Response to Query if you’re Absent from Work [Sample]

This is a sample of how to give a response to query when you are absent from work. It is important to know that absenteeism seems to be unavoidable but it doesn’t mean it is acceptable by any employer. Most people do not find it easy to reply to query given to them by management in their workplace. But we will guide you through the reply process.

Situations such as accidents, health challenges and some other inescapable events are reasons for this behavior. That not withstanding, you can tender a letter of apology to that effect if your receive a query for being absent from your workplace. Below is a helpful example of a letter of response to Query:

How to Reply to Query for Absenteeism (An Example)

The Proprietor,

APOT Academy,

787, Yorks Street,

Taco City.

Dear Sir,

RE: Reply to Query for Absenteeism from work on(date)

I write in response to a letter of query given to me on (date of receipt). I want to apologize deeply for being absent from work on (date). This was due to ill health which made me unable to come to work for the past two days. My doctor’s reports show that I had to be put on bedrest for some days to aid quick recovery.

Sincerely, I do acknowledge the fact that this is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize for my action. I put a call through to my supervisor and he gave me a day off. However, the day off was not enough as my doctor insisted I took more time to rest because of the effects of drugs given to me. It was really difficult for me to come to the office for this reason.

This I promise will not happen again, and I will do my best possible to make up for time lost by my being absent. Thank you for your support and usual understanding always.

Yours Faithfully,

Terrence Stuart.


Always try to give a full unavoidable reason as to why you were absent from work. Be sure you’re telling the truth as well as your reason being good to convince your superior or employer (management) from taking disciplinary action against you. The letter of a response to query for absenteeism is given above. More examples of How to Respond to Query Letter given by Employer is on this website. Best wishes.

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