Best Apology Response to a Query Letter (Sample copy)

An apology is a regretful acceptance of fault and an avenue to make up for wrongdoings. To register an apology effectively, one has to say sorry or make retributions if possible.

Apologizing is a way of making up for damages or pain your actions and inactions may have done to someone. However, in this article today, I will be talking about how tender an apology to a query letter.

Firstly, ley me briefly explain to you what a query letter is, the purpose for writing it, and the format it takes. This sample letter will explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you. Now, let’s go.

Query Letter for an apology:

A query simply put is a question. It is a notice letter an employee receives for bad behavior, negligence, violence in the workplace, and other vices.

In this letter, the employee is asked questions and possible reasons as to why he/she defaulted. It usually takes the form of questions and also a need for responses and replies to the questions in the query letter.

Whatever it might be, I have an easy example that you can use to draft an apology response to a query letter. Read on:

The CEO Becks Pizza,

Block 434, Foods Hub

Iron City.

Dear Sir,

RE: An Apology in Response to the Query Letter

I humbly wish to apologize for what I did last week. It was unprofessional of me to talk back at a customer in a rude way. I deeply regret my actions that day, although it was as a result of provocation.

What I may not have thought of to be serious blew up in my face. The customer in question placed an order for our signature beef special but later changed the size of which i was not aware of.

I had already prepared and served him when i got information that the order has been changed. She immediately threw the order at me which i did not find funny and i talked back at her for such unruly attitude.

Also, I want to sincerely say sorry for putting my emotions first other than that of our customer. I acknowledge the fact that this act of mine has put your organization in bad light and I wish to register my deepest regrets.

This I promise will never repeat itself again. I will go through therapy on emotional management and put in my best to make our organization stand out for excellence in customer service.

Thank you in great anticipation of your understanding.

Yours Faithfully

Kevin Brooks.


Whenever you write an apology response, try your best possible to sound as humble and sorry as you want your boss to see you. Also, do well to put whatever offenses at bay.

This will help convince your boss that you have truly become a better person. It will also promote a more better and cordial relationship between you and others in the work environment.

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