Transfer Files from PC to PC | Window OS, macOS, Linux, Android

Transfer your data from one computer to another for free. OneDrive makes it easy to transfer your files and photos. Transfer Files from PC to PC | Window OS, macOS, Linux. This can also work for Android devices, iOS and Google Chrome OS.

Transferring files and photos is simple with online OneDrive, USB flash disk, external hard drive and CD disc. See WeTransfer, pCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Files to Friends and others. There are also 12 Best Free Cloud Storage Companies with Large Service Plan.

You can back up your files online with just a few clicks and internet access. Sync them onto a new PC when you’re ready, or leave them in the cloud without having to download them. This frees up space on your new PC’s hard drive and allows you to access your files and photos from any of your devices, anywhere.

Get started with your new PC by transferring your files to OneDrive.

Transfer your files and folders to a secure cloud location, then get up and running quickly so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

Create a OneDrive account.

Start by installing the OneDrive sync client and setting up your account. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, create one with your current or new email address. It’s completely free and includes 5 GB of OneDrive storage.

Bring your favourite files and folders with you.

When you transfer files from a PC to a PC or a Mac to a PC, you don’t have to leave your photos, files, or browser favourites behind. Bring them to your new computer with you.

Install the things you enjoy.

You may want to instal additional apps when you first turn on your new PC. Many popular apps are available for download from the Microsoft Store, or you can contact the software’s publisher for more information.

Compare options for transferring files from PC to PC or from a Mac to PC

Check the explanation below to see what makes the most sense for your move.


Details of OneDrive. If you’ve had your PC for a while, you probably have some files you’d like to pass to the new one. You can easily transfer files from Desktop to PC or Mac to PC using OneDrive, so your files are sorted just as they were on your old computer and you can get back to work right away. One Drive for Business.

Benefits of OneDrive

  1. To back up and sync your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures files to OneDrive, turn on PC folder backup.
  2. On other smartphones, such as Android and iPhones, you can access and edit your files using the OneDrive software. You can also access your files by going to the OneDrive website and logging in with any device.
  3. If your computer is lost or damaged after you save your files to OneDrive, your files will still be backed up and secured in the cloud.
  4. You have full power over who else has access to the files you save in OneDrive.
  5. If you’re concerned about hard drive space, the Files On-Demand feature allows you to access your OneDrive files in File Explorer without having to download them.

Cost of OneDrive

OneDrive storage is included with a Microsoft account of 5 GB. If you need more room, you can purchase it. Compare and contrast OneDrive Cost plans. Official website for comparison is

USB/external drive

You can transfer all of your favourite files from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 PC using an external storage device such as a USB drive, SD card, or external hard drive.

Benefits of using USB/external drive

  1. There is no need for internet connectivity, extra devices, or utilities.
  2. External hard drives are convenient, portable, and can be encrypted for added protection.
  3. Moving files via USB can be the quickest and most cost-effective way to move a large collection of files that take up a lot of storage space.

Cost of USB/External Drive

Shop for hard drives and USB drives.

PCmover from Laplink

You can transfer your applications, directories, profile settings, and more to your new Windows 10 PC automatically. PCmover makes setting up a new Windows 10 PC very simple.

Benefits of PCmover from Laplink

  • Everything is kept safely: Accept the defaults or choose what to transfer to the new PC without overwriting anything.
  • Set it and forget it: Begin the transfer and then leave it alone.
  • Support: is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the help of a certified PC migration expert, quickly set up your new PC.

PCmover Cost from Laplink Website

Get details and pricing information from Laplink at

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