Change of Section Request Letter Samples to Principal of a School

A section change request in school is when you formally ask to switch your class. You might want this for different reasons, like not getting along with your classmates, wanting a different teacher, or a different class time. For you to achieve this, you will need these request letter samples for change of section to the principal of your school.

Over the years, students often have to write a letter to the principal, explaining why they want to change sections. The principal will then look at the request and make a decision based on what the student needs.

If the principal says yes, the student will move to the new section. But if the principal says no, the student will stay in their current section.

Request to Change School Section [5 Samples]

Here are some samples of application for changing class section:

1. Asking the Principal to Change Your School Section



The Future High School, New Delhi

Subject: Request for Changing My Class Section

Dear Sir,

My name is Mary, a student of class 9th A. I am writing to request a transfer from my current section, A, to section B. I have been facing difficulties with my current classmates, and I believe that switching to another section will be beneficial for my studies.

My parents are also supportive of this decision. I kindly request your consideration and prompt approval of this section change.

Thank you for your attention.


Mary Don Jazzy Class – 9th A Roll No. – 65

2. Application for Change of Section to the Principal Due to Friends


Princewill High School, Abuja

Subject: Request for Section Change Due to Friendship

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Evelyn, a student of class 10th B. I would like to request a section change from B to section C because most of my friends are in section C, and I would like to be in the same section as them.


Thomas Evelyn

I hope you will consider my request and grant me permission to change sections.

Thank you for your understanding.


Adamawa Christian Class – 10th B Roll No. – 25

3. Application to Change Section Due to Classmates Not Serious]



Enterprise Elementary School, Lagos State

Subject: Request for Section Change Due to Non-serious Students

Dear Sir,

I am Sikira, a student of class 9th A. I want to inform you that the students in my class are not taking their studies seriously. They often disrupt the class, making it challenging for those of us who want to learn.

I kindly request a transfer from section A to section B. I believe I can excel in an environment where students are more focused on their studies.

Thank you for your consideration.


Sikira Donatus – Class – 9th A Roll No. – 45

4. Application to Principal: Section Change Request for Math Teacher



Blue River High School, Kano State

Subject: Request for Section Change Due to Math Teacher

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m Moses, a student in class 10th A, and I wish to switch sections due to my Math teacher. Ever since she started teaching us, Math has been a struggle for me. I have put in my best effort to make progress, but I continue to struggle with comprehending the lessons. I approached her for assistance, but she did not provide any support.

Please let me switch sections. I will do better in a class with a more helpful Math teacher. I will focus more and succeed in my exams.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Moses Dino Milaye

Class – 10th A Roll No. – 21

5. Parents’ Request for Section Change to Principal



Heritage Kindergarten, Imo State

Subject: Request for Section Change for My Child

Dear Sir,

I am Chioma’s father, and she is currently in Class 6th A in your school. We are requesting a section change for her from Section A to Section B.

Our reason is that she is struggling to adapt in her current class and find it hard to keep up with the studies. After discussing this with her class teacher, she suggested that changing sections might be helpful for her.

We kindly request your consideration and a prompt response.

Thank you.


Michael Odunokwu (Father of Chioma) Class – 6th A Roll No.- 34

Frequently Asked Questions (Also Inquired About)

Q: What does a school section change application involve?

An application for a section change in school is a formal request to switch a student’s class or course section.

Q: Why do students or parents request section changes in school?

Students and parents request section changes in school for reasons like scheduling, teacher preference, grades, and personal factors.

Q: How do I request a section change in school?

The process for requesting a section change in school can differ by school. Usually, you need to write an application and send it to the school office following their instructions.

Q: What’s the deadline for requesting a section change in school?

Yes, there is typically a deadline for section change requests in school. Check with the institution office to know the deadline and ensure you submit the application on time.

Q: Can my section change request get approved?

Whether a section change request is approved depends on factors like available space, the student’s grades, and the reason for the request. The school will review the application following their policies and procedures to make a decision.

Q: What if my section change request is not approved?

If the section change request is denied, the student will typically stay in their current section. However, students or parents can appeal the decision or, alternatively, engage in discussions with the school administration to explore other options.

Q: Can I switch sections more than once in a school year?

Whether a student can change sections multiple times in a institution year depends on the school’s policies. Some schools allow it, while others have limits. Check with the institution administration for their guidelines.


The process of requesting a change of section in school is influenced by various factors, including people circumstances, school policies, and the availability of resources. It is important for students and parents to understand the reasons for such requests and follow the school’s guidelines for submitting applications.

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