Different Ways to Text Someone who Blocked Me from Sending them SMS

How can I text someone who has blocked me, a friend of mine asked me? This is a big worry to some people especially if they are in love or have business deals with the person. Sending a text message becomes very important if you calls has been blocked. It can be quite frustrating to text someone and not get a response.

This usually happens when someone blocks you from texting them. Sometimes people block others out of the fact that they have issues or misunderstandings with them.

When someone blocks you, it is difficult to reach them again. I will attempt to show you other ways to reach out to the person in the course of this article. Keep reading to see the other ways to text someone who may have blocked you.

How to Text a Blocked Phone Number?

If you discover you cannot reach someone because the person may have blocked you. The person will not receive any text message from you. But before you have to really find out and confirm that you are on block.

As a way to confirm that you are on block, there are some truths you have to know. Here are some of such truths:

  • If you always see a text that says no notification that your message was delivered at all on your phone, it may mean that your number is on block or in the blacklist.
  • If you try to contact the person but are unable to do so, that is all the proof you need, easy if told every time that the number cannot connect or is always busy.
  • You have been blocked on social media if all of your messages were not delivered and you can no longer view the person’s profile or updates.

If that is the case with you, you can follow the simple yet easy steps below to text the person even if you are on the blacklist.

  • Use of the SpoofCard App which on the Google Play Store or on App store.
  • On your Android or iOS phone, install the app.
  • Open the app and select the SpoofText option.
  • Input the phone number of the person you want to text. However, to help you in the selection of a phone number, you can allow the app access to your phone’s contacts.
  • Fill the column with your message and send it to the recipient.

Can you Block your Number and Still Text it?

Although, it is almost impossible to block your number, but you can hide it.

However, you can use any available anonymous texting service that will help you to send messages to absolutely anyone or even text the person.

I will show a list of the most common ones you can make use of below:

  • TextForFree
  • Textem
  • TxtDropAnonTxt
  • SendAnonymousSMS

Is it Possible to Text Who has Blocked Me on WhatsApp?

Well if you are on someone’s block list, you can still text them on the WhatsApp app.

You can do this through this two ways which to is to firstly delete and reactivate your text WhatsApp account before you can text someone who has blocked you.

Alternatively, the other way is to make a request that a friend creates a group for you and includes the person who blocked you, that way any message you send will reach the other person.

As a result, you can send messages to the member of the group in this manner. After which the creator can leave the group for only both of you.

Can I Text Someone Who Blocked Me Anonymously?

You can send a text message by dialing * 67. This is the code for texting a number that is not on your contact.

However, if you want to contact someone who has blocked your number permanently, you will have to dial *611 or *82 to send your message.

Similarly, while sending the message, simply type the person’s phone number without the area code.

Can I Text Someone After Blocking Them?

Yes, it is very possible and you can. It is very easy. Maybe for any reason, you had to block them from contacting you.

However, you can always contact them whenever you want, you can do so by calling or texting, or unblock them for the time being, and block them immediately after reaching them.

Can I Hide my Caller ID and Text Someone Who Blocked Me?

You can hide your caller identity and still reach someone. To do this, you can reset your phone’s setting to change your number to a one way receiver to text a blocked number.

If the person has blocked you, go to the settings app and select the “Hide Number” option and send your message.

Others will not be able to see the number because it will appear like a private number. This strategy may or may not work for everyone, but it is worth trying in cases of emergencies.

Can I Send an iMessage to a Number that Blocked Me?

In iPhone’s iMessage, it is still possible to send a message to a person who has blocked you by changing the caller identity. Just follow this simple steps in the list below:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Check Messages in Progress
  • Tap on Send & Receive from the drop-down menu.
  • Then find and tap on ‘You Can Be Reached By iMessage At’.
  • Add another email address by clicking Add another email address and typing a new email address.
  • Please cross-check this email address as soon as possible.
  • Next, go to ‘Start New Conversations from’ and select the newly validated email address.

This is a simple trick where the blocked email address is the old one, not the new e-mail address. Your iMessage sent to that number will get delivered.

Can Someone Read My Text the Person Blocked me?

Definitely not, they cannot receive your message. Even though it may appear as though the message is sent, it does not reach them.

When you are blocked, the messages you send cannot be read by the person who blocked you, except they go to their blocked messages to view it, but this cannot be read on social media apps.

This is why sometimes people wait a while for a response or send another text, thinking the first one did not go through, only to realize later that they were blocked on the other person’s end.


The temptation to find other ways to reach out to someone who has blocked you or put your number on blacklist is very valid. Try to respect their decisions because it is a choice they have made.

However, frequent blocks from someone is an indicator of the person’s desire for space. Rather than putting efforts towards jumping or skipping these blocks, focus more on personal development and just understand they do not want you at that time.

This gives you an opportunity to clear your head and think of better ways to cope without the person who keeps blocking you.

It is also an opportunity to reconsider adjustments on your part to have a rethink on what got you blocked and do away from them.

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