Keke Napep Price in Nigeria: Differences, Price for Both Brand New and Fairly Used and Things to Consider Before Purchase

“Keke Napep Price in Nigeria” is a cost associated with purchasing a Keke Napep, which is a popular three-wheeled vehicle used for transportation in Nigeria.This type of vehicle has become a significant part of the country’s transportation system, especially in urban and suburban areas.

The price of a Keke Napep can vary depending on factors like the brand, model, condition, and location within Nigeria.

Keke Napep has become really famous as a way to get around on Nigeria’s streets. The biggest reason for its popularity is directly connected to the ban on Okada in the country. Back in the day, riding on Okada used to be the main way people traveled from one spot to another.

Keke Nepep is More Preferred to Okada

It is important to remember that Keke Napep might not be the safest choice for transportation, especially on highways. This is because it does not have the same balance as a car. However, despite this, it manages to get the job done fairly well.

One of the big reasons why Keke Napep has become so loved by millions of Nigerians is its flexibility. What this mean is, this three-wheeled vehicle can easily navigate through narrow corners, similar to how motorcycles used to do back in the day. This is quite different from regular cars and taxis you see around town.

At first, when Keke Napep was introduced in Nigeria after the ban on Okada, there was a lot of doubt and uncertainty about using it. But over time, things have changed.

Now, many Nigerians have become really fond of it because it offers an extra level of comfort and safety that the old-style Okada did not. It is interesting how opinions have shifted as people have experienced the benefits of Keke Napep.

Considering all of this, it will not be surprising to see a big increase in the number of Keke Napep being brought into Nigeria. Nowadays, you can spot various types of Keke Napep all across the country.

In fact, many Nigerians are now earning their livelihoods by using Keke Napep for commercial purposes. It is quite remarkable how the popularity of this vehicle has led to new opportunities for people.

The reason for this article is to give you all the information you require about the tricycle industry in Nigeria and how you can make the most out of this rapidly growing sector.

What are the Different Brands of Keke Napep in Nigeria

Ever since Keke Napep was introduced in Nigeria, there has been a flood of various brands and types in the market. Some of these brands have managed to carve out their own place, while many others are still working hard to capture a specific section of the market.

However, unlike Okada or motorcycles that have around a hundred different brand names floating around, Keke Napep only has a few well-known brands available. So, in the following discussion, we will focus on these notable brands.


If you have an interest in automobiles, you have probably heard of the name Bajaj before. They have made a mark and established a reputation for themselves in the automobile sector.

Without a doubt, Bajaj is the go-to name in the realm of tricycles, and they are known for being among the most budget-friendly options.

Although Bajaj Keke napep has its ups and lows, it still remains one of the sorts after brands in the automobile industry, especially in Keke napep.


Piaggio is an automobile brand that stands out for one key feature: fuel efficiency. If you are someone who is focused on keeping your fuel consumption in check every day, Piaggio is definitely a brand to consider. They are heading in the right direction when it comes to this aspect.

Their emphasis on fuel efficiency has been a driving force behind their gradual growth over the years. It is always beneficial to establish a distinct identity, and in this instance, this company has successfully earned recognition for their expertise in fuel management.


When we talk about how well-known and easily recognizable a brand is, Suzuki stands at the same level as Bajaj. Although Suzuki’s tricycles might not be as famous as their cars.

If you are looking for something that lasts a long time, then Suzuki tricycles are the way to go. In fact, they are the brand you should choose if you want top-notch quality that will endure.

Given the poor condition of many roads in Nigeria, when it comes to tricycles that can handle the challenges of these rough roads, Suzuki is the brand you can trust. We are all familiar with the durability of products from Japan, and that certainly applies to Suzuki Keke Napep as well.


The other brands that are equally worthy of note include Vespa and Zongshen, TVs among others. All these brands do have their fair share of good and bad.

These may come in the form of price, durability, size, and shape, etc. So, you can make your choice depending on the features that interest you the most.

Price of Keke Neppap in Nigeria

Brand New Keke Napep Prices In Nigeria Currently

Nigeria is possibly one of the largest countries in terms of population in Africa, with nearly 200 million people. In addition, it is important to highlight that Keke Napep serves as the official mode of public transportation on the streets of Nigeria. Because of this role, the demand for Keke Napep is growing rapidly with each passing day.

With this increase comes a steady increase in the price of Keke napep in Nigeria. Hence, below is to current price of Keke napep in Nigeria this 2019.

BAJAJ KEKE NAPEP: N1,400,000 to N1,650,000

PIAGGIO KEKE NAPEP: N500.000 to 700,000

TVS KEKE NAPEP: N1,580,000 to 1,800,000

DAYLONG KEKE NAPEP: N1,300,000 to 1,500,000

The price of Keke Napep in Nigeria varies based on where you buy it. Prices tend to be higher in certain Nigerian cities, where the overall cost of living is elevated.

Conversely, in some other cities, prices might be relatively lower compared to these expensive areas. Therefore, it is advisable to do your research before purchasing a Keke Napep to make sure you get the best deal.

Fairly Used Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria Currently

Considering the current condition of the Nigerian economy, deciding to go for a fairly used Keke Napep is a reasonable choice. This is particularly true if the tricycle you are considering is still in good condition and shape.

Sometimes, choosing a fairly used Keke Napep can result in significant cost savings. Yet, you can still expect to enjoy a similar level of efficiency as you would with a brand-new one.

Hence, if you ever decide to go for a fairly used Keke napep, below is the price of a fairly used Keke napep in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware that the prices provided below for fairly used Keke Napep are specifically for those categorized as “second new,” meaning they are nearly as pristine as new ones.

It is also necessary to note that depending on the condition of the specific Keke Napep you are considering, the price could be slightly higher or lower than the figures listed in our guide.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Tricycle (Keke Napep)

1. Brand

Most times, we hear people emphasizing the importance of choosing a reputable brand over just the product itself. This principle holds true for all kinds of purchases, including Keke Napep.

The brand carries significant weight when it comes to buying anything. Certain brands have established a reputation for offering high quality and long-lasting products, while others are associated with lower quality and performance.

Hence, it is always advisable to go for those brands that you are sure will stand the test of time. You would not want to waste your hard-earned money, would you?

2. Budget

The quality determinants that we discussed above mostly comes with a price tag. While some Keke are quite expensive, it is left for you to know what you want and how much you have at your disposal.

As the saying suggests, cut your coat according to your size. It is important to be aware of your financial capacity and strategize how to spend it wisely to yield fruitful returns.

3. Fuel Consumption

Keke Napep serves as a vehicle primarily used for business purposes. If your goal is to generate income from your Keke Napep, one of the key factors to consider is the tricycle’s fuel efficiency.

When choosing a Keke Napep to purchase, the rate at which it consumes fuel becomes a vital aspect to take into account.

You do not want to spend all your money on fueling your Keke napep every 30 minutes, do you? Just like we established above, Suzuki is the brand with the most fuel efficiency management mechanism in the present. On this regard, you may want to consider it.

5. Availability Of Parts

Regardless of how well-functioning or efficient a Keke Napep might be, it is necessary to avoid purchasing a brand that lacks easily accessible repair parts for sale.

It is clear that many Keke Napep models have their spare parts widely available in our local markets. However, certain newer brands on the market cannot confidently claim the same accessibility for their spare parts.

On this, you should make sure that you carry out your research properly for the availability and cost of its spare parts before making that purchase.

How to Make Cool Money From Your Keke Napep

Keke napep business is a highly lucrative business in Nigeria. In this section, you will see some business models in Keke napep that you can employ to make the most of this Keke business.

Read on to Find out More.

  1. The best way to put your Keke napep into good use is to drive it yourself. Most Keke napep drivers do make a profit of N4,000 per day on the minimum. If you multiply this by 30 days, it gives you N120,000. If you ask me, I would say that if you are making such an amount of money in Nigeria, then you are doing well.
  2. If for any reason, you do not think that driving of Keke is fitting for you, due to your other engagements, you can still buy it and lease it to somebody who will be driving it, and making returns for you either on a weekly or daily basis. Either way, the profit margin is usually much.
  3. Owning a Keke transport company is really not a bad idea at all. Just like the big transport companies out there, you can start small, by buying like 10 Keke, and then employ drivers that you will be paying base on a certain agreed formula. Believe me, with time, your Keke company must have grown like an empire.
  4. You can as well buy Keke napep, with the intention of giving it out on the basis of a higher purchase. By this, I mean that you can buy a Keke napep with N800,000 and lease it to a driver who will pay double the price that you initially bought it, on installment over time. This is the category where many investors invest in Keke business because the profit margin is usually double the original price.

The Best Keke Napep Dealers in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

Crystal-Castle Motors

Crystal-Castle Motors is among the best Keke dealers located at Bashy Oil Filling Station in Idimu, Ebgeda Alimosho in Lagos State

Boulos Enterprises

It is located Plot 10, Block D on Acme Road in Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos State

Amaecom Global Nig. Limited

Located at Suite 10 in Ambeez Plaza around Ndola Crescent in Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja

De Akasten Nike Nig. Limited

The office address is at 162, Obafemi Awolowo Way around Omole Phase 1 in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Double Dove Nig. Limited

It is located at No. 44, Cole Street in Ebute Metta on Lagos Mainland

Oas Imperia Nig. Limited

This is one of the best Keke dealer located at Plot 452, 1R Road around Federal Housing Authority in Abuja Central

Emel Automobiles

Located at 10, Ijora Causeway, on the 3rd floor of UBA Building in Ijora, Ajeromi Ifelodun, Lagos State.

Keke Company

Located at 14A, around Illupeju Road in Mushin, Lagos State.

Ezeigbo Tricycle/Keke Napep

Located at Herbart Macaulay Street in Oyingbo on Lagos Mainland.

K.F. Ajadi Nig. Enterprises

This is located at 72 Iga Idungaran Street around Idumota Market on Lagos Island.

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