Nigerian Army Officers’ Present Salaries and the Updated Breakdown 2023/2024

The Nigerian army is the biggest part of Nigeria’s military and it is important to know how much the government pays the Nigerian Army officers (their salaries) for their service. It is in charge of land battles. The Nigerian Army Council manages it. If you want to apply for military jobs in Nigeria, check for the latest openings from the links on this page.

Right now, the Nigerian army is one of the best-equipped land forces in Africa. It is also one of the largest armies globally. It is been dealing with many challenges, especially the Boko

The Nigerian army started in 1900 as the Royal West African Frontier Force. The British trained them and they also fought in World War II, mostly in the Far East. After the Nigerian civil war, the army grew from 18,000 to 126,000 soldiers.

A lot of Nigerians believe that soldiers get a big monthly salary. But the truth is, their pay is much lower than the risks they face every day while protecting Nigeria and its people.

If you have been searching for how much Nigerian army officers earn, you are in the right place to find that info.

Pay Scale for Non-Commissioned Officers (Nigerian Army Salaries)

Private’s Earnings

In the Nigerian Army, a Private earns approximately N49,000, while a Lance Corporal receives around N55,000. If someone holds the rank of Corporal, their monthly pay is N58,000. Upon promotion to the rank of Sergeant, the monthly salary increases to N63,000.

Sergeant’s Salary

In the role of a Staff Sergeant, the pay is N68,000.

Warrant Officer’s Salary

Upon achieving the rank of a Warrant Officer through promotion, the monthly salary will increase to N80,000.

Master Warrant Officer’s Salary

The next rank is that of a Master Warrant Officer, who receives a monthly payment of N90,000.

Earnings for Commissioned Officers (Nigerian Army Salaries)

Second Lieutenant’s Pay

The lowest rank in the Nigerian army is the Second Lieutenant, and they receive a monthly salary of approximately N165,000. The next rank is the Lieutenant.

Lieutenant’s Salary

A Lieutenant in the Nigerian army earns a salary of N180,000.

Captain’s Salary

A Captain is next is rank and he is paid N220,000. The next rank is that of a Major and he receives N300,000 every month as take home pay.

Major’s Salary

The next rank is that of a Major and he receives N300,000 every month as take home pay.

Colonel’s Salary

A Colonel gets promoted to the rank of a Brigadier General next. At this rank, he will be paid N750,000 every month.

Brigadier’s Salary

Upon promotion from Brigadier General to Major General, the monthly salary increases to N950,000. The next rank after Major General is Lieutenant General, which raises the salary to N1 million.

General’s Salary

Upon achieving the esteemed rank of a full General in the Nigerian Army, a military officer’s monthly salary reaches a substantial N1.5 million. This significant increase in compensation reflects the highest level of authority and leadership within the military hierarchy.

Generals hold critical strategic positions and bear immense responsibilities in decision-making, planning, and overseeing military operations.

This pay scale reflects the Nigerian Army’s recognition of the immense commitment and sacrifices made by officers who attain the prestigious rank of General, as they play pivotal roles in safeguarding the nation’s security and stability.

Conclusion of Nigerian Army Salaries Payslips

In summary, this comprehensive breakdown of Nigerian Army officers’ present salaries provides important information of the financial details of their service to the nation. Furthermore, it is now seen that military officers in Nigeria are paid at different rates, depending on their ranks and promotions.

However, it is a good idea to notice the immense dedication and sacrifices these officers make in their serious commitment to safeguarding Nigeria. The information provided here allows for a better understanding of the financial rewards that come with their roles and responsibilities, highlighting the value placed on their service in the Nigerian Armed Forces.


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