Files to Friends Transfer Large Files that are too big to Email

Transfer Big Files for Free – Email or Send Large Files to colleagues and clients. Files to Friends lets you send large files that are too big to email! 2021 Files To Friends available at It’s never been easier to send massive files. With three simple measures, you can send large files up to 1GB to your friends & family for free!

When Sam Franklin and Kyle Leesman learned there was no simple way to transfer big files over the internet, they developed Files to Friends. The majority of the market charges exorbitant fees for files greater than a certain size, and the sheer number of features makes them difficult to use.

As a matter of fact, they wanted to make a platform that was easy to use and didn’t require a lengthy registration process. You can simply go to Files to Mates, upload your file, decide who you want the file to go to, and send it!

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Files to Friends Plus – Send Large Files

  • Customization
  • 5 GB Transfers
  • No File Expiration
  • File History
  • Your Own Domain

How to Send Files with Files to Friends without Login to Email

  1. Go to the official Files to Friends Website:
  2. Secondly, Drag and drop your files here or Choose a file to upload – No file chosen yet.
  3. You will currently have 0 of 10 files. You can send from 0 MB of 1GB limit
  4. Enter Your Email Address: for example
  5. Enter your Friend’s Email Address too: You can enter from 0 of 5 recipients at once. You can even Add a message
File to friends - Transfer Big Files for Free - Email or Send Large Files
File to friends – Transfer Big Files for Free – Email or Send Large Files


July 2012

Sam Franklin
Founder and CEO
Kyle Leesman
Lead Developer

821 2nd Ave #800
Seattle, Washington 98040


File to Friends Achievements

  • 1.7m Recipients
  • 2.4m Files Sent
  • 100 TB of Files

Service Description of Files to Friends:

  • Files to Friends is a service that allows users to transfer large files to recipients quickly and easily. Each file can be sent to up to 5 different email addresses. A maximum of 5 downloads are allowed for each file. It is a fully free service.
  • To send a file, you’ll need to include your email address, the recipient’s email address, and an optional message.
  • All transactions between you and the designated recipient/s are kept private. The connection to the file will only be available to the recipients you choose.
  • Your uploaded files will be available for download for two days. The files will be permanently removed after two days to make room for new files.
  • According to them, Files to Friends is not responsible for files that have been deleted from our servers.

General File Transfer Prohibitions

The files you send with Files to Friends are solely your responsibility. By using this service, you agree not to submit any files that contain any of the following:

  • You agree not to send files that infringes or violates any existing law or regulation
  • You do not have the legal right to copy, transfer, distribute, or show
  • Infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property rights of any third party or violates their privacy rights (including without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property right, moral right, or right of publicity)
  • Do not send files that is defamatory to character
  • Fakes / false files, pornographic, or insulting
  • Files that is inaccurate or misleading
  • That encourages prejudice, racism, hate, or harm towards any person or community.
  • Lastly, files in breach of, or promotes the violation of, any applicable law or rule, or is subject to civil liability.

You accept that you will not:

  • Send viruses, worms, malware, junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing mails, unsolicited promotions or advertising of any kind and for any reason
  • Impersonate or pretend association with any person or organisation

Questions about Files to Friends?

For questions about these Terms, please email Files to Friends at

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