Keke Napep Business: How to Earn Money, The Price of Tricycles and Its Manufacturers

The “Keke Napep Business” it is a type of business people use for public transportation. It is a form of entrepreneurship. The individuals that patronize this mode of transport, invest in a three-wheeled vehicle ” keke Napep”.

These business persons, use the three-wheeled vehicles to offer rides to passengers within cities, towns, and villages in exchange for money.

The Keke Napep business is a significant development of importance due to its affordability and convenience for both passengers and operators.

The tricycle which is its other name, has become the most popular way to travel in Nigerian cities, towns, and villages in recent times.

They do the same job as motorcycles (also known as “okadas”), and sometimes even more. This makes the Keke Napep business a big deal as it is a means of making money for many families.

If you are thinking of starting a Keke Napep business, you will find this information quite useful. Just keep reading to learn more.

Did you know that you can potentially make around 120,000 naira or even more each month by investing just 300,000 naira in a Keke Napep?

I will show how in the following paragraphs. I have a list of Keke Napep brands and their prices in the market.

How to Begin a Keke Napep Business.

Starting a business anywhere requires a whole lot. For example, in buying and selling you will need a capital which is money. Whereas in starting a kek business, you will have to buy a Keke Napep.

Tricycles, frequently known as Keke Napep in Nigeria, have become a popular option for traveling around on the streets.

This rise in popularity is because of the dangers, Okada pose in the soceity. They have since been banned in major Nigerian cities. This is as a result of their carelessness.

However, tricycles have come in to fill the transportation gap and is a go-to option for many people to move around different parts of the country.

The Keke Napep Business

I know you may ask questions Like “How sure am I that Keke Napep business is good?”, “How Lucrative or profitable is it? Let’s discuss it below:

Categorically, the transportation business is a daily thing, as people have to move from one place to another for work and business. Therefore, the Keke Napep business is a genuinely profitable venture.

Tricycles, have become top preference for local travels in Nigeria. This shift is because they provide a certain degree of reliability that was missing in motorcycles (Okada). Despite all these advantages, we cannot boldly say it is the fastest or safest option.

However, it is important to know that it is a highly profitable business in 2023 and holds promising opportunities for the future.

The need for a cheaper mode of transportation from suburban areas is important, particularly for passengers who live far away from the city center and cannot afford the taxi.

Furthermore, with the ban on motorcycles (Okada), there is a huge need for thousands of Keke Napep, especially in some major cities. This increase in demand is as a result of the need for passengers to move around daily.

The Keke Napep industry has the support of the government, and there is a noticeable involvement to enhance its usage by introducing cheaper brands.

How to Earn a Living Through Keke Napep Business in Nigeria

There are so many ways with which you can generate income from the tricycle business.

I will show you a few of such ways below. Keep reading!

The Primary Method: This means of earning, involves two options. They are: That you can operate the Keke Napep yourself or give it to someone else.

In a situation where you drive it yourself, you will be able to make at least N6,000 in a single day, amounting to an average monthly income of about N180,000.

Leasing: If you are not able to drive by yourself, you can still invest in a Keke Napep and hire a reliable person to do so on your behalf.

In this arrangement, you would receive a the agreed amount either daily or weekly as payment for their services. This means you can use Keke to create job opportunities in your locality.

Furthermore, you can as well buy many tricycles (Keke Napep) and give out on hire purchase. This way you get to establish a monthly payment plan or pay salaries as compensation for their time.

Similarly, you can work with other riders or associations who possess valuable expertise in this field to do business.

Through this arrangement, they will make regular payments until the cost of the Keke is complete, along with your profit. This is because, business should bring profit, that is more money.

This profit can be about N60,000 and N160,000, depending on the duration. However, it can take a period of three to six months to mature fully. This too is upon the agreements between you and the Keke Napep operator.

Shuttling: You can also start a shuttle service with Keke Napep just as a car shuttle business too.

Banks, cooperatives, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are willing to provide financial support for acquiring your tricycles.

This support comes in the form of loans, which you can gradually repay over time.

When you look at the profits over time, you can then pay off the loan in just three months. On the average, a Keke Napep can remain operational for almost three years, thereby extending the period of potential income.

How Much is Keke Napep in Nigeria?

The cost of a tricycles is different because the keke napep has different models and brands. The location and time of purchase is also a determining factor.

Currency exchange rates also play a significant role in determining the prices of tricycles in Nigeria. This is due to importation charges at the borders by the Nigerian Customs Service.

What makes this business interesting is that you can choose to start your business, with a second-hand Keke, which is usually cheaper than brand new ones.

As your earnings stabilize and you gather enough resources to enhance your business further, you can consider adding more tricycles or even purchasing brand-new ones to elevate the quality of service.

Currently, a new Keke Napep is available in Nigeria with prices ranging from N500,000 to N850,000.

Popular Keke Napep Brands in Nigeria

There are plenty of brands with reputable Keke Napep offers and dealership in Nigeria. In both Lagos and Abuja, you can find dealers who offer well-maintained and reliable Keke Napeps for sale.

Paying them a visit could be a great way to explore your options and make a purchase that suits your needs.

However, the demand for Keke napep keeps increasing in Nigeria, thus, many brands have been brought to various markets in Nigeria. Let me show you a few of the notable brands.

1. Suzuki

When it comes to this particular brand, even if you haven’t heard of Suzuki Keke napep brands, you must have heard of Suzuki car brands because it’s a popular brand.

Suzuki is generally known as a Japanese multinational corporation involving any four-wheel drive vehicle, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, outboard marine engines including wheelchairs, and other tricycles among others.

And just as stated earlier, Suzuki tricycle is one of the most common brands available in the market and as long as Suzuki brand is concerned, it is the best recommended due to its efficiency and durability.

One of the greatest advantages anyone stands to enjoy in acquiring this brand of tricycle is knowing that, it spare parts are easily seen and bought anywhere in the country without stress.

2. Piaggio

Piaggio is a well-regarded and widely recognized brand in the tricycle industry. Originating from Italy, Piaggio specializes in manufacturing motor vehicles and is particularly renowned for producing a variety of two-wheel motor cars.

When you come across a Piaggio tricycle, rest assured that it possesses a remarkable capability to enhance fuel efficiency. This translates to extended periods of fuel usage, allowing you to save significantly on your fuel expenses.

3. Bajaj

This specific brand, founded in 1926, holds a prominent position in the market. Bajaj Auto, a renowned Indian motor vehicle brand, has diligently cultivated its reputation over time and across various nations, particularly in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and South and South-East Asia.

At present, the company stands as the fourth-largest producer of two and three-wheelers globally. The name Bajaj signifies affordability, durability, and adaptability to a wide range of climatic conditions, whether they are harsh or cold.

Interestingly, there are also other brands you may want to know about see the list below:

  • Daylong
  • Zongshen
  • TVS
  • Innoson

Brand New Keke Napep Prices By for Different Manufacturers

  1. A new Piaggio Keke price is from #1,000 000 to 1,300, 000
  2. TVs Keke is from #1,300,000 to 1,650,000
  3. To purchase a Day-long Keke price ranges from #1,100,000 to 1,500,000
  4. Brand new Bajaj Keke price cost about #1,200, 000 to 1,600,000

The Prices For Fairly Used Keke Napep

The most amazing thing about this type of Keke is its durability. A tricycle or Keke can be durable if used properly and carefully it can also be sold to another person.

However, there is a major disadvantage to buying a fairly used Keke because, it is likely to develop faults more often than a brand new one even though, the difference in the prices is totally dependent on how long the tricycle has been ridden on the roads.

  • A Piaggio Keke price costs about #660,000 to 760,000 naira
  • A fairly used Bajaj Keke Price costs about: #650,000 to 960,000
  • A second-hand TVs Keke price costs: #790,000 to 960,000
  • A fairly used or second-hand Daylong Keke tricycle price ranges from : #790,000 to 820,000

Things to Consider When Buying Keke Napep For Business

The Brand

When you want to by a Keke Napep for business use, try to choose the right brand. You must determine which brand to go for.

Top brands, like Bajaj, have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products in the realm of tricycles. Therefore, it is wise to avoid unfamiliar brands or brand that do not have taste or trustworthiness.

Your Budget

Absolutely, when heading to the market, it is important to stick to your budget and purchase within your means.

Therefore, it is essential to factor in the budget for acquiring a tricycle. Keep in mind that Keke Napep prices do differ, so it is wise to select a tricycle that falls within your affordability range.

Fuel Consumption

As we are aware, fuel is the lifeblood of any vehicle, and ensuring a steady supply is important for daily operations.

When it comes to using tricycles regularly, fuel efficiency is a significant factor. It is undesirable to have a tricycle that consumes more fuel than necessary.

Thus, it is essential to take brands like Piaggio into account, as they excel in fuel management.


Let’s be honest, many of the roads across the country, especially those in rural areas like local communities and villages, are in poor condition.

These roads are not well-suited for vehicles due to their challenging conditions.

Spare Parts Availability

it is so sad how we can not get most of our damaged spare parts because it is not available to us.

Try to avoid brands that were just introduced into the market and consider the availability of spare parts in case any part of the tricycle needs to be replaced.

it is also important to have a mutual agreement with the person who will ride your Keke Napep while you pay some agreed percentage to the person on a daily or weekly basis just as agreed.

Where to Buy Keke Napep for Business

There are so many dealers when it comes to tricycles in Nigeria. Here are some dealers in Abuja and Lagos that sell good Keke Napeps you can at least visit to buy one:

Oas Imperia Nigeria Limited

  • Business Location: Plot 452, 1R Road, Federal Housing Authority, Abuja Central, Abuja Municipal Abuja, Nigeria

Boulos Enterprises

  • Business Location: Plot 10, Block D, Acme Road, Ogba Industral Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

De Akasten Nike Nigeria Limited

  • 162, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Amaecom Global Nigeria Limited

  • Suite10, Plot 2121, Ambeez Plaza,Ndola Crescent, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

Ezeigbo Tricycle/Keke Napep

  • Herbart Macaulay Street Oyingbo Lagos Mainland Lagos Nigeria

Double Dove Nigeria Limited

  • Address: 44, Cole Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

K.F. Ajadi Nig. Enterprises

  • 72, Iga Idungaran Street, Idumota Market, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Crystal-Castle Motors

  • Bashy Oil Filling Station Idimu Ebgeda Alimosho Lagos Nigeria.

Emel Automobiles

  • 3rd Floor, 10, Ijora Causeway, UBA Building, Ijora, Ajeromi Ifelodun, Lagos, Nigeria

Keke Company

  • 14A, Illupeju Road, Ilupeju, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria

Saint Mercy Investment Limited

  • 43B, Layi Oyekomi Street, Ilasamaja, Mushin, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria

Serodam Enterprises

  • 20, Oluwakemi Street, Alapere-Ketu, Kosofe, Lagos, Nigeria

Hilcom automobile

  • 34/36, Coates Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

Cisse Motors

  • 473, Lagos Abeokuta Express Road, Abule-Egba, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria

Zhope Automobiles Nigeria Limited

  • 126, Citec Villa, Abuja Central, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria


While you consider starting this business, maintain a positive and optimistic mindset. It is essential to recognize that the Keke Napep business is not only legit but also a practical means of establishing a robust source of income.

Despite the apparent high demand, it represents a reasonable investment opportunity.

Additionally, this article has all the necessary information you need to know, including the latest Keke Napep prices, reliable dealers, and effective business models.

I sincerely hope you embark on this journey soon and start reaping the benefits of your efforts

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