Top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Games, Music, Videos, Mobile Apps – Similar Waptrick Websites

This article focuses on the Top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Music, Videos, online & offline games and Apps. It also contains similar sites to for free downloads on Windows PC, Mac, Mobile Android and iOS devices.

In our previous post where we wrote about as a free multi-content download website. We made it known that Waptrick is one the biggest and most popular go-to download website for free stuffs. Therefore, anyone searching for music, videos, games, themes, as well as mobile apps to download can visit You can now access opera mini 4.5 download latest version 69.0.2254 APK Android from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Download the Opera browser 11.5 for Android APK on your Personal Computer, phone device, and tablet. Opera for Mac, Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux, Android, iOS iPhone is free. Get Free VPN, Ad blocker, built-in messengers, fast web browser and file sharing from similar waptrick websites. Opera Mini allows you to browse the internet fast and privately while saving up to 90% of your data, so you can download it from sites like Let’s go.

As far as you have a PC or mobile phone, together with any other internet enabled device, you can use it. Meaning that you can get millions of quality files on Waptrick, available for download. Best part, you get to keep them for free.

Over the years, waptrick website boasts of a wide range of diverse free download content. The website on it’s own is fantastic, unique, user-friendly, and easy to access by newbies. But for the sake of first time visitors, we have written a guideline on how to access Waptrick and download from it. The post consist of simple procedures, accompanied with pictures for explanation. However, many people usually find it difficult to download music, video, games, etc from the official website. Therefore, this guide is for people asking; why is waptrick not easy to download now? So that you can easily download from waptrick alternative websites.

Due to positive results of users, you can get most of your needs from Waptrick. On the other hand, if you want to see waptrick competitors that are similar, then check out the Top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Music, Videos and Applications. Different review shows that these websites, just like Waptrick, are also safe and secure. They offer all the content they host freely too. Just like, you can equally get quality and useful files. Downloadable files like music, videos, movies, wallpapers, games, applications and more are free.

Top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Music, Videos and Applications


The geek guys will know the name that surely rings a bell. Why? It is because it is one of the biggest websites that provided users with free stuffs years ago. Several games, music and movies were made downloadable since the days of Java, Symbian as well as blackberry devices. Up till today, is still online giving people access to millions of free content. The also do not plan to go away any time soon.

The site is Being a Russian owned website. For first timers, the site’s homepage might look a bit confusing to you especially if do not speak the Russian language. However, you can still access the site by first changing the language to English. To convert the homepage and other letters on the website from Russian to English, simply tap on the flag of England at the top right corner of your screen. After that, you’re good to go.


Number 2 on the Waptrick alternative list is the self-acclaimed largest download site on the web, known as Xchanger. The categories available on the platform are phone apps, pictures, videos, games, ringtones, themes as well as music. Their page is easy to navigate. Furthermore, the site has a search feature to enable users to search for any content of their choice.


The Tagos website is similar to & also a Waptrick alternative. It is a Russian owned website. They offer free music downloads, mobile games, pictures, PC applications plus videos. For those who do not understand the Russian language, you’ll have to change language. To to do, goto the website, click the ENG button at the top right corner of your screen. This will in turn translate the entire content from Russian to English language.

4. Waphan

With a similar page design and interface, waphan website contains some of the best files people are looking for. Computer games, videos, music, applications including lots of other free stuffs are available to download for free.

The site was previously which would have made it to the list of Top 10 Waptrick Alternative sites but no. Reason is because redirects you to, from where you can download music, games, applications, etc. Log in to Wapmon Download website for more updates.

5. Zedge

The fifth of the list is the zedge website. Now, to simply set the records straight, the site is a wonderful page with downloadable files. In our opinion, there is no other page online that will get you the level of service seen on Zedge. Although, Zedge offers exclusive premium content. However, you can unlock the files by using Zedge credits or by watching advertisements. With that, thousands to millions of contents also awaits you. All the latest live & static wallpapers, music, video clips, ringtones, sticker packs etc are there.

6. Mobile9

Yet another nice free content website that people enjoys using is mobile9. Findings show that the website has been around for more than a decade. Also, they are always improving in content availability. Similar to, you can get some the latest songs, videos, applications and more from mobile9 website.

7. WapFever

The Wapfever free download website is a wap site for downloads. Lots of videos from youtube, music, themes, e-books, applications and many more are available there. As a matter of fact, this is a perfect site for Video and Music freaks who cannot download videos from youtube. If you love to checkout videos and songs on YouTube, this is the site for you.

8. Getjar

The popular Getjar website makes to number 8 on our list today. It proms itself as the biggest open app store in the world. The site’s statistics boasts of more than 3 million downloads of her 97,000+ apps per day. That being said, you can visit the getjar download portal, to find different app. Their categories includes: Video Games, Social & Messaging, Entertainment, Education, Finance, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Music, News & Weather, Photos, Sports etc. There are also many other top categories you can choose from.

The apps on getjar are always updated whenever there’s a new app update release. Therefore, keep in mind that downloading from getjar gets you free updates. Bottomline is, you’ll always have the latest version of your favorite applications.

9. Toxicwap

While writing the Top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Music, Videos and Apps, the list can’t be complete without Toxicwap website. Video clips, pictures and Wallpapers, all updated daily. Latest Music and albums, Movies, TV Series and shows can be downloaded from this platform for free.

10. Muzmo

The last on our list of top 10 Waptrick Alternative Sites to Download Latest Music and albums, Movies, TV Series and shows is Muzmo. If you’re a big fan of music especially, you should be celebrating right now. Why? Because if you had any problems finding a website asides Waptrick that will offer you the latest songs, updated daily, search no more.

Website ranking shows that Muzmo currently holds 66+ million jamz based on hundreds of existing genre that you would love. Furthermore, there’s a search feature to help you get to any music of your choice. Basically, you can easily click on new to view up to 400 of the most latest songs. Then simply click on top charts to reveal trending and old music topping the charts across many cities globally. Best part is that you can also play online games and download about a handful of mobile apps from Muzmo website.

Since it is a Russian based website, the platform is delivered in Russian language. But, you can easily change the language to English. There are 4 flags at the top of the homepage including the flag of England, which you can use to convert the website from Russian to English for your understanding. This is a new waptrick download xxx update for 2023/2024 for Linux, Mac, Android and Apple from iTunes.

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