Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) ₦1,058,416
  6. Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) ₦777,876
  7. Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) ₦548,387
  8. Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) ₦393,442
  9. Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) ₦966,761
  10. Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) ₦539,048
  11. Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) ₦387,428
  12. Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) ₦349,589
  13. Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) ₦319,741
  14. Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) ₦305,576

While we attempted to gather more information from FRSC officers, they declined to comment but provided the figures above. If you have insights into the FRSC salary scale or believe any of the figures are incorrect, please share your findings in the comments section below with supporting evidence, and we will update this page accordingly.

FRSC Entry-Level Qualifications and Rank Hierarchy

Qualifications and Rank Structure for FRSC Entry-Level Positions:

  • SSCE (Grade Level 03): Basic Salary Range per annum: ₦298,506 – ₦330,231; Possible Rank: RMA-III
  • OND (Grade Level 05): Basic Salary Range per annum: ₦329,853 – ₦374,259; Possible Rank: MI-III
  • HND (Grade Level 07): Basic Salary Range per annum: ₦483,014 – ₦567,065; Possible Rank: MI
  • BSC (Grade Level 08): Basic Salary Range per annum: ₦888,956 – ₦988,991; Possible Rank: ARC

Please note that these salary figures represent basic salaries and do not include any additional benefits.

Federal Road Safety Corps Employee Well-being

Medical Services

The Federal Road Safety Corps offers medical assistance and facilities to both road accident victims and its staff members. The organization operates a network of 20 roadside clinics, 12 zonal clinics, and one central clinic at its headquarters. These clinics are staffed by a dedicated team, including 23 medical doctors, 121 nurses, 51 paramedics, and 57 support personnel, to provide medical care and support.

Residential Accommodation

The Federal Road Safety Commission offers housing benefits to its staff members via the FRSC Housing Cooperative Scheme, launched in June 2004. This scheme aims to assist members who contribute to the National Housing Fund in accessing Federal Mortgage Bank Loans, allowing them to become homeowners and have a place to retire.

The goal of the scheme

To acquire, develop, and allocate vacant lands to its members and oversee the maintenance of properties for both active and retired service personnel.

Collaborative Association

The Federal Road Safety Commission Cooperative Society assists its members in obtaining loans, savings opportunities, and purchasing goods at discounted rates from trusted suppliers. An example of these discounted goods includes a list of approved car brands available to interested members

Welfare for Special Marshals

Special marshals are provided with insurance coverage in case of road traffic accident-related fatalities and enjoy legal immunity for their actions while on duty.

The salary system for Federal Road Safety Corps officers is determined by their ranks, similar to other government agencies like the Nigerian Police, Navy, Air Force, and Army.

Based on our team’s research, officers who enter FRSC with a secondary certificate earn approximately N40,000 per month. Graduates receive salaries starting at N100,000 and above, while high-ranking officers earn N250,000 and more. Additionally, FRSC officers receive additional benefits such as housing and uniform allowances.

It’s worth noting that the salary structure mentioned above is based on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).


It is recommended for every job applicant to understand the salary structure of the Federal Road Safety Corps is important for both current employees and those considering a career in this organization. The FRSC, like other government agencies, compensates its staff based on their ranks and qualifications. As seen in the provided information, salaries can vary significantly, with additional benefits and allowances for officers.

This knowledge not only sheds light on the financial aspect of working with the FRSC but also underscores the importance of their role in promoting road safety across Nigeria. It serves as a reminder that the FRSC is dedicated not only to safeguarding the lives of road users but also to ensuring the welfare of its dedicated staff members.

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