How to Respond to Query Letter given by Employer at your Workplace

This is a guide on how to respond to query letter from your employer (management) at your workplace. If you work for an establishment, you have to consider knowing how to reply to a query letter. This is an answer of query to your boss if you go against the organizational code of conduct, company policy or rules.

If you commit an offence at your workplace and you receive a query letter stating your offence and with an ending quote like this; “therefore, you are hereby requested to explain to the management in writing why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for a specific reason. It could be due to lateness to work, negligence of duty, insubordination, loss of cash or miscalculation, unprofessional misconduct, absenteeism etc”. This can make you loose your job, but an apology letter written as a reply to query can save you.

Sometimes, as an employee, you do not intend to conduct malpractices at work. However, situations that require urgent responses do occur at home or work, and you have to be around to fix them first at the expense of your job. However, when this happens, you must know how to respond accordingly for being absent from work in such a case.

How to Reply to a Query Letter on Latenes to Workplace:

Lateness to work for example is never taken lightly by managers and supervisors. Also, missing work might mean a lot of losses to the company. Miscalculation of figures or shortage of cash could cause a big loss to the company. The duties that you usually do at your workplace will be undone, or taken care of by someone unfamiliar with them. Misconduct or insubordination is disrespectful to management and could cause you to loose your job. The list of issues are endless.

All of these issues explains why any boss or management is strict about punctuality as well as other duties in a workplace. However, you still don’t have to worry if you get caught up in such replt to query letter situation.

With the query reply guidelines here, you will be in a good position to respond to a query letter comfortably. Meanwhile, if you are absent from work, then you must use this guide on How to Reply to letter of Absent from Workplace.

Understand the Message in the Query letter:

For example, What it is about? Is it about something that you know about or not? If you know about it, was it intentional, or it was beyond you? Try to decipher the tone your boss uses. This will help you know how best to respond to the query letter.

Similarly, try to analyze what you will write remember, your job is at stake for your misconduct. Therefore, try not to use a tone, words, or explanation to give your boss reasons to have a wrong perception of you. If possible, you can write your points down before composing the final draft.

Make sure to use a professional tone when responding to a staff query letter, you must bear in mind that it is strictly official. Therefore, use a professional tone rather than a conversational tone. Also you can check some Interview Mistakes that will cost you your job.

Take Responsibility for your Misconduct:

Nevertheless, even if there is enough evidence to show that you were late for work or absent, do not argue. Showing acceptance of your error will help you avoid conflicts with your employer. Afterwards, go on to explain why you did not to adhere to the regulations of the company. Bear in mind, the goal is to convince your boss to accept the reason for your misconduct. As a result, give valid reasons why you acted the way you did. In the last paragraph, assure your boss that it will never happen again. There’s a helpful guide I previously published on “How to Answer Query on Gross Misconduct at Workplace” given by management Boss to Branch HR Team Lead.

Be Specific do not add Unnecessary Information:

In any case, you may want to explain everything in details. The information you give must be brief and do not drift from the main topic. Except you are to respond to several other misconducts at work, then, it can be lengthy. However, replies to query letters are usually short, precise and straight to the point. Also, use correct sentence structure and be grammatically correct. Your boss might not understand your explanation if you submit a poorly written response.

Meanwhile, put to consideration some of the general guidelines to follow on how to reply a query letter:

  • Be sure to respond to the query as soon as possible either by paper or by email.
  • Calm down and take some time to understand the offence you committed in the query letter you got served.
  • You have to start with a good note of appreciation to your employer.
  • Go straight to the point and be concise in your reply and do not add unnecessary details.
  • Give a thorough response that answers all their questions and be truthful; do not lie.
  • The conclusion of a query letter should offer your future availability for further inquiries.

This apologetic response to a query letter sample will help you know how to reply a query letter for poor performance or any other misconduct at work.

How to Reply to Query Letter - with Samples
How to Reply to Query Letter – with Samples

Example of Response to Query Letter for Negligence of Duty

Below is a helpful sample of an apology response to a query letter:

The General Manager,

ABCD Company,

P.O Box 8642 Raspberry Crescent,

Mega City.

Dear sir,


I acknowledge my misconduct in neglecting my duty on (date) but it was not intentional. As soon as I reported to work, I received a call that my son fell ill and was rushed to hospital. I tried getting permission from the supervising officer, but he was not available in his office at that time. I got in contact with him two hours later after visiting my son from the hospital. Attached is a copy of the hospital admission and discharge letter. Through this organization, I have been in a position to develop my career.

I promise always to carry out the duties assigned to me. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Jackie Megan.

Example of an Apology Letter for Lateness to Workplace

This is a sample of how to respond to a query for lateness.

The Director,

ABZS Company,

P. O. Box 3428, Yards Avenue,

Iron City.

Dear Sir/Ma,


I sincerely apologize for coming in late to the office on (date). This was not intentional, my car broke down on my way to work and I put a call through to my mechanic.

He came 15 minutes later than agreed, thus delaying my coming to the warehouse. I was also having issues with my bank, so I went with my wife to negotiate with my Credit Card Company about my Debt Payment.

I understand the tenets of professionalism and I put a call through to my supervisor at the time but the call was not picked. This will not repeat itself again. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Tom Shaft.

Example of Reply to Query For Being Absent From Work

This is a sample of How to Reply to Query For Being Absent From Work

The Managing Director,

ABDUL Production Company,

P. O. Box 6532, Tenth Street,

New Jersey

Dear sir,

RE: Reply to Query for Being Absent from Work for 5 days

I am writing to register my sincere apologies for my absence from work this past two days. This is due to the fact that my wife suddenly fell into labor prematurely. This event took place in the early hours of Tuesday, she had our son who is still in ICU 9 hours later through surgery.

To this end, I was unable to inform anyone on time, I have all the hospital reports to back my claims. My deepest apologies to the management and my team for delaying the progress of our pet project. My family are at the hospital now and I promise my undivided attention to hasten the speed of the delivery of our project. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Faithfully,

Melvin Sam.

Example of Response to Query Letter for Unprofessional Misconduct

This is a sample of how to respond to a query for misconduct

The Managing Director,

ABDE Company,

P. O. Box 6532, Tenth Street,

Iron City.

Dear Ma’am,

RE: Letter of Apology for Unprofessional Misconduct

I sincerely wish to tender my deepest apologies for my unprofessional behavior and gross misconduct on (Date). This is because of the stress I have been through lately at home. I shouldn’t have brought my personal issues to my workplace.

I am very sorry, and promise it will never happen again. Please kindly forgive my mistake as I will put in my best. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

(Sign your signature here)

Sabrina John.

Key Note:

Normally, a query on misconduct at your workplace requires you to conducting a thorough investigation of the company policy you broke. You must also take strict disciplinary action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Additionally, implementing preventive measures will go a long way to help you keep your job as well as advance in personal growth. To this effect, take look at this helpful guide that contains the Best Reply to Query Letter for Fighting at Workplace.

If you are confused about your query for misconduct, you must understand that you went against the organisation’s work policy and you must explain why you did it and what you will do to prevent it from occurring again.

Example of Response to Query Letter for Poor Performance

This is a sample of how to respond to a query for poor performance. You can use it as helpful resource to Answer Query for not Meeting Target at the Office.

The Supervisor,

Quality Assurance Department

KLM Production Company,

PMB 32, Fortune Boulevard,

DSC County.

Dear Sir,

RE: Letter of Apology for Poor Performance on Office Task

I want to specially thank you for your resilience and understanding this past weeks. You are aware that I lost my first child. It is clear that my grief has taken a huge toll on me thereby affecting my overall performance at work.

I’m sorry and promise to put in my best possible to ensure I am back on track. To mitigate this problem, I have placed an ad for Nursery and Nanny staff Needed (for my last daughter) in my Facebook account, to ease the stress on me.

Thank you for support and understanding, I really appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely,

Terry Rogers.

Important Note

When responding to a query regarding poor performance on an office task, it is very important to acknowledge the issue. Make sure you take ownership of any mistakes made. Try to show the management the best approach you will use to rectifying the situation by outlining specific steps taken or planned for improvement. Additionally, it is important to maintain a professional and positive tone throughout the response.

A Reply to Query For Shortage of Money (How to Answer a Memo For Cashier Cash Shortage)

Below is a sample of How to Answer a Memo For Cashier Cash Shortage. You can also use it as helpful guide Reply to query for Loss of Cash or Shortage.

The Supervisor,

Denco Food KLM Production Company,

KM325 Pastry Avenue


Dear Sir,

RE: Reply to Query for Loss and Shortage of Money as a Cashier

This letter is a response to the query from the management (on date on the issue here) concerning shortage or loss of money. I am writing to apologize deeply because this was as a result of my mistake.

There was an error that resulted in recording a transaction twice and giving change in excess to a customer. Therefore, the cash at hand was less than total on the ledger. When I noticed this, I immediately called the attention of my supervisor to report it and it was duly noted.

I take full responsibility for this error and willing to accept the company’s policy of pay back from my salary. Furthermore, I am committed to carry out my duties efficiently and also intend to be more careful to prevent a re-occurrence.

Your efforts in reaching out to me to rectify this error is greatly appreciated. Thanks for you understanding as always.

Yours Sincerely,

Beverly Graham.

Key Take Away

When writing a reply to query for loss or shortage of cash as a cash officer, make sure you tell the truth, Your letter should provide reasons for the unsatisfactory and Poor Performance. The reply to query letter should also reflect the strategies you will employ to mitigate the problem. Make sure you understand your query letter properly before replying. Convince your boss or management that you’ll do better from the coming months.

Query Letter FAQs

How do you write a reply to a query letter?

Initially, make sure you understand the content. Thereafter, go straight to the point, carefully refer to the query date. Finally, offer the assurance that you won’t repeat the mistake again.

How do I respond to a query letter for misconduct?

Try to make references to the query against you. Go on to explain your situation and sincerely apologize to your boss. See example of letter of misconduct.

How do you respond to a query email?

Always endeavor to understand the request, reply as soon as possible, and don’t offer too much-added information.

What is a query letter to an employee?

An employee query letter is a letter given to an employee for deviating from the company policy thereby guilty of committing misconduct.

What makes a great query letter?

As in story-telling, the description of your story is the most critical part. A good and concise explanatory essay is a good query letter.

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If you are still wondering how to reply to a query letter at your workplace, you can refer to the example given above. However, if you are caught up in something really unavoidable, make sure that you communicate as soon as possible to your boss. They are humans too and know that sometimes, some emergencies require urgent intervention, and sometimes they catch you as a surprise.

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