Reply to Query for Shortage of Money (How to Answer a Memo For Cashier Cash Shortage)

An answer to a query for shortage of money is quite scary and very tasking. This is because it has to do with money. Although cash shortage can be a mistake or miscalculation, it shows a level of negligence and carelessness. Cash shortage is a growing concern in the world today.

This is because, people and businesses have to face serious challenges in a bid to access physical funds for their needs. In this post, I will try to unravel the reasons behind this issue and possibly proffer solutions to overcome this menace. However, to understand any problem or attempt to solve one, one must know its roots.

I will briefly show you, a few causes of money shortage. Also I will write an example of what an answer to a query on cash shortage will look like:

Reasons why You have to Answer to Query for shortage of Money as a Cashier:

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Mistakes in cash handling: A cashier may make errors while handling cash. For example, giving incorrect change, miscounting the money, or failure to accurately record transactions. These mistakes can result in a shortage in cash at hand against expected amount.
  2. System or technical errors: Cash shortages can also be as a result of technical faults on cash register or a POS machine. Malfunctions of money software can also be a reason for miscalculations and shortages. .
  3. Theft or fraud: Quite unfortunately, cash shortages can occur due to theft or fraudulent activities by cashiers or burglers. This can involve stealing money directly from the cash drawer, manipulating transactions, or working with others to deceive the employer.

The above and even other external factors like being given counterfeit notes or a Fake Alert are reasons a cashier will have cash shortages.

Well, if this happens, the cashier, should expect to Reply to Query Letter given by your Boss or Office Management. The query will ask you to explain why Disciplinary Action should not be taken against you. It is the only opportunity an employee has to clear the air. However, in a case where the issue is not solved well, the employee stands a chance of loosing his job or even serving a term. Let’s quickly look at How to Respond to Query Letter given by Employer at your Workplace and also an answer to a query for shortage of money:

Reply to Query Letter for Shortage of Money [Sample]

The Accounts Officer,

Dukes Couture and Fashion Styling,

711 Fox Street, off Dubem close,

Elon Dusk Tech City.

Dear Sir,

RE: An Answer to Query For Shortage of Money

I am writing this letter in response to the query on shortage of money on 23rd July 2023. It was not my intention to under-report on cash on that day. This was as a result of my miscalculation and I sincerely apologize for it.

On that date, I made a mistake of recording one transaction twice, therefore the difference in actual cash and expected cash. As at that time, it didn’t occur to me that there’s a mistake in the transaction figures.

This error is not intentional as I was not trying to inflate or deflate figures for any selfish gains or reasons. Going further, as soon as I saw the error, I made it known to my supervisor the next day and he took note of it.

Honestly speaking, as at the time of closing my account for the next day, I honestly thought I had effected the correction and sent reports to my supervisor for verification. I only got to know it was not done when I recieved the letter of query for an Explanation for unsatisfactory and Poor Performance (Reply to Query).

I want to register my sincere apologies for this poor performance from my desk due to oversight and negligence of duty. To mitigate this issues, there are several steps I will take to prevent the loss of cash and wrong calculation.

  1. Firstly, I will be more attentive by paying close attention to each transaction while maintaining focus on my responsibilities throughout my shift.
  2. Secondly, I will always my count the cash in my cash drawer at the beginning and end of my shift. This will help me to ensure the correct amount of money in my drawer to help identify any discrepancies.
  3. Thirdly, I will follow proper cash handling procedures set by the management. I will follow all the specific steps for counting, organizing, and securing cash.
  4. I will double-check amounts when receiving payment from a customer and ensure it matches the total amount in their invoice.
  5. I will avoid distractions by minimize distractions while handling cash. I will also avoid engaging in personal conversations or using electronic devices during transactions.
  6. I will be more cautious while providing change to customers. I will make sure to count it twice to ensure accuracy. Also i will be more careful when handling coins, as they can easily be dropped or lost.
  7. I will always verify large bills and sales invoice by taking extra caution when accepting large bills. I will also improve in the use of counterfeit detection measures provided by management to check for fake currency.
  8. I will be vigilant during busy times by paying special attention when there may be a higher likelihood of mistakes or attempts at theft.
  9. I will also communicate with my team by maintain good communication with your colleagues and supervisors. I will not fail to report any discrepancies, concerns, or suspicious activities promptly.
  10. I will keep my cash drawer securely closed and locked when I’m not actively serving customers, to prevent unauthorized access.
  11. I will follow cash transfer protocols (moving cash register to a secure location), to ensure safe and accurate transfers.
  12. I will also maintain proper documentation by keeping records of all transactions, receipts, and any discrepancies as I already know that documentation can be helpful for tracking any issues that arise.
  13. Lastly, I will report any irregularities if I notice any discrepancies, shortages, fraud or suspicious activities, just as I did with my supervisor. I will report them immediately to my supervisor or the appropriate authority.

Sir, I humbly hope it does not affect my relationship and integrity as a good and trusted staff. I strongly believe in diligence and sincerity, and hope this my mistake will not affect my credibility.

Thanks once again for calling my attention to the matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Ryan Briggs Trump.


Furthermore, sudden disruptions in the financial system can cause cash shortages. Financial crises or failures in the banking sector, loss of trust making people to withdraw their money, depleting cash reserves.

Generally, currency devaluation or hyperinflation can lead to cash shortages. When people lose confidence in the local currency or the banking system, they may rush to convert their money into cash, causing a shortage.

In a bid to address cash shortages, it is essential for management and the authorities to monitor and manage the money supply effectively. Putting down measures to encourage clients in the financial system to keep money in flow, and arresting all illegalities.

Lastly, cash shortages can also arise from increase in demand, inadequate money supply or flow, black market activities, financial system disruptions, and currency devaluation. Understanding these factors helps in developing strategies to avert cash shortages.

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