Part Time Jobs For College Students that Needs Extra Income for Expenses

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Do you need to earn extra cash while you are studying? Well, here is a list of great part-time jobs for college students. You can have a read and choose one that suits you.

But, the best part-time jobs for college students are the ones that are flexible, convenient, and do not disrupt your studies. They let you keep up with your academics.

If you want to work while you are in college, try finding on-campus jobs, paid internships, or freelance gigs. These let you work when it works for you.

Part Time Jobs for College Students

To help you begin your job search, we have compiled a list of many part-time jobs that are worth considering:

Dining Hall Employee

Working in the dining hall is a great job for college students. It might not be the most exciting job, but it is good if you need a flexible and easy-to-find job.

You can often apply for a dining hall job by searching student employment or student jobs on your college’s website. Some dining halls even let you choose the job you want, like being a dishwasher, pizza chef, or food prep worker.

Most colleges ask for your class schedule, so they would not schedule you to work when you have classes.

Dining halls usually need new workers, and you do not usually need any experience to get the job. Training takes just a few hours, and the work is pretty simple.

The pay is usually between $8 and $15 per hour.

On-campus Barista

If you love coffee and enjoy being around people, you might think about becoming a barista. Many colleges and universities hire students to work in campus coffee shops.

While you are on the job, you will be making fancy coffee drinks and chatting with fellow students and professors who come in for a quick coffee fix.

What is great about being a campus barista is that you will pick up useful skills that can help you get other service jobs in the future.

Therefore because it is a job from your school, you can fit it around your class schedule.

To find campus barista jobs, you can search on your college or university’s website. But be aware, these jobs are pretty competitive because lots of students apply for them. Sometimes, there might be a waiting list.

The pay is typically between $8 and $15 per hour.

Campus Recreation

Many colleges and universities let students work at on-campus recreation spots like gyms, pools, and golf courses.

Most of the time, campus recreation workers clean gym equipment and check people in at the front desk. But if you get certified, you might even teach fitness classes or sports lessons.

These jobs are perfect if you love staying active and being fit. When you work at a gym, pool, or recreation center, you can squeeze in a quick workout before or after your shift.

Just like other campus jobs, these positions usually offer flexible hours that you can adjust to fit your class schedule.

You can find out more about campus recreation jobs and apply for them on your college or university’s website.

The pay typically ranges from $8 to $15 per hour.

Library Assistant

If you enjoy the peaceful and thoughtful atmosphere of a library, you might want to think about becoming a library assistant.

Many colleges and universities hire students to help with everyday library tasks.

Your job could involve helping students and professors find books, entering data, and keeping things clean and organized.

You can find library assistant jobs, just like other campus jobs, on your college or university’s website in the student employment section.

Being a library assistant has some perks. You can adjust your work hours to fit your class schedule, and you might even have time to study before, after, or during your shifts.

The pay usually falls in the range of $8 to $15 per hour.


Balancing a full course load and a job can be tough. That is why it is crucial to find a part-time job you like and that pays well enough.

Money is important, but your mental health matters too. If a job becomes too much, or if it starts affecting your grades, it is okay to look for another job.

We hope this info on the best part-time jobs for college students helps you. Please share it on your social media platforms if you found it useful.

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